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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rock On

Yesterday's discovery

Arthur M. Young excerpts
An ordinary object can be thought of as a carrier of momentum, or energy, which it can impart to another object. A hammer striking a nail exerts a force which drives the nail; a bowling ball conveys energy which knocks over the pins. In both cases, the hammer and the bowling ball remain after the work is done. With light, however, its transport of energy from one point to another leaves no residue. Light is pure action, unattached to any object, like the smile without the cat.

This light energy is everywhere, filling the room, filling all space, connecting everything with everything else. It includes much more than the light we see by, for all exchange of energy between atoms and molecules is some form of what used to be called electromagnetic energy, which extends over a vast spectrum and would be better named interaction. Visible light covers just one octave in that spectrum.

Let us simply note one thing: that there is only one exception to the exclusion of purpose from science, and this exception is light, which these several scientists have seen fit to regard as having a purposive behavior. Let us also note that the purposiveness is associated with that aspect of light known as the principle of action (or least action).

Importance of Planck's Discovery

That Action Comes in Wholes

What did Planck add to this principle of action that was not already present in the ideas of Leibniz? It was the notion that action comes in quanta or wholes, and that this unit is constant. Note that despite the tendency to refer to energy as quantized — a habit which even good physicists are given to — it is not energy but action that comes in wholes.

And here is what blew my mind into awe

But where does this energy (for the skater) come from? It is produced by the skater in pulling in his arms against centrifugal force — and would be greater if the skater held weights in his hands. Of course, with the skater there is a limit to the rate of spin or the energy he can store in this way because he can pull his arms in only so far — but the photon, having no bulk, can shrink any amount. It follows that a single photon can store unlimited energy by getting smaller!

This is one of the most surprising findings of quantum physics — that the smaller the photon, the more energy it contains. It is a reminder of the great difference between the world of light and the world of matter.

World of light

No time, space, charge, or mass.

Energy increases as size (wavelength) is reduced.

Constant velocity; no rest.

World of matter

Time, space, charge and mass.

Energy (mass) decreases as size is reduced.

Any velocity less than the speed of light.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


In the Book of Proverbs 6:16-19, among the verses traditionally associated with King Solomon, it states that the Lord specifically regards "six things the Lord hateth, and seven that are an abomination unto Him", namely:[4]
A proud look
A lying tongue
Hands that shed innocent blood
A heart that devises wicked plots
Feet that are swift to run into mischief
A deceitful witness that uttereth lies
Him that soweth discord among brethren

Monday, August 25, 2014

meditation brought a vision

I know to those of you who are are stuck in the thick energy
this will sound insane but when I tune into the Earth's magnetosphere it seems like there is nothing in the south hemisphere and seems fragile like any more zaps and we will get the shift sooner rather than later. Won't the grey men be surprised. It might be time to shake us up before we destroy the life support system of Earth.

Later that day...10:19 am I am doing research and find this ....

My take is this guy is off track but points out the real threat' the people who are trying to be god and follow the bible thinking this is what god wants. I say poof be gone from influence, Satan. the guy likes to draw, it looks like... funny but he seems to be a spokesman of sorts... Mars meets Saturn there is hardly time to spare....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Twelfth Night

Last night, a beautiful night, the play was enchanting, the bug spray was neanderthal. The women with the family in front of me sprayed her husband in the face with 'OFF' and they both laughed. I was aghast and couldn't sit and smell the poison. I then am eating and a man sees someone across the aisle had bug spray. He asked to borrow it and starts to spray it in the midst of the crowd before I think I yell 'Step away, I'm eating' I repeated it. He looked confused. Someone took a picture of me and showed it to me, I was scowling. How much do I scowl?

The bugs were only fairy folk, a part of the setting for the play. They weren't mosquitoes. I was happy to see them.

these days there is talk about the danger of birds and migrations and mosquitoes and an attempt to whip us into a energetic sphere of jagged fear of life and the wild. There is intention, by some warped minds, to kill the wild in order to keep us 'safe' What life would there be on this planet without the wild wings that fly about us? To me, it would be Hell. Not the future I long for.

We don't yet know the power of our thinking. We are kept on the brink of doom by our minds, at all times. How do we reprogram the collective within and without from mental disaster?

Within without, yesterdays words

The Enemy is within me
that part of me that from fear and lack of love eats the power of others
while wasting its own true power
I want to say clearing my throat, loudly:
Uranus, sweet wild child, has custody today My finger scratched the blackboard for fun
flashes of fire, can't help that
helping me to understand that p lay is the only way out of the brink of disaster that awaits us if we let them bring us down. today
Echos of what is good and what is great about humanity
I need to track that enemy that is within me and give it food and shelter and love
tender child it is

My Neighbor () across the street has a big (supposive) American flag that has- what looks like- I haven't counted- thirteen stars. Kind of creeps me out- is what I am saying. I come back to COG or now called Continuity of Operations or 'COOP', secret with no judicial or governmental oversight(pretty doggie, nice doggy) Secret- dog gone it- but it plans on the breaking up into sections these here United States and if we did allow them to continue spraying proprietary and secret chemical formulas over our heads, we wouldn't notice anything because we would be too sick and tired from chemical and heavy meta
l overload to notice. Oh well, don't look at that, it'll bring you down, that's for sure. What happy thoughts can I think on the brink of doom? Travel and Joy and Love, baby, Love. Echos of what is good and what is great about humanity and what is beautiful and heroic that creates safety with courage, vision and joy.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pele and Love Revolution

Holographic Jesus everywhere I look...How cool is that?

Saturday, August 9, 2014


When I don't have ANY bugs flying into the lights outside at night,in August, I worry.
When I know that Monsanto is heavily involved with the weather modification 'research' formulas, I worry.
When I hear a tenured Professor (who is in the media spotlight) say "nuclear meltdown, no problem, the ocean is so big," I freak.
To this same Professor, who, on cue, ranted about those of us who witness 'chem trails' as paranoid and who denied that chem trails have anything to do with weather modification, when his department at the UW is heavily involved in weather modification 'research', I want to say, oh mouthpiece of Satan, may you look in the mirror and see an egotistic buffoon who will be cast into the nice warm recycle center, located, I hope, in the bowels of the Earth, which you blatantly destroy with your words and miscalculations. (to clarify: In the place where you are aimed (though the concept obviously is not a consideration of your thoughts that form without heart) "There will be weeping and the gnashing of teeth.)"

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Concerns of a citizen of Earth
When Scientists, Politicians, and employees of the government, have gags upon them, then our right to be an informed population is thwarted. Our Constitution is in tatters because of the influence of commerce on people in places of power. Their security lies in balance because of threats to their livelihood and often threats to their lives (an undercover fear, because of the success of assassinations in the history of this nation by a shadow whose intent is power over using money as its means to gain power over the world and its governance). These few of the shadow, are pathologically injured souls, who have been allowed to weld power because they attract as minions people who require security. People want to be good but are programmed not to see and then are placed in places of influence and power.

Pluto dear Pluto can be taken back from the shadow only by Light and Love and Connection to the whole. We are at risk as a nation, and as a living planet because it is easy to program the masses using the media and education. The hierarchy is trained into us. As spirit, there is no hierarchy. We all weld power using our imaginations. Imagination is trained out of us as a whole by the school and economic system.

We are poisoned with vaccines, and additives to food,drugs,water and our teeth. The air now contains weather modification formulas that we did not give permission to. It is a trillion dollar business and this sightless experiment of controlling nature poisons all aspects of what sustains life on this planet;air,water,soil and the ionosphere. These weather modification formulas are insidious.

We waste our lives power thinking other people's thoughts. Denial is the dam of not seeing the truth of our own soul's response to going in the wrong direction. Resistance serves to stick the exact replica of what we don't want to our lives.

The masses, have been trained to resist and not to look and not to see.

Undigested, any wound becomes a program access point.
I look at someone like Cliff Mass, sellout to empire, and see wounds that he is protecting. I see how his funding comes from NASA (who has secret 'customers')and NOAA ( infiltrated by DARPA), have effected you. Are you prepared for the c
lass action lawsuits that will sue the UW, when people discover what you guys of your department have done via lack of scientific depth of your thinking and your complicity and propaganda?
If you look at the ocean like it is a living being, there are some parts of a body that are more important to its homeostasis than others. Like the heart and lungs are vital to the maintenance of a humans life. You say that the ocean is so big, like your body is so much bigger than your tinsty pineal gland, but how important is this gland to consciousness? How important are the Japanese Islands to our oceans homeostasis? You, my friend, cannot answer this with anything but blind speculation. I am appalled and dismayed by your ignorance to the whole.
The secrecy of the weather modification research is the crux of my opposition to it. The formulas are not open to the publics scrutiny and it is being done without our permission and the cumulative effects could kill the wild. I see less birds and bugs this year. I see and feel the metallic sheen of the air.
Murders of whole populations could be inflicted intentionally; there are no controls because of the secrecy. It is not benign and beneficial as you would have it be. You are blinded by your own security issues. You are blinded by too much mercury, (or surface information).

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Free Write

Lavender Festival in the rain
computer trying to climb over partitions and I realise that my whole matrix of programming into this reality consists of partitions and waves or the lack of waves.
Frequency currency frequency
partition. shortness of breath
believing the lie, I become sucked up by the cyclone of deceptive thought.
Fear infused frequency becomes the partition that blocks the higher frequency and form a limited play list. Our thoughts bring like thoughts from the collective. wounded all. Zombies hit a nerve of truth. We see what we have become spirals and shreds it may be the only way out I am hoping for the higher foot fall but our thinking remains in the sands of lies. What way out can I imagine besides the fall, which today feels immanent because of dastardly deeds being ignored. The partition of denial..

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

thank you Mitch!

dumb de dumb dumb Dah! this guy Botticelli,is physically and mentally repressed

Monday, June 30, 2014

todays inventory indicates about six to a block

Six spooks, so I will be clear, I am not including the child. Me, paranoid? I laugh. I mean really?
Think about it, three thousand dollars or even five thousand dollars of back taxes does not justify that many people taking pictures watching every move of certain people. What are they volunteers? I mean really. I need a camera.
I bet you know what I'd say, if it wasn't so rude.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014


song upon waking

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Pacing the Cage

Bruce Cockburn

Lost Train Blues Woody Guthrie

Friday, May 23, 2014

S. Temple

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Oh Brother

The things they do for profit...from constant weather modification that is also designed to hide certain aircraft as they fly over to the drugs they give to our elders laced with aluminium, titanium dioxide, blah blah...
In the long run,
the wages of cruelty is more cruelty you think you are rich sitting on gold planning dastardly deeds, you die with nothing but a hollow soul.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Clearing my Craw

Free write May 2nd 2014
Things that drive me to distraction:
*Constant Weather Modification
*Oil sheen on my pond
*War for Profit
*Pharmaceuticals having a hold on you
And you and you and you
*TV “programs” programming us (obvious name)
*Subliminal Programming embedded in media
*Sneak and peaks done by unethical contractors In homes around the country.
*NeoCons (or people who are sociopaths who are in positions of power), wanting to control all things to their profit and Winding up destroying the Balance of Life. A corporation created in a Monsanto blueprint of mental illness is thriving, when it should be given the Death Penalty for killing people with malice and glee using aerosol administration in Syria and throughout the globe.
Terrorism, without the glitz, an offshoot of the Nazi’s DHARPA big and heartless presence, always ready for the spoils of destruction.
Quietly targeting hits on people who are categorized as threats to the ‘HOMELAND’ COG when /IF(!) it comes down- Using Poisoning, microwaves, auto accidents and unexplained deaths and ‘suicides’.
**Drugging youth with pharmaceuticals that side effects are violent outbreaks.
*GPS tracking on my car
*People who have no conscience, and act like they are possessed by demonic forces and they call their demon 'Jesus’. ( ….“Many shall say ‘Lord, Lord’ and I say I know them not” a quote by Jesus).
+Alzheimer’s a billion dollar market “So what if there is aluminum in our weather modification formulas we’ll make a ‘Killing’ with our drugs that they'll 'need'.”

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Moon - yehaw-

Attempts to solutions instead of bashing my head against the global problem of constant weather manipulation and the drugging of Americans so that the promoters of disaster capitalism (ie neo-CONS) have their way with the rest of us (as in life as we know it) on planet Earth.

The glitch that I see is that We do not give our permission on a conscious level. The main question is "Do We choose not to see?", thus choosing to abdicate our responsibility? Poison coolant is a constant now in the spring. Brown metallic haze eating at our brains? Oh well, here's to us waking up soon. cheers.

I have been studying some of the tests that the FDA uses to OK the drugs that are pushed onto the elderly in the USA.
Scientific method and accountability is totally lacking ie monkeys first given phenobarbatal before giving the 'SINEMET' for Parkinson induced monkeys, thus reducing tremors.
I would always recommend an herbal protocol ( teas and tinctures of rosemary, thyme, ginko, tumeric, garlic, cleavers,cannabis, sage and an addition of healthy oils, ghee, fruits and vegetables etc, before giving these recommended drugs prescribed by Medical Doctors (ie the pusher man who works for the pharmaceuticals) who are making 'a killing' the American way.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Please Sir(s)

Please Sir,

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blood Moon?

Beware of Titles like this from a business oriented source with ties to cells that plot and scheme against the greater good....

Total Lunar Eclipse 2014: Where to Watch Blood Moon Online
from The international Business Times

By Simi John
April 13, 2014 12:13 GMT
55 2
Or this statement from 'Before Its News' "The profound significance relates to the ancient scriptures which foretold of “seals” and “horseman.”
My commentary is that the Albert Pike, devil inspired, neocons think that they are the 'HORSEMEN' and are planning four attacks that are all ready to go on the day of the eclipse. Pluto says 'no no no you naughty boys' They need to be hog tied. Pluto says: "Wham' Uranus says "pow"
Those boys need to learn their lessons now and not after the fact.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

global dimming

gobble dimming
Weather manipulation is created by a NeoCon fantasy of control of the worlds resources and means slime upon the waters, death to our birds and bees. Bonesman, John Kerry, said that weather modification is a 13 trillion dollar industry that he would not suppress. Do the calculated profits include a healthcare system that profits from sickness? or is it Nestly's need to privatize water? or DARPA'S need to kill? It is clearly a war upon the natural world. A war upon the wildness in all.

global dimming

an intentional scramble to make resources short?
to scramble our thinking too? we won't know unless we are capable to ask questions.
If what they spray is proprietary, we won't know unless we ask and insist on factual, long term answers.
Seven Generations is the only way to plan for all life's general welfare The Wealth and control of the few and to hell with this planet must shift. At the end of our lives, what will bring us contamination into the next dream? What will bring a sweet balm into the next?

I want to shout names at the supporters of weather modification, names like demon spawn or Satan Incarnate. But where will that get me? Bars of my own making because my energy goes jagged and sharp.
This anger feels invincible. Riled. Like I can throw a boomerang to the tide,
if my thinking is corrected and made fierce in the knowledge of my sovereignty. The sovereignty of breath is being taken from us via these aerosol concoctions. Is this what we want?

Saturday, March 29, 2014


What new thing can I think today?
Turning away
I become the gust of thought
That initiates change
What new thing can I be today?
I move between the lines between the boundaries into the boundless
That knows no end to love and spontaneous assertions of being
Freeing the encapsulated energy that creates enemies
Decapitating the lies that sit on facts
Our blood carries the facts of history not on the page
Drama; a commodity in a culture
that has been stripped and pasteurized
Domesticate ourselves or die brutal deaths
no more

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I howl for the loss of someone that I cannot name.
I kneel to the fallen. Tears like rivers fall. Live on through us in courage and love.
I haven’t given up this world because they kill my brothers and sisters. It deepens my resolve to become as big as I, as a child of the most high, can be, by being led by the energy that encompasses all dimensions and realms. They kill the favored ones like flies: because most of us don't comprehend that we all are children of the most creative force. Because of this we fall.
So how do I, as a child of the most high, proceed?

Pray, meditate and imagine a great light reaching into the collective and then correcting assumptions within my own being. Ho'o pono pono. I am sorry, please forgive me. Thank=you. I love you. Or looking around at the beauty everywhere.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


Just because I pretend I am dead periodically does not mean that I want to die. I do it as a re-set.It helps me feel I have meaning here, my focus becomes vivid instead of clouded and hazy, sometimes I make my energy too big using my energy instead of depending on Unity which allows for individualization. Unity in diversity. The meme to be absorbed. Now within eternity.

Mr Teeth

Mr. Teeth was directing the ferry traffic, standing on the ramp before the ferry. He was the dark soul planning her demise, again. Cursing under his breath that she made the run from North Seattle to Anacortes, again. They tried two tricks of the trade of taking people out, but it didn't work, again. He should be fired she thought as she drove by him in her memory. He tried to set her car just right on the upper ferry ramp, at a downward angle, an angle that was in the sight of the captain's deck of the Hyak when the ferry docked. The ferry was full of camera's and couples following surveillance orders. One chick who looked like she was from Romania (at least that's what Cheyenne thought,seeing an an energetic cloud around the photographer)was taking pictures of all the passengers on the ferry.

The guy in brown, who had a build of a bicyclist, long lean muscles, seemed to be in charge. He was pushing forty, Cheyenne thought, She targeted him to sit across and watch as the ferry sat and sat with Friday Island shielding the view of the dock. The strangest thing about Brown shirt was he was sitting with an adolescent that seemed so relaxed that he seemed drugged. The boy kept his head down. Cheyenne thought it odd that the kid's hand was up on the back of the booth but the hand was still. A stillness that you don't see in kids that age unless they have been drugged. She watched the rolling waves with sparkles shimmering off the water as the ferry moved again and made its way to the dock. The Hyak had made those waves, she thought. Aren't they beautiful. She felt the assurance that she would be safe if she listened and winged her way to the car. She watched the group people pull their energy in as they walked by brown shirt. the announcement said they were in Friday Harbor. She thought, "hell no, I am not going down tell I feel like it." The elevator door was open and people with kids were getting in. She dashed to the elevator.Pissing the father off but she didn't care. She was elated.

Foiled again. Hello to Boardwalk Book witnesses.. So there another beginning to the traversing story of corruption and schemes.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pushed into Eternity

The Conspiracy/ The Glimmering
We arrive fresh out of the grave, zombies, we rot. Earth so heavy, so hopeless.
We are pushed back into our hole of depression and shame. We forgot, while we slumbered in our graves, the ease of flight; the ease of a thought that spans galaxies.
We are pushed and separated and pushed again. We focus on our oppressor, the them, the they. Heavy earthen clay rests on our chest, calling us to descend into slumber and struggle.

The Domestication of Man
We,all of us, stand in many worlds and are bigger and more powerful than our puny graves define.
I will tell you that stationed Saturn calls with the click of the clock and Neptune asks me to dance in its waves. Mars stations on my Neptune. Chiming chiming water air
The bells have rung and I am the turtle, the tortoise, a snail. Not frail, for no harm can come to eternity. Fear has trained us to be tethered to our safety. The demon who echoes guilt and shame, throws dirt into our eye, our hearts, and eventually into our souls these visions have sunk.

We wake, we see, the brightness of the day blinds us. The day is here to claim eternity and vision our way to the new thought.
We close our eyes at first do to its brightness,
We focus, as taught, on what we don't want. Turn,turn, turn pivot into waves of joy, and beauty dancing in the beauty of the sunrise.......

flocks of birds in flight over the graveyard.