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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Slip into the Membrane of Dimise -Flip it

I am returning to the thought that I am supposed to address the membrane and to slip into it energetically and by using the same tools as 'them' flip things energetically to where the highest potential that the energetic cues activate instead of the lowest and most un-synched and dense (fear)pattern. To go to the other end and then allow myself to slip in ease. Into harmony and bliss into another possibility.

We are taught to be sick. To face the wrong direction. To line up to be wound into energetical cocoons.
Its time for all of us to bust out of the cocoons. We have a bunch of coked up dementors at the helm with guns in to the back of the curtains that our elected officials stand in front of.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

If homeland security was about security

Instead of insecurity I would ask this question to them....
Has there been an escalation of bridges collapsing in the last seven years?

Why has it been illegal to film on the DC Mall?
Someone doing things that they shouldn't be allowed to do?

What are the coils doing on some bridges?

I got the impression that the mount vernon bridge coverage nationally was subdued

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I am catching up on Jon and Stephen this week...
ThANK YOU be well!

My obsession, of late, has been the funneling of a quarter of the pentagon's budget and what they are doing with that money; like setting up a fascist state... My conclusion is that- with ethereal protection and support- we all need to be wistle-blowers and to be willing to think beyond our beliefs.

Its looking like they've been funneling a quarter of all spending. They are stimulus? They are power brokers that have been allowed to quietly pilfer our government for decades Eisenhower warned us, cement boots -a common style.

but today there are sparkles of a rainbow light that we can sail upon thru our hearts. Use it.

Faith is not belief it is the suspension of belief

Eric Holder should resign in disgrace

Monday, May 27, 2013

Us and Them Muted on YOu Tube

Pink Floyd Us And Them Lyrics

Us and Them
And after all we're only ordinary men
Me, and you
God only knows it's not what we would choose to do
Forward he cried from the rear
And the front rank died
And the General sat, as the lines on the map
Moved from side to side
Black and Blue
And who knows which is which and who is who
Up and Down
And in the end it's only round and round and round
Haven't you heard it's a battle of words
The poster bearer cried
Listen son, said the man with the gun
There's room for you inside
Down and Out
It can't be helped but there's a lot of it about
With, without
And who'll deny that's what the fightings all about
Get out of the way, it's a busy day
And I've got things on my mind
For want of the price of tea and a slice
The old man died

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mount Vernon Bridge Howl

In order to control a population taking out bridges makes sense as in the movie "Macarthur" (that I happened to watch last night) - the General's quote that haunted me is something to the effect as "starvation is my greatest weapon." Bridges move food. Added is the question if they spray stuff overhead that makes us unable to grow our food they have us under their control. I can't help thinking this way. It is like candy to me.

I also say -gee -look at the reference and the symbol...Mount Vernon...Bridge.
I say Bridge is the moon tonight. I howl

the river was up the last time I went over that bridge the day after mother's day. It was a good bridge. I liked that bridge a lot. It symbolized the last turn to Anacortes. I will be chewing on this for a while. How many bridges have been going down across the country? Are they really using weather modification to create mammoth tornadoes? Why is this still going on? How can it be stopped without destruction? One person. the bridge needs to be flipped. who is the person, the pin, that will knock the others down. Me thinks, I have mentioned him once or twice or even more.

Friday, May 24, 2013


Travis:The guy from the transportation department said -Even new bridges are vulnerable to trucks hitting them and causing collapse.- Dumb to say over the airwaves. And utterly wrong to design this vulnerability into bridges. and then I ask- who has access to the grading of bridge safety information? Could this be another conspiracy? could it be a vision to break i5 and other highways flow? Too expensive to fix, so we will sell it to China and let them fix it ehhhhh GW Bush's little laugh. ' Socialize the losses Privatize the profits" hee hee hee, Disaster makes money and news.

i see it now. every one being pissed enough to try this at home.
Why? the question is starting to become ... Why not?
Why are 'they' allowed to operate?
because people are framed and threatened against their better self and paid very well. Then they take to all sorts of second chakra play to distract themselves from the voice of their heart. Like those men who said they believed the Waren commission report in the movie a rush to judgement.... said what they had to say to stay alive after many witnesses being killed.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Parasitical Predator

Parasitical Predator Can feel them circle and pace Stalking me through my weakness
my Love. They see love as a weakness The Parasites need to be identified, stopped and the toxins from their poisoned plans contained.
Hypnosis can be stopped by awareness of the techniques of induction and subliminal programming.

The movie below has a voice that makes me cringe but be speaks thoughts that we need to peak at. Stretch to comprehend.Our thoughts often serve to partition. We are taught to be out of synch with the divine. .

Call in your codes activate.

Sunday morning Memorial Day Week-end 7:59 am
This is my biggest chew toy... If it is true that the missile that hit the pentagon on 911 was aimed at the pentagons office that was auditing the missing trillions then they have play money to do what ever sick things that they want because we have a bunch of chicken shits at our healm. Chicken Shits that have so much perverted black-mailable deeds behind them that they -being political - can't let the truth surface- calling it 'national security' no its their security that redact so much information. Information that should be in the public domain. then one thinks of Bradley Manning and the dead pawns strewn across our history.

so here is my worry today and tomorrow mainly DC is my focus one of the monuments like the Washington Monument...that would make logical sense. I think Bush's team set it up when he was in office. I was there when they were renovating the monument and it felt like a take over. If I were a spy who thought that I was helping my country survive... I would check out google- who is redacting pictures of the bridge? then I would send someone who is able to enter the Washington Monument with bomb sensors and dogs. this might b e my fictional twist of my imagination but it makes so much sense to me. Where is Rove and Dick Cheney and Barbara Bush's team? I think George Herbert has Alzheimer's (by the look on his face) that or he is very well medicated. .and ro ben fuldord 'Zionisr' is such a loaded word and it misleads I would simplify and call them 'Neocons' or just plain 'CONS' DARPA DARPA DARPA bridge to dc by Lincoln's Monument and Maryland train trestle all bridges and train trestles in and around the DC mount Vernon and Maryland an ode to Dulles and Reagan even subways a part of a series of collapse that sounds like a good fictional plot for a story..

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Whip

What’s free will?
An agreement to dive into this dense point of matter forgetting who and what we really are
Under the gun of controllers who have scared us into reversing our energies and into believing that we have to suffer in order to live. The question that I have to all my fellow humans is: Did you come into your body this time to live under a system of lies? Or did you come to be an instrument of the divine?: What are you willing to sacrifice for being true to spirit? Slavery? Injustice? War? or do you worship money as a realm of God? T.V., its alter.
. Under the tick-tock of an out of synch calendar, one that has purposely forgotten the melody of the planetary promenade so to hide secrets. Only a few were allowed to know the laws of matter, life and the divine within all things.
My question today is, why am I here? My question to the masses the mainstream Americans many who are trapped outside of their bodies is, "Is that why you came choosing by default to be under the whip of fear?"

Monday, May 20, 2013

Pentagon Terrorism Promotion Fund

two point three TRILLION MISSING

I am wondering if the media outlets get scripts before events?
I believe that they do when the events are going to be big. Inserting the point of view that serves to direct our thinking.
Prior to Sandy hook it seems that someone setup sympathy posts on facebook and other social media sites. I know with the Columbia explotion they had a script. The script distracted us from the build up towards war. Columbia was symbolic sacrifice for the tomb robber’s success, Dual purposes. It destroyed evidence of depleted uranium ladened sands drifting into Israel, Shakespeare would have much to say on this matter. Or another script was the Finnish (I think) newswomen that said that building seven had collapsed with a clear pic ure of it in the background of the newscast. But that all could be a green screen mistake. Maybe?

A Day to LOOK back and re- member

I can't help it. I try to forget about the great big world conspiracies but hey Pluto is pointing its rod.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magician awaken

The magicians play at their tricks and distractions,
willing to sell off great chunks of America's myth of greatness.
We the American people munch and sit.
I am one of them.
Only I see with the aid of astrology's lense what's likely going down
and the edge of the blade is upon us.
Our 'heroes' need to be heroes instead of obeying
orders that crack the model of what is right and good and Just.
"Yes sir" they are taught to say as they bludgeon their souls by decisions that will kill families like its a video game.
The empire is now a global Empire run by the wealthiest people on the planet/. The Politicians -both sides- are taught to be willing to trick us. Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and yes Obama have tongues of gold that carry us into believing that they mean what they say, all the while having their fingers crossed and bent over for the golden sausage, like a torpedo, creating a rent in the fabric of our future.
((system of the down is not recommended listening just an example of how the media game is played how the cons flip it in your face - wanting to create mayham...._))

As a left wing bleeding heart liberal 'Christian' I blame the democrats for where we are more than the republicans. They didn't end the filibuster> any liberal democrat gets demolished and deserted by his party. Our elections are shams (Bar-codes on my ballot proves that to me). In the democratic party we have wusses willing to sell their integrity for money and security.
I believe that it is these 'bad' guys that will save the day. If they can get out of the trance that has been set. One that goes like this....we will give you lots of money if you deal- we will kill you or your loved ones if you don't.. Clinton- golden boy- who I do honor and see his beauty- got where he is by playing the game. Billions of dollars in his 'foundation' makes him a welder of the sword. He is hope in germination.

Harry Reid is a 'golden glove' boxer. His hands are weighed down by gold. His soft whiney voice assures us that he is holding true to his parties principles while he winks across the k street banquet. They all know the ropes. They know the game.

Instead of cursing all of the traitors they need to be blessed with exposure (kind of like in south Africa reconciliation).

My major issue is weather modification. weather modification poisons our air and soil. It is secret. It is run by a private military hybrid. It could be used against us in a major offensive false flag 'terrorist attack'. Currently it is being used against us- which is aiming to scare us and create insecurity. Tornadoes created by radar stations should be main-stream news.added may 23, 2013- Only that would get their license threatened and potentially pulled for something unrelated and most of the media is paid for with advertisements of the pharmaceuticals, oil and defense industries. Gee wiz that's just like our politicians. Not to mention that the main stream media is owned by corporations highly invested in these aimed to kill industries.

My only hope today is sun spots. Sun spots disturbing the ability to use satellites. Just a fantasy that makes me smile because I haven't thought it out enough to know if there are enough people who are awakening to hold safety and love and to spread throughout the land. (The answer is yes there are enough heart-full people or else we would already be a continent of glass. (In my dream last night I was screaming at a crowded arena for people to stop watching tv news -snooze.)

we need to know that the media is empire's stage. we need to know that Love trumps hate.
we need to know that light supersedes darkness. we need to know that we are divine sparks of divinity.
each person, everything we do is a sacred act. I need to learn and know all that and how to Love and forgive and envision
"Beware of the ides of March" or is it May?
Venus square Chiron, on 20 May (19 May - 21 May)*
Venus sextile Uranus, on 18 May (17 May - 19 May)-this is the weight the ballast to stand upon
Uranus square Pluto, on 20 May (4 May - 7 June)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

How Great Thou Art

Elvis Harmonies smiling heart

Monday, May 13, 2013

Under Pressure

some people might say it would be boring yawn
If we shut them down those disaster capitalists. The news (being run by the motivated monger mogels twisted and warped) drool at any kind of tragedy. They sit in front of the green screen pontificating over half truths and speculation.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Last year I killed or maimed three beautiful snakes while weed eating.
I will not weed-eat during the morning and actually I am challenging the programming that I have that sees long grass as bad. Its a Puritan paradigm that sees the natural world as something to be fought and tamed. It is then seen as our duty to fight against it or else we are seen as bad neighbors (kinda like the emotions around vaccinations).
Within me, what is beauty? How do I allow beauty to infuse my life? How do I introduce the wild in creating a wild eye towards beauty? Enhancing it? How do I let go of this ugg feeling that pervades when I excavate me and my truth? Energy first. Matter follows the energetic pattern. The energetic pattern of nature is vibrant and alive. Our whole culture is based upon the destruction of the freedom of nature. A viral paranoia becomes the acceptance of authority as outside of our self which then sets our own energetic spirals of kilter.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Green screen news

Welcome to the day... Green screen. The mega news. One goal of the corporations or shall I call it Empire... is for us to believe what 'they' say to the extent that we would swear that we know it to be true.
Really? Really? Really? you know it to be true?

Number two goal is to divide us. remember divide and conquer and If that doesn't work ...destroy and decimate

Speaking of news: what is ruling it today? three kidnapped women, Bengasi? Nothing else to know about here in this great big world. they feed us mental soda packed with toxic waste.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Astrologically speaking

Solar eclipse in 19 Taurus today at 5:28 pm Pluto Uranus square May 20, 2013
Ir looks like the days are
here for us to, instead of walls, build friendships. It is the only way. We are brutal without Love. We have been taught to withhold love and judge and to hate. We mouth that we are Christian but let others intercede with our relationship to the Divine by stealing our thoughts to keep us in fear by keeping our hearts painfully closed. As our hearts open we feel the immensity of our decision to come 'as a little child' to this day.
The trickster has a big thump over our heads if we don't get the message of the day today... today. A big thump 520.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

shall we watch?

Washington State not a plane in the sky for two days - believe me I see them when they are there- contrails or no-. Its been sunny warm and glorious. In three or four days the weather is 'predicted' to change. So kids- watch the sky and see what happens a day or two before the change.

they have new wispy formulas but one can see the application and then see the results {0)or feel them as an unnatural coldness on the skin. Reminds me of diet soda, that kind of feeling.}

Later that day. fog today so my mind goes directly to night time aerial laying their potential formulas formula.
This is how bad I think it is with this stuff... that it is weaponized experimentation that they do on us and all life. That because there is no oversight, highly secretive, run by private companies with no sunlight no transparency, no recourse after the damage is done. So many illnesses are of benefit to capitalism... corporate medicine feeds off of the pay then down you go. killing two birds its like magi, to the blind heartless zombie who defines himself by his money.

Friday, May 3, 2013

mufled feeling

Convenient Media

HMMM Fire in Southern California[ I didn't get where it was at on news playing before Pearce Morgan- Actor stands pretending to own the house which was featured with flames in the background. I am starting to think that was photo-shopped too. Blue screen madness. He was staged. It was obvious. So watching Pearce gun violence mentioned the five year old who shot his sister with a sweet child pitch. The expert mentioned the Chicago shooting that happened recently where twenty people were shot. Pearce waved that away with a "well thought" um um question.
convenient boston bombing- fear all people who were foreign born.
Fear each other. again our color our chain Empire with its hidden whips.

Peace is the sounding bell. can you hear it sounding out? All the colors from the sun are here.
I welcome them into my life. Amen

Note| twenty people in the whole city of cChicago got shot in a few incidences within twenty four hours. So that doesn't seem like a good night but it is a big city and we need to hold it in light not militarize it. bomb em burn em if you are military that is what you do if your told to. that is the fn machine/ Becoming prostitutes of the worst kind selling their grandchildren's wilderness and redemption.

May twenty 2013 dark Legacy watching and want to note that
John Kerry is a bonesman. watch your back Obama.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Talking about the Weather

Take the 'r' out of 'revolution' -which we know doesn't work- and turn it to 'evolution'
(not an original revelation)

Don’t talk about the weather to me because I am apt to start ranting
I sometimes am able to suppress my rage – sometimes
I have to breathe to succeed at that.
I thought, today, that the Motto for the USA should be
“Ignorance IS Bliss”
Only people end up sick, stuck in prison or destitute because of that ignorance.

What do they-the corporate mf's have up there sleeves today?
The one pony media show -what’s next?
I see that the media is the magicians scarf waved to distract us from what really is going on.
If people weren’t in a trance or were aware of their trance, they would see a whole different world.

Our worlds are created from within
So why do I look to the sky and freak out at what I see? How do I as a believer that I create my reality from within my being then focus and resist the blue sky being turned an ugly and dangerous grey?
“Isn’t it a beautiful Day?” I want to scream "NO!"... "Why don’t you see the planes and the persistent CON-trails?
"Why? Why? Why?" Then I am out of sequence, I am disconnected and I am feeding the 'matrix' which is the very thing that I don’t want to be doing!.
So my question is{ what am I supposed to do about something the things that activates my Uranus energy (which is almost over powering my chart, in the fire of Leo)– linked to Pluto which links to Jupiter,, making everything in me expand. Jupiter hits hard in my chart. Its wingman Pluto easily sees. Making me think everyone sees too. I am astounded that people don't see and by how much people don’t question or seem to care that our soil and air is being sprayed every day practically. Sometimes I even smell it it smells like cement sealant. . Oh well- do you see why I love the weeds? they soothe my soul. I don't want them to die. Like they will if the idiots get to rule the weather.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Image and Likeness

The aim of this writing is to provide information on many levels
It is aimed to remind you of who you truly are
Which simply stated is- you are made in the image and likeness of God
Which means what? What does it mean to be made in the image and likeness of God?
You answer that.
I am going to write about the trance that humanity has been in.
Currently we stand at the edge of a new way
The choice point
Which is through love and connection that we will heal
Through fear and violence we lose we divide and that is how we have been conquered.
We create our future with our hearts. So this will be a project that seems on one level about the mundane tasks of touching the earth/ it is about being the Earth, the Sky and everything within.

Capitalism is not democracy. It has nothing to do with Democracy. Capitalism, at this juncture, is about a theft of the commons from the people of this world: Air, water, earth, and its people, all seen as expendable resources to use in the pursuit of this made up concept - money.
We are programmed. All are programmed with the DNA pattern of oppression and guilt which are used as buttons for control.
Fear is our collar and chain with its zap we become a chemistry of reaction.

Back to capitalism. A suppression, planned waste and obsolescence based on security but really makes us expendable because we have been trained to grovel and scrape. War, Prison, Police with Bombs and automatic weapons, corporations who poison, Pharmaceutical companies poisoning us intentionally by using heavy metals in their concoctions, geo-engineering aimed at destroying the wild. We have forgotten. Nay, the rulers have forbidden our knowledge of our connections to the Earth.

We sit obediently in front of our TVs and are fed our daily dose of what to think about – propaganda of corporate- notions. Our elderly and children are hypnotized and muffled. Easier that way. We are to busy on the hamster wheel of consumption to notice that our thoughts have been encapsulated and trained.

who is in denial? He thinks weed is heroin. T3:42 SECONDS IN HE wacks her like a pro abuser. I would do some research on him/ Kodiak... Dumb de dumb dumb I'd like to see him off the force, he is not too sharp. He appears to be a control freak who is there to abuse his power and not to assist or 'serve and protect'.