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Saturday, December 6, 2008

15 year old teaching his mother to let go

My Son


I wish so much for you

I wish freedom

and love and health

I wish that your brilliance shines

that your wisdom takes lead

I cry

I am standing on a wire

How do I reach

the true you?

You did not call

all my mom programming of worry and control

I know the worst

I heard the sirens

The floating raincoat

is etched in my mind

I want you to be healthy

I want you to thrive

My fears for you are loud and screaming

I am sorry that they scold and grab

I need your help here

understand my tears

but above all there is I Love you above All you are loved

you want to make wise turns

keep the light on Forrest

keep the light on. Call me.

12/06/08 04:45:46 AM

Monday, December 1, 2008

walk the line june carter johnny cash - Google Video

Notes on the Oath breakers"

April 7 2012 adding my two cents:
I feel like this is to dangerous to post but doing it anyway Plans within plans. Packed and ready to go for tomorrow. Will there be heroes? will they thwart the distraction planned, the slight of hand? What is the flavor of the day? I would say HAARP TECH to make it look like bombs. Receivers set to receive and the ones who turn a blind eye and allow electricity to these stations are responsible in my estimation. the charge of all stations should be set so that they cannot exceed a certain voltage. the ones in charge should be arrested.... Oh dear. oh dear. (( )) along with the other parasitical crazies who see humans and nature as commodities to be traded and discarded.