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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stealth mode

I made the trip to seattle and back
Yesterday. today iss Thursday. I worked all day
which is more of an exploration than work
thou it takes me away from what I'd rather be doing. that makes it work I guess.
What I'd rather be doing is going into trance to look at it all and sending help and halpers
I 'd rather be creating paper mache' dragons. I'd rather be having other people do the dishes.
I'd like to be twirling until I fell into the grass laughing.

we are not supposed to think of leisure. we are supposed to work

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I keep hearing sirens in the back of my head. Hard to tell if they are near or far but it feels like we are on the brink of a bigger catastrophe and it is haarp related

Boats, satellite dishes retooled power stations all are potential receptors AND SENDERS.ANY ONE CAN PLAY THE GAME OF ZAPP/ national security is a laugh, global security is ...follow the money...Argentina anyone?

It is getting so close that the proof that there is a God is that we aren't dead yet because it is over the top insane and everyone looks away from the dead hand dealing the cards.

digestion or indigestion?

digestion or indigestion?

New data to process and question. My day has been eaten by this computer and musings about reality
and agreements and deception.

I just came to the conclusions that most scientists are trained to mis calculate in order to get a grant. they fudge and mislead so that they will get the high paying job doing 'research'. Thats why they say nothing and see nothing that will threaten the 'sweet life'. Success being money and things . They've been programmed to serve the source of that money. That false money. Money is an agreement. That is all. Agreements can change. We can change.

When someone takes an oath- do they all stand with their fingers crossed? gambling with the future -they don't even see where the true danger lies. that danger is within their grasp. Its sitting next to them, in the files its spelled out. And they turn a blind eye. Swallowing hard. Allowing the sinking in a hard hard way. Karma? Laws of cause and effect? Ignore-ance is bliss? Can't see it- still in the fog - it springs sinking sharp teeth into the crust of our sustenance. .

Hello again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Programming us to fear 2011

The solar storms are what will save us in my opinion at this time and space in my life.
Our ideas are told to us most of the time like the way most people don't see the sky.

it all adds up-> equations

I betcha that one thing is LOVE bb love the big bang creativity

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flares from the Sun

I am focusing on what I want instead of the garbage that batters my awareness--that stuff that I don't want. .I am still spinning..going faster everyday. It makes it fun... It helps make me feel like myself again: the dancing, flower picking child that I was and still am.

Friday, June 24, 2011

who made this film? $$$ wa spent

It is like a recipe for the neocons

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I saw a ring today

definite ring in the clouds today a lot of wave action ground ground ground. mf ( i am trying not to swear but .....trying doesn't work so well for me. we are going to have severe weather its sounding like weeeeeee sounding like.trouble is brewing and ya'll still sleep. we need u......
Note: next day - no severe weather. I am happy to be wrong. Yesterday they were playing around with the waves. the patterns of the clouds would flip in a second. the ripple effect. and then smooth expanse.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stephen Colbert thank-you (i thought you called him bon e bear)

beautiful! I haven't listened to the words yet but I sit with tears-streaming from my heart

I look forward to tonight's music on the Colbert Report

written as a log to no one

'They' have new recipes for clouds that 'they' are trying out in my area. I don't know the number but think it is ten for some reason. 'They' apply it in a wide spray fairly low.altitude.'they' are doing the on off with some curves in their application. At first it was burning off creating a bit of a haze (but my neighbor is burning so maybe thats where the haze originates?) I feel like the "man who stares at goats" I am trying to dissolve the clouds, It is entertainment instead of being depressed about it - even though it is totally depressing that the masses don't see it yet. I don't quite know why they are unable to see that the clouds are man made but have some clues. ABC accidental background graphics staying up for seconds instead of microseconds is one clue.
then the clouds in the new formula look like they get hit with a scaler waves to wisp them out. Thats where my conspiracy brain goes........I understand why people in DC drink booze and snort coke and hire hookers,,,they are trying to block out Jimminy Cricket. They Know that their moves are short term protection - unfortunately they risk the planet becoming longterm hell and they (I guarantee) will be trapped in this hell for eons.

HEE HUH the Democrats logo is apt (unless it was replaced by a herd of domesticated ducks with a clown chasing them).

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

Friday, June 17, 2011

varification code for white house is blatant code

written by who? HindIII is a form of e coli and it was in the verification code. wow am I on a limb? I feel like the tree is being sawed down. "whatever". I get my entertainment by refreshing the White House contact verification code and trying to decipher it. It can be strange but I find it fun.the UN was meantioned and who to pay . a maid or deral? interesting. we are again being screwed(again) and the herded ducks quack frantically but do nothing to stop it.

Here is some wiki info on Hind III they also had dates and numbers. 55 repeated itself. I think they were referring to dates and coordinates 'date' was in one of the codes.
Crystallographic structure of the HindIII restriction endonuclease dimer (cyan and green) complexed with double helical DNA (brown) based on the PDB 2E52 coordinates.
Symbol hindIIIR
Entrez 950303
PDB 2e52
UniProt P43870
Other data
EC number

HindIII is a type II site-specific deoxyribonuclease restriction enzyme isolated from Haemophilus influenzae that cleaves the palindromic DNA sequence AAGCTT in the presence of the cofactor Mg2+ via hydrolysis.[1]

The cleavage of this sequence between the AA's results in 5' overhangs on the DNA called sticky ends:

5'-A |A G C T T-3'

3'-T T C G A| A-5'

Restriction endonucleases are used as defense mechanisms in prokaryotic organisms in the restriction modification system. Their primary function is to protect the host genome against invasion by foreign DNA, primarily bacteriophage DNA. There is also evidence that suggests the restriction enzymes may act alongside modification enzymes as selfish elements, or may be involved in genetic recombination and transposition.[2]

* 1 Enzyme Structure
* 2 Site-directed mutagenesis
* 3 Proposed mechanism
* 4 Uses in research

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

'I told you I was freaky' flight of the concords

Kundalini Meditation


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reign o'er me

I love the drums

Monday, June 6, 2011

Doctor Monteith on Professor Quigley

We need to use the symbols now. Take them back. Use them for protection of our cities, of our air . Spin the symbols where ever you want. the Pentagon needs some spinning as does the Capital and White House. Spin baby spin

Added June 7th
The Masons reenact the take over of their illumination information
by treachery. Some have kept the light some have identified the darkness as the light. Well now?
trickery and treachery. Sacred Geometry and light are available to all now which diffuses the dark power -the dead hand = that stretches from the murder and theft of much of the sacred truth that was originally to be protected by the Masons.

Its all there in the annuls of History ( don't cha know?)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

more conclusions

Part of the strategy of weather modification is to depress us

I find blue days turned brown depressing. I feel separated and metallic, death to the mosses. depresses me. so I'm listening to pineal gland meditations and trying to get a grip on the things that need to be done as opposed to the things I'd rather be doing like research...I am trying to figure out my next steps . I need a job where I know how much I make per week, the economy has taken Friday Harbor into a bit of a tale spin. Empty store fronts , struggling businesses,

The old way has no rewards It seeks to destroy.
they are not predators they are parasites.
Conclusion: they do not know the frequencies of love only lust. Destruction as opposed to creativity. Rules, Authourity. goblins and orks..

Thursday, June 2, 2011

If it be your will - l. cohen jennifer warnes

Sun River Oregon added August 20 written August 19 2011 because the energy was so thick and brutal I couldn't sleep.

this is to document the guy with the camera who especially freaks me out for some reason especially because he came into the restaurant /tavern in bend today. Alone with his camera. He's about five tenish.I think a reddish tinge to his hair stocky light strange eyes. Its the eyes that make me flinch. I went out to place mount bachelor at about six thirty this morning and started to walk the loop spontaneously. A beautiful morning. I decided to go to the tube launch area to say hi to the river and when I am walking out this camera was walking towards me. So I let him pass. Then he lets me pass so he's behind me again. A strange fly fisherman who is whipping it good who I see turn quickly on his bike after I decide I need to turn around and go the other way. I got a look at Camera. He is of the sly bent. Then the commanders were in the restaurant too. Or is it all my freaky imagination? Fly also seemed teamed up with Camera. Black or dark hair glasses nervous. To nervous to be a successful fisherman. And I am talking about fly fishing and not some double meaning. Those types don't usually fish. That is what I am saying. O and some guys golfing were talking to jack and steve and bill and one guy introduced himself as george but his buddy called him fred. I said I thought someone was lying.