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Monday, December 19, 2016


Psalm 27 vs 1)

1{A Psalm of David.} The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

We are Wizards 12-19-16
Sleeping wizards, by design. Our greatness has been hidden and bruised. Our hearts wounded and brutalized. We are taught backwards. We are taught to cower, Taught that worry is Love.

We rise as we wake to the gifts innate to our Being. The kingdom of Heaven lies within, waiting our discovery.

Humanity is hypnotized with ease. Un-Synched to our natural connection to the divine. Fear is the tool to control our mind. We have been taught to be externally focused. Punishment threatened if we drift off into our natural realm, our imagination.

The clock, ticks, we perform, like circus animals. Forgetting the natural rhythm of nature. Cycles upon cycles, we give homage to a fictitious pattern of validation, ever making us weak and sniveling humans divided from our being.

What is real? As I touch the keyboard, I am aware of the material realm. Is the material realm reality as we have been taught? Or could we learn that it is an ever moving expanse of energy that takes pattern in varied degrees of density?

I am aware that the rise in consciousness and the skills that come with this awareness are the best bet for the preservation of life on Earth. We teeter on the brink of World War Three. There are forces that want a lifeless planet so to harvest its material resources without bother from the ‘rabble’ of humanity. I look at how the collective thinking is being herded into fear and anger after an election that was a farcical dance of the old paradigm that bases its power on power over and power stolen. Instead of mimicking Earth and her imprint – it attacks her.''

Monday, December 5, 2016


There are too many things to be afraid of ,,,we are corralled into being complacent through this fear.

Time is compressed and folded upon itself today. a low humm LIKE A GIANT STOMPING FORWARD, ripping TREES AND GOBBLING HABITAT...

This is a time to ignite the magic of our souls. The Human as Being. The United 'STATES' of Being.
We were taught ass backwards. Taught to be small. OUR imaginations were captured. We were taught that our very essence is is corrupt. We were trained to be small. We snivel in pain, and cower to the Corporations. The corporations with flawed paradigms that will create disaster after disaster so it will thrive. Money, power and destruction. IT eats our commons. It commands our servitude 'or else'


[Sage singing in a club with the audience]
You can't kill me, motherfucker
You can't kill me, motherfucker
You may try, but you will die
You can't kill me, motherfucker!

Go to bed late, then I have to wake
Get to work, keep it goin', can't stop, can't take a break
Gotta get it done, in time for me to do the things I wanna do
But by the time I finished it, it's time for me to talk to you
And then explain what I do in my day, well
It's complicated and you say, "Pray tell"
And I will try, if I miss any details
Think about it later and then send it in an e-mail
'Cause my brain is on a loop, but there's a buzz
That I need to troubleshoot, not now
Gotta-gotta get the work done
Last night, some other day is turnin' to the first one
I, never gonna never gonna
I, am never gonna never gonna
I, ain't never gonna ever gonna die

Huh, pedal to the medal, gonna get ahead
Gonna run another red light in the dead of the night
Lettin' the light from my cellphone distract my eyes
Sexual text messagin' to my mind
Fingers are busy, but now I'm lookin' in the mirror
Cause the people behind me, they're givin' me the middle finger
I'll kill 'em if they pull up any closer to my bumper
Short-tempered mother… shut your mouth!
Drinkin' the coffee, now I'm dumpin' it out
He's honkin' his horn like "You wanna throw down?!?"
He thinks, "Oh boy, you wanna go now? I'm ready (I'm ready)"
For the typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
(di-di-di-difficult isn't it?)

I'm just a man, with a company van
And a supervisor who just does a summary scan
And a coworker who's always like "Just cover me man"
In the morning we all get into the huddle again
Like "Can we even make more money?"
I wonder what the luxury is really taken from me
I don't even have to worry (ha-ha-ha-ha-hiiii)

Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedient people…
Are gonna die…
'Cause they can't live…
My life…

All eyes on the small guys makin' small noise
In a small town with the small music men
You're just fall guys, in the law's eyes
Your voice is worth more than you know and you're not foolin' anyone
I'm not a con-artist, your pencil and promises eroding eraser tips
I'm sick of your colleges
Expensive taste-tester: "Spit that wine"
Excessive waist, chest, butt; it's that time
For me to get randomly checked again
Bored until you're marked with a blood-red pen
Water bottle sittin' in my pocket and I'm walkin' with a grin
'Cause the liquid isn't permitted,
I'm rippin' up the ticket
For the lady at the counter as confetti in her face!
Shoulda never let me in this place
Fly, fly boy in the brownest state
I got a feeling that I'm never gonna get let out the gate 'cause I'm the BOMB
Yeah I said it; cool, collected, and calm
Maneuver through the computer to do a little song
My music got the charm
Smoother than a cougar, attack the mic and get on the intercom

"Hello passengers, fellow activists,
Whether you're masochists, mellow pacifists
Tell those faxin' it is no accident
By the end of this record, you're gonna knowwwww"

Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedience
Typically cyclical simple civil obedient people

Are you listenin', Love? I got a theory for us
Can you hear me enough, can you hand me my stuff?
'Bout to move out this scary cemetery you trust
Livin' just a little bit, it isn't nearly enough
Livin' just a little bit, it isn't nearly justified
Because ah-ah-ah-I, ah-ah-ah-I am
Never gonna never gonna never gonna never gonna die

[Sage Speaking:]
I wanna kee—I wanna keep making things an-and death really is-is uh not to be part of my eh-everyday activities.
It's not to be in my music anymore, I don't want it there.
It'll-it'll sneak its way in and out, but that's that's, we're beyond that.
I mean de-de-death only as a concept is what matters and-and God as a concept is-is-is one of those huge things to me.
Um, and to you, I know you, I know you much better than you think I do uhh…
I hope we meet sometime, I wouldd love to shake your hand and um maybe get a kiss, uh right there, on my face.
And uh, I don't know, maybe have sex a little bit.
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