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Sunday, December 14, 2008

years 29/10/10

ODE to the TSA
11/29/10 Thanks "Christmas Bomber or was it the Underwear bomber?"
I write this to regain my sense of humor while pondering the loss of our Constitution and the media whores.

She looked in the mirror, She was flying to New York City. She was putting on her city cloths. She had been without a man for two years. Two long and longing years. She was so warped by her husband getting her best friend pregnant and then leaving her to make a nice happy family while she went down in flames. Rage and ripping grief. If she had of had a gun - she knows who would have been first to die. She now is trying to pick herself up. After two years of celibacy she actually considered trying a women. She had never even thought about it until she accidentally came upon a porn site on her X's old computer. " Maybe I could?" She now knew the threesome on the computer, made her moist and ready to grab her the toy that a friend had given her with a note that said, "For when you are ready to get back in the saddle.". With a cute card of a women mooning the city of New York. She was wondering if that was what made her want to escape her mid west town of three thousand. Nobody was even available, not to mention No one made her want to grab him. So for six months she planned her trip. She was going to get her some no matter what. She was So ready.
Her skirt was mid thigh and royal blue. Her medium sized round full breasts were cupped in her new wonder bra.

She put on her tennis shoes before she left the house and she put on her long rain coat that was a slick silver and tied in the front. Her cashmere sweater was a lightish blue. Her hair, she dyed black the night before. Pretty good job. She looked asian from the back except that she was five foot eleven. She worked at a school in special education, so usually no one thought
Mary Rose McCormic was the least bit sexy, she hid her smoldering lust well.

She looked some what normal in her big hat,sunglasses, tennis shoes and raincoat. She pet her kitty fourteen times to indicate how long she'd be gone for. One of the aids at school, Chelsea, was going to stay there while she was gone. Last minute, she found her toy and thought I don't want Chelsea to find this. So she stuck it in her large coat pocket. not thinking security check. She decided not to wear her new thong. She decided to start the trip knowing that she was ready for a mile high fantasy. Maybe her toy in the bathroom would be the place to break it in or maybe, just maybe she wouldn't need the toy.

She was taking a flight to Leguardia that left Sioux City at nine pm She got to the airport at six. She went to the bar after she parked her Honda and drank three margarita's while thinking "A girl has to do , what a girl has to do." She was thirty two in two days. She saw a man looking at her and she decided that it was time to unbutton her trench coat revealing her round cleavage heaving as she breathed in the heat of desire. But then a women walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Dang" she thought.
She did a pretty good job with her make-up considering the restroom mirror.
She put on her new boots with three inch heels. She zipped them on. They went past her knee. Garter belt for fun. She looked in the mirror and let her coat open past her breasts. She decided to lower her sweater to reveal a little lace and more boob. She looked in the mirror and wanted to kiss herself. Then she felt her pocket. Awe....
She looked around and saw the security camera in the light. She decide to do a bit of theater for the camera. not believing that anyone was really watching , but the thought made her moist and ready. She cupped her own breasts. Listening for the doors. and exposed a nipple. she had just enough to lift her breast and give it a kiss while she gyrated towards the sink. UMM she repeated in a deep breathy moan. The faucet? no the toy. she lifted her skirt a little for the camera as she dropped her lipstick and bent over for a show while she thought about where she wanted to put the toy.

Josh said 'oh baby - We got something that will wake you up Jon." Jon came over and looked at the monitor. Jon was the supervisor. They had watched couples in the restroom, even lesbians and gay men had been stashed on DVD"S for a potential money makeing operation that Jon and Josh were thinking about, but this was a league above those. This was hot. This was "who wants to help her?" scramble. Jon said he'd go down and have a little 'talk' with her. He brought his handcuffs.

She looked at her watch and stopped herself just as she had turned her toy on. "I gotta go."
She left the restroom quickly still with a rosy glow and breathless breathing.

She got in line and opened her coat revealing soft cashmere black lace and her round edible mounds of glistening breasts. The men could smell her. She was on fire. she intentionally backed into a six foot seven basket ball player rocking her hips into his crotch as she apologized. He had to stop himself from grabbing her hips and bending her over. He thought "this is a set-up. No, No No." He held his luggage in front of his bulging nine inches and smiled at her. "Oh baby he thought" biting his tongue to make him think about something other than bending her over for a public spanking and romp.

Jon had wispered to his underling that he wanted to make sure the new machines were working. He wispered in his on and off again girlfriends ears for her to get Shirely to take her place patting people down. That he had seen a "security threat" She new the code. It was for their new busness plan. It meant set the camera's up. Get the room ready. Close the curtains and turn on the mic.

She obeyed her boss/ boyfriend/ pimp to the tee. The lights were dimmed and she even put some background music with a pulsing base on in the background. She then went to the bathroom and changed into a skirt no panties a sexy bra and lipstick. She tucked her hair into her hat. She was feeling the juice of excitement moistening her inner thigh. They hadn't done this yet. But ever since the new strip search machine they had their plan. They were making collections of various people. Umm She never would have thought some of the nerdiest looking men were the best endowed. They already were swingers and were needing to amp it up a little for thrills. She radioed Jon and said she would be in room two to witness the pat down of the 'security risk'.

Sophie was having fun, until she saw, Mr. Miller from side view, looking up at the flight monitor. She closed her jacket and turned her back to him hoping he wouldn't see her but then she thought, his wife's not here. " Maybe he could put me back in the saddle." She usually never fantasized about married men.

Josh was the multimedia wizard He had an editing program where you could change the faces on the video feed. You could modulate the voices by adjusting the speed of the video. He even had it so you could make the cloths appear different. Purses could be made anonymous. They even adjusted the Airport Name on the wall. Wow. They'd be millionaires by next year. That was their plan.

note I decided not to go on with this, because the characters start taking over my thoughts and it is not appropriate for my line of work to have those thoughts
floating around. Plus I know the fantasy with erotica is that. The empty grossed out feeling of sex without love leaves me void and feeling dirty and the sex is never as good as when there is Love. then all the juicy stuff
I'm not deleting this because the supervisor is probably really out there. thinking about the risk/ benefit ratio, its all about the money honey..

Saturday, December 6, 2008

15 year old teaching his mother to let go

My Son


I wish so much for you

I wish freedom

and love and health

I wish that your brilliance shines

that your wisdom takes lead

I cry

I am standing on a wire

How do I reach

the true you?

You did not call

all my mom programming of worry and control

I know the worst

I heard the sirens

The floating raincoat

is etched in my mind

I want you to be healthy

I want you to thrive

My fears for you are loud and screaming

I am sorry that they scold and grab

I need your help here

understand my tears

but above all there is I Love you above All you are loved

you want to make wise turns

keep the light on Forrest

keep the light on. Call me.

12/06/08 04:45:46 AM

Monday, December 1, 2008

walk the line june carter johnny cash - Google Video

Notes on the Oath breakers"

April 7 2012 adding my two cents:
I feel like this is to dangerous to post but doing it anyway Plans within plans. Packed and ready to go for tomorrow. Will there be heroes? will they thwart the distraction planned, the slight of hand? What is the flavor of the day? I would say HAARP TECH to make it look like bombs. Receivers set to receive and the ones who turn a blind eye and allow electricity to these stations are responsible in my estimation. the charge of all stations should be set so that they cannot exceed a certain voltage. the ones in charge should be arrested.... Oh dear. oh dear. (( )) along with the other parasitical crazies who see humans and nature as commodities to be traded and discarded.