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Friday, January 20, 2017


The question my mind is asking is :Can cell phone towers be used as microwave weaponry? Can they be used to simulate a bombing? If so their use of electricity should be highly restricted, TODAY and everyday.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bring 'em in and Hold 'em Close and until Monday

tomorrow/ today/tomorrow
If I were in charge of security for the events in Washington DC, I would be monitoring all of the communications between the democrats that are not going to the Inauguration and I would select a handful of them (I would include Charles Shumer and the higher ups in the DCIA ito be detained in a sweep) and detain them for questioning. Which Agencies have a mass fleeing of High ranks from the DC area? Something is planned. I suspect the Washington Monument might be taken down as a symbolic measure. I would not hesitate to arrest people and hold them in close vicinity of the mall until after the event. I am certain, that they plan destruction. Lincoln's Monument? Big symbolic take-down. It sucks and I want it deflected.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sick of IT

The Flu: coughing till i gag, whining, moaning, feeling sorry for my self, Linda Ronstadt playing in my head. pissed. sad. A hopeless journey where this planet feels like it is to much. To many lies. I look at the sky, and wonder why the majority of people are not screeching about the rape of our sky, done in plain sight. Do most people keep there eyes on the ground? I feel like Kali today. I want to say 'Off with their heads' because they are such rat bastards. Monsanto I WOULD bomb out of this reality taking all their assets and giving the land back to families to farm. I would destroy all weather modification formulas that use neurotoxins and poisons as their 'proprietary formulas'.

I remember Obama's inauguration eight years ago, where the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court made a mistake so Obama had to be re inaugurated in a private, corrected ceremony. Dick Cheney looked like he had bombs in his wheel chair and I remember the chemtrails as a backdrop to the day.
Here comes the Trump inauguration. The NEOS are hoping for a day of violence. They are banking on it.
For me, Hilary represented the double edge knife of the dead hand. The NEO liberal and the NEO conservatives have the same global domination goals, which covers the stench of rotting corpses with a plastic smile and a wave. Trump at least -having never grown emotionally past three years old- is refreshingly unpredictable and Uranian in nature and will not tolerate being forced to behave.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Psalm 27 vs 1)

1{A Psalm of David.} The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

We are Wizards 12-19-16
Sleeping wizards, by design. Our greatness has been hidden and bruised. Our hearts wounded and brutalized. We are taught backwards. We are taught to cower, Taught that worry is Love.

We rise as we wake to the gifts innate to our Being. The kingdom of Heaven lies within, waiting our discovery.

Humanity is hypnotized with ease. Un-Synched to our natural connection to the divine. Fear is the tool to control our mind. We have been taught to be externally focused. Punishment threatened if we drift off into our natural realm, our imagination.

The clock, ticks, we perform, like circus animals. Forgetting the natural rhythm of nature. Cycles upon cycles, we give homage to a fictitious pattern of validation, ever making us weak and sniveling humans divided from our being.

What is real? As I touch the keyboard, I am aware of the material realm. Is the material realm reality as we have been taught? Or could we learn that it is an ever moving expanse of energy that takes pattern in varied degrees of density?

I am aware that the rise in consciousness and the skills that come with this awareness are the best bet for the preservation of life on Earth. We teeter on the brink of World War Three. There are forces that want a lifeless planet so to harvest its material resources without bother from the ‘rabble’ of humanity. I look at how the collective thinking is being herded into fear and anger after an election that was a farcical dance of the old paradigm that bases its power on power over and power stolen. Instead of mimicking Earth and her imprint – it attacks her.''