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Sunday, December 29, 2013


A note about 'Medical Marijuana: A Kief Primer'

I am writing a book called Medical Marijuana: A kief Primer for Caregivers by Cloud Thunder, It is pamphlet one in Our Allies Abound - Greengate Legacy Series....I posted an embarrassing shard encrusted rough draft on kindle Christmas Day. Last night I dreampt that my laptops monitor was gone. This old computer sounds like a drill now the hinge is broken so it flaps down if it is not supported and every once in a while the screen flashes off when that happens. I can't save to cd? so I tried to email it and it errors so I may be posting the latest draft sooner than its ready or I will hurry to get 'er done. Of coarse I have been sampling too much when I play with the recipes.
Things are intense on all fronts in my life, this writing project keeps me floating.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Between the Veil

Tell of the battle between the veil

Oft we came to the cliff to look for the others, thinking that only they could save us.

I stood alone stationed on the green throne.
The wind wanting to pick me up-violently roared. I stood-
forgetting that no one could stand the rear guard that night. This night I was alone in a darkness of which no star shone

Only I
with the forces that seemed to be screaming of my many blunders
screaming of destruction and blame.
How could I go on?"

All that I am crumbles to the Earth.
Not knowing that my task is the task at hand,that relief is in unbinding the chains of self loathing.

But how?
there is so much that I had left undone

The Darkness of the Green Throne like deep cold water moving from an unknown direction

Nothing remained to set my bearings. (Was I there at all?) The Raiders came. Green Eyed with red pupils gleaming in their invisible heads. The attack was theirs . I had no defense except to shatter into many domains.

My task now, is to gather from a thousand thousand places the essence that was protected by the collapse.

written in my journal on - December 1, 2012

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sir Colan's Messiah

Editor? I'll speak to you then

if that is all it takes is us imagining
we got it good, I'd say
Only the cliff is before us and some are stuck in the canyons
of their training. Learn by fire,Death and destruction
the exile is love.
You there, what have you been told today? and is there any doubt when you work against your holy spirit, when you work against the unity, you become so small you have to lash out?
What if we forgave you?

Thursday, December 12, 2013



Caroline Casey calls them the Dementors of Doom
Those whose immortality is dependent on killing the rest of us. Because they are distorted.contorted and the worst kinds of mess. they believe their missions (which is to destroy the innocent): Because they die, they want everyone else to die with them. A twisted contortion of misdirection. We call it evil and want it to end. Today.

tucking this in on dec.15 9:10 pm apossey of cars and posibly trucks arrived at dan and helens at about 8:35pmand were seen lurking about at 9:10pm

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Deep Water

Speaking out against Ireali policy is always considered anti Semitic. This is how we are controlled
"anti-Semitic" We CAN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT *or see THINGS as they are...This
is neo con mastery/ The Colonial rules are inserted as virus'z of the mind.

Sleep baby sleep
Cousin Ben speaks

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

activate your crystaline network

Science Whores

I AM sitting here thinking about
the crisis in our upper educational system- college and Universities
Capitalism has made its attack on the Universities by allowing the pharmaceuticals, oil interest and now the surveillance economy to have undo influence on what is considered to be taught as the 'ultimate in education'. Doctors seem like they are hypnotized to use the pharmaceuticals without question or concern with side effects or drug interaction but if a Doctor suggests the use of herbal adjuncts they could be reprimanded by the AMA. The scientific method is no longer used in most studies that I have read. Drug studies are allowed to be done by the drug maker and the studies are often outsourced to other countries with no oversight. Most doctors believe the myth of the scientific method that is propagated by the pharmaceuticals. .
Several scientific nightmares lie on our horizon because scientists are biased by a funnel of grant money. One such threat is geothermal engineering and is totally money oriented and has no bases in claiming that it is benign. It is not. It is toxic and invasive to all levels of our support system, the foundation of life on earth the soil and the ionosphere and water... Are they intentionally poisoning the commons so that they can control the populations as they plan to rule the Earth? Colonialism- Empire - has been a curse upon this Earth and Humanity for far too long. may we recognize Empire when we see it and may it rest in peace.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Tales of the TWO Naomi's

Surrounded in Light

Ring Out
We are so programmed not to see the sky
Not to see what is in front of our very eyes daily
Our country would rise up
as one from sleep
the giant in Lilliput

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Narrow Gate

Only one way to meet the Holy One and that is through Love
not the theft of light
Our journey has been slowed
by our split
the backwards field
trying to save ourselves using the body
Such a terrifying experience.
Tyranny has been self imposed
when we comprehend the crossroad before us
we all have wands that light our way

but The field of light does not hail from our bodies but is expressed through our bodies
Empire's goal has been to sprinkle truth into a great lie

the lie of division
The unrestrained male energy
made female dangerous
The feminine energy is our right brain
we all have it but it has been split off and shunned because it is the very power of creation
and knows things that the male energy cannot see because it needs to divide in order to conquer its goals.
The feminine shines and is what will stop this insanity
Empire tells you to be afraid, be very afraid
Spirit says= follow me and shine forth