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Monday, June 25, 2012


Sunday, June 24, 2012

the Glove

The corporation is called Alleluia. Alleluia has a hell bent direction to control the worlds seed, food, politicians and everything else of nature and goodness. You might notice that I talk about a corporation like it has consciousness and is self propelled. A corporation isn't alive and doesn't have consciousness unless the law of the land says so.... It said so- the game then is on. The dealer is loaded and the sand shifts.For years in North Unbria the people didn't notice the sky. they walk around with things to say to themselves about the constant aerosol applications. " Just water vapour" they repeat like a well trained parrot Plants and animals targeted with encapsulated yeast - just to see what happens. No one watches Alleluia because they know the bulls eye would be taped to their backs. Weenies all. 6/26 4:45 AM ADDED

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Endocanabinoid System-


the person who stole from Greg is building a life that is very screwed up. I am trying not to be enraged that it was probably law enforcement's curiosity ( cursed all the same) . My anger response is set on high. A- holes!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Perfect blue sky morning

turned to a bruised appearance Thanks idiots! the patterns were lain starting at daybreak and now they are adding the black stuff to the mix trying to make it rain It is raining and raging in my heart storm later that evening..I am thinking that we have been pretty lucky considering all areas of vulnerability we are- food easily tainted - medicine tainted by design, the aerosol that is administered daily hasn't killed whole communities in the USA - yet, we don't have martial law- at this time- I would say we have done well considering but the 1 percent has to be caged and the bars and medals stripped from their facade. They are whisps in the higher levels...they are nothing but a shadow in a dream. but here, now they must be held accountable and they must pay up for the damage that they intend to do.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Again-we have been duped

Science Fiction Reality

I am thinking of a story line that goes like this: Spread out like a virus unto the land of North Umbria, the military contractors = hired guns= mercenaries.. the MOB, on a global scale. Every one in the know, cowers from the frontal lobe. A merging morph of government gives sway to a heartless machine of cells - that once had courage but now deadens itself to hell on wheels, as a dependency on adrenaline and such. the evils of privatised empire - magnifies - its own dangers. What it could be called is possession of a demonic force that feeds on power and emotions. The humans at risk of immersion because of their natural inclinations to Unity makes humanities division essential to this force .... So the humans are made purposefully ill in all aspects of their consumption: air, water, food....and their emotional consumption is controlled by the corporate media...which targets their thoughts and fears. .. making them occupy their thinking on the meme of the day. .. then the people can not see with their own eyes and mind but with selective pills of mind control(all aspects of money is tied to this sort of thought control). This the main reason that the herb was demonized . Thought control. The gift from the on high taken by a collection of memes. Star-ships were landing for some , while hell was created on this land by the past crashing into the future... The name of the race was Crossroad. which frequencies are chosen? The reckoning was quickly upon them. And those with the frontal lobe disorientation were being shaken awake by the weight of the truth... The only hope... the only prayer that the people of the land of North Umbria is within their own heart and its knowledge of the truth of the situation.

Friday, June 15, 2012

under my craw

These Government corporation hybrids are lurking in my awareness today. I see 'them' setting our sky , laying it out before my eyes- for my eyes only - it seems. ??? The Navy , the other next planned privatised.... government that the one percent has up its sleeve --->Control<---

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Colin Powell on Jon Stewart

I am still chewing on anger at Colin Powell. He seems so benign. He plays the honest accident. Then he mumbles about how he's glad that Saddam fell. What else fell? How many soldiers are laying in hospital beds with head injuries, lost limbs, lost families? Their souls splintered by the lie that Colin Powell uttered. He is not innocent, he may be a Bush. Smarter than Bush and he is shrewd, but a he is a chump- all the same.. War for Profit. War for power. War for sacrifice to the alter of darkness. My middle finger salutes. How I hope you pay. I stoop.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

Be Polite and Die

It could be a right wing motto but it comes from family. I won't say who. The sky melts to metal and I try to fathom Greg's love for this world. Pure Love. He wants to stay. I say free will. Awesome construct. Its a journey. It is all a wonderful heartbreaking journey. I feel like Tonto with my ear to the rail-road track- trying to hear the whispers of spirit. I say to spirit - shout out your orders, I will stand as witness..

He Lives

to say - I think the nurse at the convalescent Center misunderstood Dr Bishop and tried to bring Greg Marinol again- the only thing that she equates with mmj. Greg lives. fighting for autonomy.

Saturday, June 2, 2012