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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Waiting for the Storm

Full moon tonight.The technology of creating a storm, HOW can they get away with something so in our face and obvious but most people can't see it. Cant coneive it?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tossing and Turning

Things in Play:
Weather Games
HHARP large earthquake in CALIFORNIA to through off election.
NO Constitutional Protocol
Media Control
Surveillance of cell phones, computer, and all interactions.
This is Data that is worth selling to highest bidder.
Gag orders on practically all government employees when we need to be educated with true incidences and not manufactured incidence. Gag orders are unconstitutional. And nothing should be top secret that protects illegal and unethical activity.

drill baby drill

Thursday, September 29, 2016

turning from the cliff

Greenscreens and press releases are the Pied Piper of our minds.
What we think is real and solid are really frequencies of light.
We are trained to be small and sniveling through the systemic tools of culture which have been inserted into our minds pre birth, since we entrain with our parents and their DNA and their vibrations.

Fear and division is a tool of Empire which seeks to control humanity and has been in play for thousands and thousands of years. The season has changed now and we are meant to grow beyond Empire by accessing our divine inclinations, which is Love, Light and Creativity. Freedom brings us joy. Service brings us joy. Creation brings us joy. Vibrating with light bends out future into what we dwell upon.
We are in charge of what we chose to dwell upon at every moment.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Cascade Mall- comments

This is not factual. my opinions are based on speculation. which is true for everyone. NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. tHINK ABOUT IT. Why aren't there real witness interviews, instead they have snippets. Like there are no investigative reporters, there are people who read press releases well. If everyone was given a gag order until after a trial, will there be a fair trial? I know they don't want to taint jurors but really sirs- How does anyone know if this shooting is true? It could all be a stage to get us scared and to help with the training for a police state. Why should I believe anything on the news? I am not ready to call this because I haven't studied it much but so far my gut is rejecting it and calling it a staged theater.

At around the time of the incident at Cascade Mall, I drove by the EMS building LOTS of cars. The 'DRILL BABY DRILL mantra came to my thoughts. I wondered - since the date was the 23rd and 23 is, I have heard, the kill number or indicative of a hit ordered - what schemes are under way.

The fear that is being propagated because of this event also led me to the conclusion that I HAVE to start teaching people to own there space and their sovereignty.
and again I thought of video games or virtual reality as a tool to train people to be safe without weapons because the weapons aimed at us now- guns are nothing against such as: chemical weapons, or microwave weapons, or hharp, or poison, or poison that causes cancer or big pharma drugs that give your more troubles. Guns are nothing to what we are up against. IT is a systemic ill.

To anyone involved in perpetrating lies as truths to justify the end. They will lose in the long run. We have to change the game and that is through our thinking and that means to be true and fold the divine around us and into everything we do.
That is a big calling. We all are being called. IT IS crucial to the essence of freedom- free will