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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Breakfast in America

The myrid of formulations within my thoughts, I seek out corruption within. Those corrupted files that have limited the collective within my frame. The beauty of a holographic Multiverse universe in all directions.

Falling into a hole
Posey left behind in confusion until they are seen again and again
So why do I get my entertainment from seeing plots and schemes?
And idiosy of control as freedom
Free dumb
I choose this?
NOT, well...maybe somewhere \, in my soul, I find the interaction, invigorating,

Monday, March 23, 2015


think of it... TV shows are called "programs".
We have to admit that most of our thoughts aren't even our own.
"No", you say, "I think what I want to think, I think my own thoughts."
Are old people beautiful? If that seems obvious to you and you say that they are not, then I say you were likely programmed when you were a child about your standards of beauty.

When I was a child I was amazed at wrinkled skin that felt like tissue paper, like it could rip at any time. But the old person was ashamed of those wrinkles and thought she was ugly. My brain sucked that one up. But now I realize that it is health and vitality that is beautiful.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

good day sunshine

I've come to the decision that the only hope for humanity is that we unify.
Listening to the news in neutral, for me, is different than when I am stuck in the collective programming. I realize that I need to reprogram my thoughts and thinking in order to have positive impact on the collective.
The main reprogramming that I need to do is my response to cruelty and blindness to the earth and its beauty.
I have to be able to reach the vibration of Love and heart before I have full access to all of the dimensions. I have to learn this. I tend to get pissed and become fanatical myself, when I see the destruction that the players of doom had planned and still plot.

I just gotta say what I think:
ISSIS is funded and trained by US black opts and they get their funding from our taxes and US military and military contractors drug trade. (Think -US occupation of Afghanistan.) oops

Could there be armies of Privatized Military Contractors, hired by the 1 percent, to assassinate potential threats to the coalition of Media, Banking, Oil, Medicine and Military Industrial complexes imbedded in every town and municipality of the USA?
Like working for the California public road system and for a privatized contractor and or DHARPA?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

cross eyed

these days, its like I'm looking at everything cross eyed, only, one of my eyes is posted on the veiled 'what could be' or better said 'what is, in the what could be.' I feel like that is the task that I am called to. "In a blink of an eye..."

Monday, March 9, 2015


the man made fog lays densely on my heart
like the density of the collective that can't be penetrated
The perpetrators go unnoticed about their days hoping that we all go quietly to our deaths
As witnesses to the murder of the wild, our hearts shriek 'no'. the answer lies in some secret place, hidden under the corpses of the past.