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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Inner Workings

I woke up with the song Runaway in my mind. That led me to A Hard Rains Gonna Fall by Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan, who has been my obsession this month. The Desire Albumn resonates with these times for me.
not dylan but he gets the versus in...and is good, to me.

My listening today started with Earl Nightingale- 19 minutes that will change your life the title of the YouTube video.

I'm thinking of changing up this blog. In fact I'm planning a podcast and flinging it into cyberspace. Gasping before the gates of my mind, afraid to put my mark into the world.

I grew up watching Romper Room,I thought was created in Seattle but the template was on local stations around the U.S.A.. in Seattle could be on occasionally. My brother Brian and my cousin Susan were on the show Romper Room. A Huge deal. It seems like I got to be in the studio but I don't remember that clearly. I should have been in school - I suppose. I was older than them. Romper Room.

I loved the The JP Patches Show, it had different sections, he'd get a phone call, he lived in the city dump, and Esmeralda would come to visit him (it was really him) And he'd usually a get pie in his face.. I just watched an episode last week and he looked like a burned out angry old clown. Not very nice. Not funny anymore to me.

The advice that has risen to the top of my mind, from people like Tim Ferris Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins, Julia Cameron, and all sorts of other people including Earl Nightingale is to find our passion. Which is reflected in who we are and what floats our dreams.

I am someone who likes to study. I study many things. Herbology, bodywork, permaculture, conspiracies, the media, and the great thinkers who think about thinking like Earl Nightingale and the like.

My main edict for starting a podcast is that: "Consciousness is the solution". And that is where I wish to go, I want my podcast to be stimulus to consciousness awakening on this planet. Want to help people become who they are meant to be, (which in modern psychology is termed 'schizoid'). We are multidimensional beings meant to excel in our gifts. We are supposed to take our talents and use them to multiply. I am a recluse. So my quest is how can I multiply my talents and stay home or travel at the same time? How can I help people multiply their talents? Taking the advice of the great thinkers, I shall create visualizations that I want to listen to, and I will make a podcast that reflects my interests and passion in mind while addressing the darkness in the world by staying in the light. This is my quest, this is my journey.

After hours and hours....I have barely learned how to edit audio because I can't find the 'toggle switch' and stuff like that. My audio will get better through time. I decided that I don't want to be on video often. What worries me most is, will I be consistent like Kapacha's Pele Report? Every single week, quality information on Astrology. Maybe, my podcast will be an intermittent rewards type thing like in Pavlov's dogs. Where you would get a response any time the bell was rung no matter if they got the food (reward) or not. I am afraid I will just drop it. Due Diligence! I have to stick to a schedule and committing to that is painful for a Neptune influenced person like me. Quality and quantity, is it possible for me? eeeeek! I am more scared of putting myself out there, than I am afraid of the spooks who haunt me.

Here is one of my ideas: I wrote a booklet in 2013 about Medical Marijuana and then got burned out on it after Greg died and then my computer died. I had an excuse not to resurrect it. I most recently found it on my google drive, not even knowing that I'd put anything up there. Well I have put that project on hold because which I have been updating and think I need to rip apart because my mom called it daunting and said she didn't want to know the chemistry so I will put all that stuff in back as an Appendix. I don't even know its name yet... I am going to rip it apart as I get other people to read it and let them rip and learn from listening. Not easy for me to not get defensive and personal about criticism. I need to get over that..

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Imprint for the future begins with the CA Fires

I’m tired of studying the media obsessions. On Sunday, it is Tuesday now, it is said that a man shot up the church in Texas. I haven’t made a call in my mind about it. The strangest witnesses were the pastor of the church and his wife both of who were not there. Their daughter was killed in the shooting. She looked like she may have been adopted. I’m not sure. The wife read a comment. The pastor preached. But neither looked like they had felt the loss of their child. It seemed incongruous. It is these incongruities that make an incident seem suspect.

I do obsess about the California fires because I sense urgency that the truth be made known. I am convinced that the fires were caused by weaponry and that they were targeted. I have watched many hours of footage from the fire. I have seen the blue light that flashed. I’ve also heard testimonies from people who were there. In my opinion, there should be no gag orders on the firefighters or the fire marshals. It is against our Constitution to limit the freedom of speech. We the people have the right to know the truth in these incidences especially when it has such dire consequences upon our future.

this was 2013
I ask, I pray that we have courageous heroes who will expose the truth to the mainstream media and that these heroes be protected by those who are asked to deceive the American people and the world. I ask that these people who insist upon gag orders, be researched and find out who their master is.

If we don’t stop this now, we are looking at a future where they can just take any of us out, at any time without any consequences. There were no consequences to the people who perpetrated 911. Disaster capatalism -lots of money going to lots of people and they rule the narrative. They pretend that Osama bin Laden organized 911 and was killed by a bunch of Navy SEALs during Obama’s administration and then they went ahead and killed most of those men who were involved in the assassination of what looks like Osama’s relative. Many of us already knew that Osama bin Laden was dead. Unfortunately the mainstream media has monetary ties to the people who didn’t want us to know that Osama bin Laden was dead. The Prime Minister of Pakistan was murdered after she informed us that Osama bin Laden was dead of kidney failure. It is a deadly farce to ignore the trail that leads to the perpetrators of 911. It is the imprint for a hellish future.
Here is a sales pitch -with lots of adds- by National Geographic;

Monday, November 6, 2017

Fire! Land Grab

(NOTE: Walmart's competition gets blasted-I'm just saying)

I've been studying the footage of the California fires. I am concerned. It could happen anywhere. We're waking up to slow,or else it would not be taking place. It saddens me at the loss of so many systems. Total disregard for life. Heartless blindness caused by the people's inability to see past the authority that rules them. We think what we are allowed to think.

Pounding at our back is a hellish world. Surveillance, eyes on everything we do. Too much data, they can't stop the offshoots from the DOD and DARPA from trying out their weapons on various parts of the globe including Santa Rosa and Napa Valley.

I remember when George H. W. Bush invaded Panama. There were picture of neighborhoods that looked like they used lasers. Witnesses described the weapons as lasers. That was way back when. Now, they can use drones. And our Congress refuses to oversee these outrageous weapons. These weapons can tune into different frequencies. Frequencies that control or frequencies that destroy. This is not science fiction! It is weaponry today.
It is absurd to be called crazy when you study the conspiracies. It is crazy not study data of the conspiracies, which is damning to those who wish to do harm to humanity. They must be stopped.

THIS is my conclusion:

1)That the United States is sectioned off (I think) into seven different sections (there may be subsections to these). That these are ran like the mafia, people who qualify as the 'Kings' of the sections (as laid out in COG) have been selected because of their willingness to lie and do ruthless things or for their obedience to their master's commands.
2)that DARPA is an arm of their protection.
3) that they plan to do what they've done to other countries like Iraq and Syria and China, to us the American people. That all forms of governments has been taken over by the Corporation as in they are incorporated as monetary entities commerce. Thus, losing their motivation to serve 'We the People'
4) the people put in power of these corporations such as UNITED STATES. Counties have been incorporated. Our towns have been incorporated and I heard even the justice system has been incorporated. The Republican Party(RNC) and the Democratic Party (DNC) have the right to disregard elections.
5) voting systems for the most part are rigged in the USA via machines and internet two way interaction.
6) that each top levels in our governments are chosen for their ability to deceive and their loyalty to the system above them.
7) That we are in a state of emergency. Not from outer sources -except that it is a world government we're looking at. The false flags and the conspiracies that abound are gathering data and that they are basing their attacks to create mayhem and break our country into regions. Disaster Capitalism at its finest The fires in California is a land grab for the obedient.
8) they couldn't do this without many turning a blind eye. Many won't do the research. And ridicule those who do.
9) all areas of commerce have been taken over by the overseeing eye, the shadow CORPORATION, which oversees the whole world. These people come from families who are obedient to a cold steel darkness which has wielded the blade against humanity for thousands of years. Humanity has been trained through fear and this fear has been encoded into our DNA. This fear in our DNA keeps us trapped. The majority of people refuse to look because of this smack-down installation of fear in the ones who lived through all the inquisitions have been downloaded and stored in our DNA.
10) The network of people who perpetrate harm false flags and hoaxes on the American people could be identified through studying the movement of money, stocks and bonds, arms trade, the gambling trade etc. It's true->Follow the money. Follow the psychopath's money.
11) That the majority of the media is owned by the corporations that own the world and will only cover what they are allowed.
12) They have gone too far..pedophilia, is a form of control in my opinion and my conclusion, the ones who hunt humanity are controlled by demonic forces.
13) Consciousness is the solution. Grounding and contacting our heart space is the solution. Light and Love and Freedom of thought is the solution.

Where are the major drills planned? We know that they plan to take down the grid. HOW? I think that they are about to deal the cards...flash in the ionosphere is what I see as most likely and almost for sure part of the plan, but they need practice first....where? .

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


What's in the news today is a Halloween driver hits crowd and comes out shooting, take the eyes away from the fires, the PODESTA'S, and Las Vegas. I haven't looked at any footage of the NY. atrocity but am listening to Jason Goodman interview a Brit talking about things that I never knew about but add up. Unfortunately we don't have a sovereign nation, at this time.

on a lighter note, I learned how to save a screenshot today and am learning Adobe Illustrator and Flash (my eyes cross with a moan). I am a newby. I will play with it tomorrow and try to have fun, instead of whining at the youtube tutorial video - 'Your going too fast'.