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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Monday, September 10, 2018

High Holy Days

May the reality of Atonement be claimed by Humanity.

"Rumors Of Glory"

Above the dark town
After the sun's gone down
Two vapour trails cross the sky
Catching the day's last slow goodbye
Black skyline looks rich as velvet
Something is shining
Like gold but better
Rumours of glory

Smiles mixed with curses
The crowd disperses
About whom no details are known
Each one alone yet not alone
Behind the pain/fear
Etched on the faces
Something is shining
Like gold but better
Rumours of glory

You see the extremes
Of what humans can be?
In that distance some tension's born
Energy surging like a storm
You plunge your hand in
And draw it back scorched
Beneath it's shining like
Gold but better
Rumours of glory


I have said it before, again and again. Empire has a recipe. It is being implemented. Mind control starts with fear, chaos and confusion. That is why they are into pedophilia. Pedophilia shatters the spectrum of personality and then they can insert and control the aspects of behavior they want into the child (sometimes it doesn't work).

Look what Empire did to the First Nations of Canada they shattered the children taking them from their families and subjecting them to conditions to break their will, knowledge. They splintered the personalities so that fear is ever presen. Fear of knowledge -> is the KEY to Empire.

The thing is, the unthinkable things that these people do, were done to them.

The Charity of Night last stanzas
Wave on wave of life
Like the great wide ocean's roll
Haunting hands of memory
Pluck silver strands of soul
The damage and the dying done
The clarity of light
Gentle bows and glasses raised
To the charity of night

Pacific glimmers silver
Moon full over shadow mansion
West coast - Can't say when
There is incense and the heat-driven scent of flowers

Friday, September 7, 2018

Wondering Where the Lions Are

Stopping for a moment to feel the lions waking up. Ecstasy
Another word that has been stolen. Take it back.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018