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Saturday, December 22, 2018


My biggest reason is because FEMA doesn't care about community doesn't encourage Community it sees Community as a threat. Another reason is because FEMA arrives early 2 disasters and I don't think it's because they're psychic. Look it up. In California FEMA has closed down local shelters and carts people off without taking clear and reasonable inventory of the people and without making a list of who they take that all members of our population could look at they secretly whisk them off to places unknown and do whatever they do to these people.

There is evidence that people who are corrupt hav been promoted into the highest echelon of our society. our they are of the elk of a psychopath. In the media we have Psychopaths in our government we have Psychopaths and in many corporations there are psychopaths. Normal people don't understand this because they enjoy helping each other. And Psychopaths don't understand the joy that normal people get from helping each other. They have a component of humanity missing from their hearts. FEMA is based on a psychopath model. They see humans as threats. They would rather not have us loose and talking to each other.

The The FEMA prison camps are just that prisons no freedom of movement nobody's notified that their families are there and it's looking like they're harvesting organs in Hawaii because people have been floating in without with organs missing dead people.

,, why it is dangerous that our media is now almost 100% propaganda and this means Fox News as well as MSNBC and CNN. And I never thought I'd say this but fox has more variety then CNN and MSNBC who only talk about the fraudulent russiagate. I would love to look at Mueller's history especially when he was head of the FBI when 9/11 happened and like George Herbert Walker Bush Mueller is seen as a hero and above anybody's question . And people don't understand the majority of people don't understand what propaganda the dangers of propaganda when it's not knowing that we're being fed propaganda is to our democracy .

We Know that the DNC stole the election from Bernie but nobody's looking into it. And it's looking like dead people can't talk can't be with witnesses. and that is where our country is at. Our news won't cover with went on in Miami-Dade and our news won't cover what went on with Deborah Wasserman Schultz spying on all of her colleagues using servers they won't cover that Hillary bleached her computers and her blackberries as well as Deborah Wasserman Schultz did. Deborah Wasserman Schultz probably didn't get elected as well as she shouldn't even be free right now she should be in jail because they have no guilt when they steal elections and nobody punishes them there's not Justice in our country. They can assassinate people and nobody gets held accountable Oh They'll blame somebody else but nobody gets held accountable like when they took out wellstone and his family go that was just an accident right know he was running for president he was just about ready to announce that and Hillary I'm assuming couldn't bear having somebody real to run against her. The media won't take on the 21 trillion with a t dollars that the dod has allotted with no explanations to each other. This is very dangerous because these people are doing stuff like attacking California with directed energy weapons which the media won't cover.

And now FEMA is on the move to a city near you. DARPA runs HAARP so they can cause weather disasters and earthquakes and fires you name it coming soon cat you wait and then they're going to take down the electrical grid yay team oh I'm trying to be in Christmas spirit. It's very difficult. Especially when I see things and people think I'm just crazy and I don't want to be right I want to be wrong but like everybody else I think I'm right. I don't watch TV unless I'm at my moms and when I do I see propaganda pier and simple I see one-trick Pony show that's russiagate when I know better Hillary and Miller gave 20% of our uranium to Russia. Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 20, 2018

FEMA disaster dot-dot-dot coming to a theater near you!

By theater, I mean a military theater. There is a story floating around that FEMA is mobilizing to 18 different towns and cities on the Southeast coast.

In Paradise California, FEMA has confiscated local activist collection of donations and shut down community shelters. They have come with guns mounted on their vehicles and they threaten people. They have not been helping or comforting people.

In Hawaii and in Houston Texas FEMA used barges to imprison and move people and then they lose these people.

For years there has been a plan to break up our nation.

From what has been going on in Hawaii where bodies have been washing up allegedly with organs missing and dead and FEMA has not been providing answers to where where people are.
I believe that FEMA has been executing people and that the head of FEMA should be in jail today to prevent the plan of disaster. HIstorically there has been a FEMA or Homeland Security presence at every major disaster beforehand. Perfectly FEMA was deployed a day before 911. They were there before Sandy Hook doing a drill , they were there before many shootings with drills with going on even in Paris.
When I am asked to trust my government, I ask why? I am old enough to have seen no answers to many assassinations. I am old enough to witness our military being confused and confounded during 9/11. I have witnessed the biggest conspiracy of all that 911 was the result of two planes destroying three buildings Then I am called a conspiracy theorist! So what? I will wear my tinfoil hat proudly.

My computer is dead and I haven't figured out how to post videos using my phone to support my allegations worked on my blog to support my allegations. For a long time I've known about COG continuance of government. FEMA is an intrical part of this breakup. And when the rumors about guillotines and that FEMA just ordered thousands of blades from a company near the border of Mexico in Mexico allegedly reported by a FEMA agent this has riled me and made me want to expose and remove FEMA and start supporting local communities when there is disaster, instead of hauling people away.
Homeland Security plans to break up our nation and have an unelected government controlling us without a constitution, in itself is unconstitutional and laws that break the Constitution are not laws that anybody should follow. FEMA's mandates are unacceptable and should be dismantled. Unfortunately both political parties are in bed with this. I hope and pray four Warriors and heroes instead of brainless heartless soldiers on the prowl lying to Americans and all people. The New World Order is designed for corporate needs and not to help the people of the world. Albert Pike was a psychopath!
We have to defend our democracy by educating each other and loving one another. Remember David and Goliath. Each of us has to be David today.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I See a Bush

I look around at the crazy world as
I was watching the FBI director, Director Wray, I see a possible Bush. He
looks and sounds exactly like a Bush. His voice to me sounds like George Herbert Walker Bush. He looks like him and George W Bush especially his nose with a little bit difference that hook nose and then the voice that kind of high voice I don't know how to describe voices but to me he sounds like it. It's almost like there's a squeeze to the Voice and then I turn on to watch a PBS Wildfire propaganda and the guy who is Distributing the propaganda again looks like a Bush
and he doesn't sound so much but he looks like Jeb and George Herbert Walker Bush together he has glasses on and his eyebrows are done dark but he looks like an offsping of GHW Bush. I see bushes everywhere kind of a nightmare he keeps ruling from the grave. I hope director Wray is as good a man as he pretends to be and not a 1984 type ruler with doublespeak coming out of his mouth.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Library of Alexandra

we are coming to a precipice. The clock ticks. We race off the cliff. We allow corruption to stand. This corruption swallows the world. We pretend that we are not lied to when we know we are being lied to. We do not speak when we see the corruption for fear of our head. We are heading off the cliff who will be safe they can pretend they are safe these people who have these plans but how could they be if there is Justice in this world. I guarantee that their weapons will be used against I guarantee this that they will not be happy the day they die. They will not find peace. We race off the cliff By ignoring the truth. The truth is not what we believe because what we believe is usually what we were told by someone else and then it adds and becomes like the truth but the truth is the truth. It's not a lie made to look like the truth. The truth is the truth it is not a lie. And we all know that we can see this if we look if we look with our single eye.