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Friday, July 13, 2018

What we need to comprehend

I feel like I couldn't understand why the world seems like it is a train running at full speed towards a hundred foot steel wall. When I realized that psychopaths have been in charge and promote other psychopaths to high positions, I see,now, the net over this world.
The art of Empire is cruelty and division. Fear has been embedded into our DNA. Fear to speak out or to even look at issues.
Why do we allow corporations to incorporate if they are not built upon the foundation of benefit to our existence? Big pharma and Monsanto's alliance is an example that dooms life on Earth by its myopic business model of making us sick while destroying our life support system, our eco systems.

The Vaccine issue- Why would I trust my government to know what is best for me and my family? I have a lot of reasons why I don't trust the government to have the best interest of the population in mind. A corrupt model for elections, where the majority of our politicians have to do the bidding of donors. or Bribery is a better word for our political system. I would love to audit all Congress, Supreme Court, Lobbyists, Generals, Admirals, (and their families) etc.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Monday, July 9, 2018

just went back and read my posts

How embarrasing. Should I delete my blog? Nobody reads it but is of record and can be hacked and changed, that is why I am thinking of getting rid of this blog. I need a survey?
Feeling like there are some posts in my blog that I didn't write. which is weird. reading something utterly alien to me from 2008. I feel like what it must feel to have a memory loss. Wow. I have been random and I have written some really strange stuff. Fingernail against the blackboard editing and un clear writing, most often. And my conclusions of thinking Obama was a hero betrayed by my intuition and gut about him. I figured it out slow as cold molasses. Now I see him dark, with a dangerous edge but not dangerous like his mentor, Hilary.

American Pie

Could the fires be started by Directed Energy Weapons? Brought to you by the one's who are the supposed Guardians of our Country?)???