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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.
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[Select for Copy; Double click to (de-)select all] Luk 12:4 ¶ And I say unto you my friends, Be not afraid of them that kill the body, and after that have no more that they can do.
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[Select for Copy; Double click to (de-)select all] Luk 12:5 But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear: Fear him, which after he hath killed hath power to cast into hell; yea, I say unto you, Fear him.
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[Select for Copy; Double click to (de-)select all] Luk 12:6 Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?
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[Select for Copy; Double click to (de-)select all] Luk 12:7 But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows.
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The hospital as a healing center

Photo unwittingly stolen from someone with an eye for beauty. I apologize to anonymous.
if I were designing a hospital it would be designed around an acre or two of courtyard, where sun and fruit trees and herbs and black berries grew in a wild organic way. Nature would show herself there.Patients would be encouraged to go outside. There would be an apothecary along side the pharmacy. Chinese Herbs, local Herbs and The Sweet healer Weed would be available. The floor would be staffed with people trained in and in love with energetic healing. There would be on staff a intuitive who would go into trance a few times a day and bring the energy up to a sacred space. She or He would be the CEO Chief Energetic Officer. Biofeedback would be offered along with a gym. The food would be local whole and organic, Very little processed food. And people would have a choice of what they wanted to eat before it was served so there would be less waste. Composting and recycling of course. All of the security team would be intuitive light warriors chasing out the lower energetic leaches. Different frequencies of sound and colour would be used to zap organisms like mersa and pneumonia. It would be a sacred space where all were honoured and treated with Love.

December 10, 2012

this is the future and shame on me for not reading my comments for over two years....I never knew any one really read my posts. woops . I will try to say where photo's come from from now on.... I don't take pictures but assume if I post them on the web that they are part of the commons. which I find beautiful.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Styrofoam cups - no benches

"Why they should have vented smoking rooms so nauseas people could get a cure that doesn't make them puke."" Weed" (The Herb that aids in the perception of wholeness, thus aids in healing.)

Its like prison
but they don't have windows
and you're either waiting or being disturbed because you finally fell asleep
"ya cant do that"
rules rules "You can't go outside" (you might feel good).
Nonsense like that
some people need to be outside to be whole.

It was as much like prison as I want to see.
the whole set up
the people were great
healers all
but the atmosphere of rules overstretched the 'making whole' of healing.

Note: Greg owner of a two centimetre stag-horn kidney stone.
cranky off tobacco and pot rude to all
severe pain and nausea pain killer added to the nausea
and "no weed allowed" said in the nasal voice of the Hospital set up ... rules

part two

Friday, August 27, 2010

Greenwald Films

Naive me, I thought that people ran for congress to help the world and our country. Now I realise that many do it so they can become even richer and have more power. Nothing to do with any one else but their agenda.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

dc visit

Internal Labyrinth

I walk a labyrinth
my thoughts are markers
I fight
or I dance
the double edge sword of the warriors lot.
Dancing gives me freedom
fight focus
but its focus from the depth of the waters edge
froth and crash
blindly I lash only knowing that something unknown is lurking near
My silence has been denial
limiting my vision of sight and sound and vision

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the Lie again

I am chewing on religion today
religion and the scratch in the annals of time

confusion confused blinded by the stage

The Bible in its essence has been preserved
though the words are twisted
the essence is preserved
It is not a book of division
it is divided
used to divide
to control the beauty and calibration of man.

Dire Straights - WATER OF LOVE

Dire Straits - Water of Love
Uploaded by aura_catalina. - See the latest featured music videos.


But all their works they do for to be seen of men: they make broad their phylacteries, and enlarge the borders of their garments,
6 And love the uppermost rooms at feasts, and the chief seats in the synagogues,
7 And greetings in the markets, and to be called of men, Rabbi, Rabbi.
8 But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren.

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Look up phylactery in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

Phylactery may refer to:

* Phylactery (pl. phylacteries), the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew tefillin (תפילין), is the term for the two small leather boxes observant Jews wear on their arms and heads during weekday morning prayers.
* Phylactery, in fantasy fiction, is an object used by a lich to contain its soul

Monday, August 23, 2010

down on the corner Credence Clearwater

The handlers got a little carried away on this production:

Neutrality and Us

The demise of the Internet has already started.
Scrubbing, slowing, watching, editing.
Lying, exploding. we are duped and distracted
as they grab the shrinking baby and head to the bathtub

I wish that I could write like Elliot
the secrets of the mundane
or like Cohen
or David
or sing a song like Solomon
to unfurl in beauty and rapture
of tears in the face of the harmony
Harmony intended of Creation
but I - as all others- am shattered and torn
in the face of the great divide.
The division in my cerebral function to bridge it
up from the heart it rises to heal and is blocked at the throat
in suppression of the truth.
the Threat We can't let ourselves free of our training
The collar has a charge. and a weight and a toxicity that
clamps down our tears
We have to defend our existence in the face of the scarred
We dance for our masters
the scratch in the annals of history
the line repeats itself
fragments of the lie
virus to our soul

Sunday, August 22, 2010

In Ode Of Hemp Fest

I heard Seattle Hemp Fest was this weekend. Groovy.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Daily Show / "I'm just saying"

Colbert /jon krakauer

San Juan results

* Rob Nou

* Brent D. Johnson

* Brad Fincher

* Jeff Asher

* Felix Menjivar

count the ballots

Who is watching the ballots?
Who is watching the ballots?
Who is wanting the ballots?
Who is watching the ballots?

Jeeze this might be the future of the USA.
The blue print
An important façade. And we look the other way. Whistling.
jee wiz.

August 17, 2010
Certification Date: 09/01/2010
Number of Precincts: 17
Number of Registered Voters: 11491
Total Ballots Cast: 7271
Ballots Left to Count: 100
Next Ballot Count On: Aug 27 2010 5:00PM
Last Tabulated: Aug 19 2010 2:33PM
Voter Turnout: 63.28%

T.S. Eliot East Coker from his masterpiece Four Quartets:
I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you
Which shall be the darkness of God. As, in a theatre,
The lights are extinguished, for the scene to be changed
With a hollow rumble of wings, with a movement of darkness on darkness,
And we know that the hills and the trees, the distant panorama
And the bold imposing facade are all being rolled away—
Or as, when an underground train, in the tube, stops too long between stations
And the conversation rises and slowly fades into silence
And you see behind every face the mental emptiness deepen
Leaving only the growing terror of nothing to think about;
Or when, under ether, the mind is conscious but conscious of nothing—
I said to my soul, be still, and wait without hope
For hope would be hope for the wrong thing; wait without love,
For love would be love of the wrong thing; there is yet faith
But the faith and the love and the hope are all in the waiting.
Wait without thought, for you are not ready for thought:
So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing

Today its coolant tommorrow...

Aviation and the Global Atmosphere

Table of contents | Previous page | Next page Other reports in this collection
6.4.2. Direct Radiative Forcing from Black Carbon Aerosols

Tropospheric black carbon (BC) aerosol, also described as soot, primarily absorbs incident solar radiation, which leads to positive radiative forcing. As in the case of sulfate aerosol, the small size of the particles means that radiative forcing in the longwave region of the spectrum is likely to be negligible. The sensitivity of global mean radiative forcing to column loading of total anthropogenic BC is estimated by Haywood et al. (1997a), Haywood and Ramaswamy (1998), and Myhre et al. (1998) to range from approximately +1100 to +1850 W g-1 BC.

We reexamined results by inserting BC aerosol in a layer between 8 and 13 km in the GFDL R30 GCM using the method of Haywood and Ramaswamy (1998). A log-normal distribution with a geometric mean radius of 0.0118 µm and a standard deviation of 2.0 was assumed. The resulting global mean sensitivity was found to be approximately +3000 W g-1 BC as a result of the higher sensitivity of the radiative forcing when the BC exists at higher altitudes above a greater proportion of cloudy layers (Haywood and Ramaswamy, 1998). This value is adopted throughout this report because it explicitly takes into account the effect of the elevated altitude of the aerosol.

BC particles primarily absorb sunlight and heat the local air. Thus, unlike BC that resides in the troposphere, BC in the stratosphere contributes negative solar radiative forcing that is countered by induced positive longwave radiative forcing. Thus, radiative forcing from BC aerosols is sensitive to their location relative to the tropopause. We do not have enough information on the location of BC relative to the tropopause, and thus our use of the instantaneous top-of-atmosphere value overestimates the RF depending on the fraction of aircraft BC in the lower stratosphere.

Using the aircraft fuel-burn scenarios for NASA-1992 noted above and described in Chapter 3, we derive a global mean column burden of BC aerosol from aircraft of 1.0 µg BC m-2 (assuming an EI(BC) of 0.04 g kg-1; see also Table 3-4). Thus, we estimate global mean BC aerosol forcing in 1992 to be +0.003 (+0.001 to +0.006) W m-2 and assume that it linearly scales with fuel use (see also Table 6-1). This value is much smaller in absolute magnitude than the RF from CO2, O3, CH4, or contrails.
6.4.3. Radiative Forcing from Persistent Contrails and Indirect Effects on Clouds

Aircraft emission of water vapor and particles, as well as the creation of contrails, could lead to a change in global cloudiness. Some atmospheric GCM studies that have looked at the impacts of injecting water vapor or creating contrails (e.g., Ponater et al., 1996; Rind et al. 1996) point to the potential importance of these effects on climate, but these pilot studies cannot be used directly in this assessment. Persistent contrails clearly related to aircraft are detectable, however, and their impact on radiative forcing can be evaluated. Section 3.6 (see Table 3-9) estimates direct radiative forcing from persistent contrails to be +0.02 (+0.005 to +0.06) W m-2 in 1992 (see also Table 6-1). This estimate is limited to immediately visible, quasi-linear persistent contrails.

Whereas contrail formation and associated radiative forcing is an obvious and visible consequence of aircraft activity, the secondary, indirect effect of aerosols from aircraft on the microphysical and radiative properties of clouds is a very complex issue that has received little attention and is very difficult to quantify (Seinfeld, 1998). Some significant steps in quantifying the indirect effect from anthropogenic aerosols have been made (e.g., Jones et al., 1994; Boucher and Lohmann, 1995). The effects of aerosol particles from aircraft emissions on clouds are more complicated because nucleation and subsequent growth of ice crystals that make up cirrus clouds are more complex and less studied than for water clouds. Cirrus cloud generally exert positive forcing because longwave positive radiative forcing is of a larger magnitude than solar negative radiative forcing. Section 3.6.5 (see Table 3-9) estimates that radiative forcing from aircraft-induced cirrus is positive and may be comparable to contrail RF. The magnitude of this RF remains very uncertain. No best estimate is given in Tables 6-1 and 6-2, but a range for the best estimate could fall between 0 and 0.04 W m-2.
Table of contents | Previous page | Next page
Other reports in this collection

I'd like to title this paranormal alas it will be Paranoia


I started my trip to Sun River, Oregon dragging all my stuff onto the ferry because my passenger door wouldn't open and the door was torn apart waiting for the right part to be shipped. So I take the shuttle to Seattle. Adventure begun. I felt like Heidi of the Alps who wears all of her cloths at once on her walk to her Grandfather's Mountain home.

The next morning we take off. My older brother Glenn, who is well medicated because of Schizophrenia, is riding shotgun. We are in Jack's - my mother's husband's- old Toyota Station Wagon. My Mom and Jack take off after us, but gain miles, because Jack likes to get there fast.Glenn has his books on tapes so barely says a word for eight hours. Glenn is also legally blind, which makes him stand a little to close to people as he opens his eyes really wide trying to see them. He also has a really loud voice, and asks a lot of questions, that might not seem appropriate, somehow, I can't put my figure on why, or else I'd give him some tips. He is a nice guy, with a photographic type memory but may give the impression of being retarded. He is Five four and probably two hundred and fifty pounds, to be continued, much to do before work

Added August 30, 2010
It wasn't my brother who was paranoid,,, I want to make that clear,. It was when that red car had a square lens take a picture 'snap' as I drove by. Then the web seems seen with cameras and text
but its the nature of the times and I really did try to forget about it. and enjoy the utter magic of place. sunriver The Deschutes - my love.The Obsidian fields and mystical mountains
the bend in Bend.
want to take us to our knees and sell off our countries treasures. That is why they are destroying our faith in government. We have to see that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT- We are the government. Do we want to see the truth or don't we?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Perched for WWIII


DID YOU HEAR THAT THEY ARE SPREADING A RUMOUR THAT RADIATION IS GOOD FOR US AND SHOULD BE SPREAD AROUND LIKE THEY'VE BEEN DOING WITH DEPLETED URANIUM?.. THEY WANT TO SPRAY IT ALL AROUND AND PUT IT IN our ROADS AND in METALS AND ALL SORTS OF STUFF. i SURE HOPE THERE IS A JUDGEMENT DAY FOR THEM, IT IS BEYOUND MY CAPABILITIES TO PRAY FOR FORGIVENESS FOR THEM..Jesus would say, "forgive them Father for they know not what they do" I say stop them, they are the terrorists that they squeal about. They are led by pure cold blooded evil. They aren't my hero's. The media is their pulpit and we will be duped again if their play card works. They don't care if this country goes down. Multi nationals mean that they rule the whole world.

Geese, why do I start my mornings with morose thoughts like these? I am going on vacation tomorrow, maybe I will come back sweet and innocent and naive. That would mean a chemical lobotomy.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Look up in the Sky.... Its...........

I collected rain water last night through the night. I got about a half inch in a clean glass bowl.
I took a taste and it reminded me of when I was a kid and they strayed the trees all around with poison, We, neighbourhood kids, would dance and play in the spray.

If anyone is reading this try it at home next time you see the application of the two recipes- one is white (Persistent) or metallic looking (almost invisible) or forming the angle wisp clouds and then they add a dark colored line sometimes brown sometimes a dark deep grey. The two are usually applied before it rains. Geeze sorry to pass this info on but really you got to start becoming aware of this even if you don't want to. Its big. It could kill most our pollinators and then where will we be? /the word that describes it to me is we will be "fucked" and if that word offends you and war doesn't offend you then your thinking is "fucked up"

Saturday, August 7, 2010


(Pete's theme) Only love
Can make it rain
The way the beach is kissed by the sea
Only love
Can make it rain
Like the sweat of lovers
Laying in the fields.

Love, Reign o'er me
Love, Reign o'er me, rain on me

Only love
Can bring the rain
That makes you yearn to the sky
Only love
Can bring the rain
That falls like tears from on high

Love Reign O'er me

On the dry and dusty road
The nights we spend apart alone
I need to get back home to cool cool rain
I can't sleep and I lay and I think
The night is hot and black as ink
Oh God, I need a drink of cool cool rain

I like my favourites accessible

Friday, August 6, 2010


How we change the coarse of this nation>?
A Titanic manoeuvre.
We chose to be played like
an emotional xylophone
Judgement,Deception, expectations
sacrifice blurred
"No more do you rule." I plead in the night
their SPECTRE lays in waste
The ones who rule by the paradigm:
"Destruction is power" - destroy themselves
magnified suffering empty hollow rot
dog barks,

Lies,twang, like electricity
except when rapped in a bun of truth/ the lie then becomes embedded like a virus take over of a cell
your brain cell emotional center/ believe the liars
the pied piper leads the way.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


We are all in a different world from each other
My perception of the world today is light-years away from a tea-party activist
it is hard to switch into the others frequency
painful for me to do.
but it is probably the only way to communicate with another is to drop or raise
to the level of the other

It is like a frequency of a radio
waves in a fish bowl

frequency reminds me of the weather today
metallic filaments in the air
attaching to the cells in our hypothalamus
monkey trial is us chimps or.... chumps


frequency 'freak once see'
la la la la la

my bumper sticker will say
the news of the day

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



I am trying to get motivated
to clean my refrigerator
I don't want to do it
My child fights
in my wound
chicken as I am to open the dressing and cleanse the festered mangled wound.
I want to be all that is in me to be
we all should have access to that which is in us
but it has been bloodied and mushed
I stop and scream or sing or pray
for all of us
under the veil.

brain chemistry as a means to control the masses same theme different set
we all actors in our private drama's then in a moments stutter
we emerge as a unified field that supports its own, which is all
a vast array of beauty, as from the start
Eden hence we came
fpr now we are separate and controlled easily controlled


They say - those secret scientists - that their goal is to decrease the suns input on Earth, by one percent. Yesterday, in the afternoon, my perception says it was shielded at up about thirty percent. People wonder why most of us are vitamin d deficient. But woe is me, not very many people notice or care. We are all so well trained.

August twenty six 2010

The new recipe notes
barely looks the chemtrail
fast and puffy
only kills some insects
twenty percent?
The inventers are well behaved Nazi-like idiots

Glenn Beck wants to start something big
not thinking about if it breaks open
he'll be dead a thousand times.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rough Draft

Dear mike-malloy

it would all change if we had free energy we wouldn't need to work We could play.

What if we all were Royalty? We can unite on that.

let my subconscious rip

don't sit down
I stand with my sword and arrows at ready ready to pounce on anyone. Greg shrunk twelve inches and uses pot for his pain, not those narcotics that you know how to give. you should be bowing before him in admiration. and I shouldn't be so sad that I am ready to punch anyone especially you. He did really well, I was bitchy back. I liked driving a van. I loved Queen Anne Hill. The Hotel he stayed in was beautiful. He called the Quiche -aptly- Military Food.

Me, his wife, even though we spent ten years apart and do not live in the same house - I never got a divorce because I would cry and feel ripped when I tried to push it. I had all the papers one day, the kids were in third grade and kindergarten? or preschool? We were to meet in the restaurant to sign, he never showed, I never had the push to push it. And this is probably why spirit didn't make me do it. His illness. Twelve inches. His stomach now. The doctor announces "this is just my job" I note his job description is to stay in his head and ask a barrage of senseless questions and the Doctors treated me like I treated them - like , adversaries, me and my warrior archetype who rules me when I am in the presence of Authority. I want to kick ass or cry. water world in fire - out of control
Not being able to sleep. restless at my mom's made me more abrupt and caustic, hot flashes too Mom cried when I left. I felt like crying too not knowing why but knowing that every moment is precious.

added on: August 22, 2010
TS Elliot the love song of J. Alfred Prufrock
LET us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherised upon a table;
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats 5
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels
And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:
Streets that follow like a tedious argument
Of insidious intent
To lead you to an overwhelming question … 10
Oh, do not ask, “What is it?”
Let us go and make our visit.

In the room the women come and go
Talking of Michelangelo.

The yellow fog that rubs its back upon the window-panes, 15
The yellow smoke that rubs its muzzle on the window-panes
Licked its tongue into the corners of the evening,
Lingered upon the pools that stand in drains,
Let fall upon its back the soot that falls from chimneys,
Slipped by the terrace, made a sudden leap, 20
And seeing that it was a soft October night,
Curled once about the house, and fell asleep.

And indeed there will be time
For the yellow smoke that slides along the street,
Rubbing its back upon the window-panes; 25
There will be time, there will be time
To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet;
There will be time to murder and create,
And time for all the works and days of hands
That lift and drop a question on your plate; 30
Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea.

In the room the women come and go 35
Talking of Michelangelo.

And indeed there will be time
To wonder, “Do I dare?” and, “Do I dare?”
Time to turn back and descend the stair,
With a bald spot in the middle of my hair— 40
[They will say: “How his hair is growing thin!”]
My morning coat, my collar mounting firmly to the chin,
My necktie rich and modest, but asserted by a simple pin—
[They will say: “But how his arms and legs are thin!”]
Do I dare 45
Disturb the universe?
In a minute there is time
For decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse.

For I have known them all already, known them all:—
Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons, 50
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons;
I know the voices dying with a dying fall
Beneath the music from a farther room.
So how should I presume?

And I have known the eyes already, known them all— 55
The eyes that fix you in a formulated phrase,
And when I am formulated, sprawling on a pin,
When I am pinned and wriggling on the wall,
Then how should I begin
To spit out all the butt-ends of my days and ways? 60
And how should I presume?

And I have known the arms already, known them all—
Arms that are braceleted and white and bare
[But in the lamplight, downed with light brown hair!]
It is perfume from a dress 65
That makes me so digress?
Arms that lie along a table, or wrap about a shawl.
And should I then presume?
And how should I begin?
. . . . .
Shall I say, I have gone at dusk through narrow streets 70
And watched the smoke that rises from the pipes
Of lonely men in shirt-sleeves, leaning out of windows?…

I should have been a pair of ragged claws
Scuttling across the floors of silent seas.
. . . . .
And the afternoon, the evening, sleeps so peacefully! 75
Smoothed by long fingers,
Asleep … tired … or it malingers,
Stretched on the floor, here beside you and me.
Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,
Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis? 80
But though I have wept and fasted, wept and prayed,
Though I have seen my head [grown slightly bald] brought in upon a platter,
I am no prophet—and here’s no great matter;
I have seen the moment of my greatness flicker,
And I have seen the eternal Footman hold my coat, and snicker, 85
And in short, I was afraid.

And would it have been worth it, after all,
After the cups, the marmalade, the tea,
Among the porcelain, among some talk of you and me,
Would it have been worth while, 90
To have bitten off the matter with a smile,
To have squeezed the universe into a ball
To roll it toward some overwhelming question,
To say: “I am Lazarus, come from the dead,
Come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all”— 95
If one, settling a pillow by her head,
Should say: “That is not what I meant at all.
That is not it, at all.”

And would it have been worth it, after all,
Would it have been worth while, 100
After the sunsets and the dooryards and the sprinkled streets,
After the novels, after the teacups, after the skirts that trail along the floor—
And this, and so much more?—
It is impossible to say just what I mean!
But as if a magic lantern threw the nerves in patterns on a screen: 105
Would it have been worth while
If one, settling a pillow or throwing off a shawl,
And turning toward the window, should say:
“That is not it at all,
That is not what I meant, at all.”
. . . . . 110
No! I am not Prince Hamlet, nor was meant to be;
Am an attendant lord, one that will do
To swell a progress, start a scene or two,
Advise the prince; no doubt, an easy tool,
Deferential, glad to be of use, 115
Politic, cautious, and meticulous;
Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse;
At times, indeed, almost ridiculous—
Almost, at times, the Fool.

I grow old … I grow old … 120
I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.

Shall I part my hair behind? Do I dare to eat a peach?
I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.

I do not think that they will sing to me. 125

I have seen them riding seaward on the waves
Combing the white hair of the waves blown back
When the wind blows the water white and black.

We have lingered in the chambers of the sea
By sea-girls wreathed with seaweed red and brown 130
Till human voices wake us, and we drown.

ferry suggestions

Notes that I am thinking about on returning from a gruelling trip off Island --Suggestions to the WA State Ferries:Have one guy or gal as the main section guy with clearly marked uniform and who stays in that section and gives the signals. No - again - No ferry guys running in front of cars when that section has begun off loading. I have been warrior all day and now have another thing to be pissed at. I would fire that guy. Then I feel mean for thinking that, but he scared me because I was looking at the guy who signalled for me to proceed and he ran in front of me. A f'n ferry worker should know better..

Monday, August 2, 2010

One Fine Day David Byrne


Saw the wandrin' eye- inside my heart
Shouts and battle cries- from ev'ry part
I can see those tears- ev'ry one is true
When the door appears- I'll go right through-oooh

I stand in liquid light- like ev'ryone
I built my life with rhymes- to carry on
And it gives me hope- to see you there
The things I used to know- that one fine

One fine day
One fine day

In a small dark room- where I will wait
Face to face I find- I contemplate
Even though a man- is made of clay
Ev'rything can change- one fine-

One Fine Day...

Then before my eyes- Is standing still
I beheld it there- a city on a hill
I complete my tasks- one by one
I remove my masks- when I am done

Then a piece of mind- fell over me
In these troubled times- I still can see
We can use the stars– to guide the way
It is not that far- one fine…

One fine day
One fine day...

My Big Nurse David Byrne/ Brian Eno


When the lake's on fire
With all the world's desires
When he shakes the stars above
When we lose the ones we love

When the seasons lose their grip
When the tightrope walker slips

I'm counting all the possibilities

When the past becomes the now
When the lost becomes the found
When we fall in love with war
When the angel fucks the whore

When the road we travel on
Takes us back where we came from

I'm counting all the possibilities
For dancing on this lazy afternoon

In the comfort of the world
In the arms of my big nurse
From the science of the heart
To each animal and plant

Compact, relaxed- intact, give thanks

I'm counting all the possibilities
For dancing on this lazy afternoon

Sunday, August 1, 2010

money N.A.S.A.


The Stranger -L cohen