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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Graveyard Rock

Thursday, March 23, 2017


King James Bible Matthew 18:6
But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Pegasus the Archetypal force who rose from the foam of MEDUSA'S blood is taking back its NAME. Algol blinks. Heads fly.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Reveiw All Coroners in Every County

It is my conclusion that many coroners in the USA are corrupt and take their orders from the Satan worshiping mafia type criminal enterprise that has been running this country and the world. I conclude that they have been murdering any one who threatens the status quo, activists and journalists and teachers of the light. The coranors might be the thread that leads to the destruction of the Cabal of NEO CONS AND NEO LIBERALS... It is time. IT is past time that this corruption be brought into the light.
IF it is true that the stock market tips off terror attacks it needs to be shut down immediately when massive shorts come in and those shorts cancelled.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A tennis shoe= a basket- a moth

The big man with the big guns, struts and puffs and snorts with his silver spoon up his nose. Thinking himself like a lion, or a bull, majestic and strong. He trades in people...slavery and pedophilia and murder. HE has his lady chained to him as witness when he stalks his prey. Thinking that he is brave as he looks through the sight of his gun, this time a dart gun so he can take a women down and then torture her because that is how he gets paid. In reality he is a parasite. Small a wimpering, weak as he ages, susceptible to the ax coming down between his eyes any day now. Any day now. His prey got away and now is stalking him.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Saturday, March 11, 2017


I hit a robin. I watched it die and then tossed it off the road. I felt so bad and guilty for showing disrespect for such a beautiful animal when I tossed it into the grass, thinking of a fox or racoon. I can not imagine the repressed pain of being a combat veteran. Being a soldier taking the programming, making people something other, the enemy, hated and to be killed, when somewhere inside, you know your relation, you know, deep down, the truth. So the pain goes deep and drags you down, the energy that it takes to repress the feelings of the truth, is enough to kill, in sickness or in a drunken rage. May all soldiers feel the balm of forgiveness and love.

MAY we turn our weapons into plowshares.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pondering Death

Who chose Pol Pot?
Free-fall into my mind

Ben White the Son of Ben White the Activist died this week. His father died about 12 years ago. He died in 2005. Ben White the father,brought a group of us to the WT0 demonstrations in Cancun, Mexico September, 2003. His son died this week and the rumor is a liver problem. He was about 26. A great guy. Around my daughter's age. It hits me in the gut. At least 7 males in their twenties [ one around nineteen] have died from this Island [one from Shaw ISLAND] These are kids that I knew of and who have died since 2011. NO young women that I know about have died. Our population is around 11,000 all Islands =>I think. I can't find any written news about his death.

The release of Vault 7 makes me wonder if WIKI LEAKS is a political force that has an agenda and won't tread on Trump. I feel strongly that we need to know information that is blatantly breaking our Constitution and killing people and wanting war and threatening to destroy the whole planet. They have to be stopped. Then I listened to a computer generated voice read crazy sounding Ben Fulford rant a bit about the Dali Lama having a hit on him. IT makes me laugh now, because it seems so absurd. Fulford. I am curious. He is unbelievable.

'They' can take over cars- I have known about that since I have researched at least two of these 'ACCIDENTS' and what they called a 'suicide' with the weather man- I wrote about them and I concluded 'they' had been remotely controlled.
I think, a privatized CIA / Military trained faction did this to both men.
I conclude that this privatized arm of hit-men is run like the Mafia and is sanctioned by our government.. IT is sectioned off into regions of control. Geo W. Bush gave them immunity I RECALL. I have seen evidence that they are targeting activist, people who might talk & who are in the know, free thinkers and teachers of human freedom through thought. They have many means to kill. Traffic accidents predominate. Drug overdose. Energy weapons. Car takeover. Big Trucks. Trailers.'Suicides' and poisons..
HIT and runs took two of the Island grown young men that have died in recent years. Which of coarse makes me wonder.
My advise, if you are going to look into these things that have been going on in our country since Bush senior and has grown into an industry that rules this country ia :Drive defensively, and be aware that you are an eternal being and have freewill, Above all ground into the earth. Claim Sovereignty from this force of evil. It is a game, have fun disassembling this knot of intensity and fear.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Monday, March 6, 2017

Screams in the Ethers

story time
Daughter of Neptune speaks-
. In my mind [or in my soul?], I heard the collective scream of children, thousands of children. Crying in terror. I reminded them, in my mind, that they could change that probable future into nothing.I asked them to remember.

I will speak of my capabilities as I see them - I feel things in a large splay. NOT the detail, others are gifted at that, I am more oceanic, I say its coming from over there. Ahoy Ahoy over=there, be on the lookout. For me, tonight ,
I estimate and conclude HAARP
= called a bomb. A release of radiation maybe a detonation of a nuclear or
'dirty bomb'. Set up by the shadow -the dead hand -that has not been severed and thrown to the fires of Hell. Since my area[I feel as though I have an assigned area of focus]is the west, my guess is California. Much angst is being projected at California from one of the main online propagandist who I will call Bill. Bill is taken to calling liberals evil and he calls himself a populist. I find him prone to egocentricity and lies that he mixes with truth. The truth that is in our bones, the truth that we know and are called crazy for knowing. That's why Bill is so popular. A lie mixed in with the truth is a lie that will appear to be true. Hypnosis 101/

mk ultra is pervasive in the music industry- look at the pictures think of the deaths of the greatest musicians= they are killed as sacrifice to steal and gather power- but still the music is mighty and martyrs all...
The victims rise to be victims no more..

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Reagan was made into a God by the republican party. As I recall it was Reagan that brought China back into the fold... and now China has the largest Gold backed bank. The USA tends to go to war with anyone who threatens to stop trading with dollars. Oh dear. Oh me oh my.

not a myth
ib 2 22 2011 The name CHRISTCHURCH IS SIGNIFICANT -of coarse. Practice for Japan.

How i wish that it was a myth and not the nightmare that it is and has a potential to wipe out much of California ... just a guess...Where next and are the Dufusses going to let it happen?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Buck Shot

Trump wants to put lead back into the environment. Wants to kill ducks, eagles and even you. Maybe that's his problem that he ate lead as a kid and now can't think past his wallet.