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Thursday, January 30, 2014


 I am haunted by the Gringot gnomes at the lead of the President
Leading the pack shielding the aggression of the cameras like they are a weapon
for the destruction of the RepublicThe Secretary Salutes the crone,
 I assume that she was the later camera women
all of the cameras there were aggressive
D Secretary, the code is so blatant
'rub nose', I assume
the question
is answered and four people saw

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Friday, January 24, 2014

Greg's Posters seem missing

I probably should make a few phone calls first but the posters about Greg were supposed to go up and they are no where.
My fear ignited, says that this means that the Department of Homeland Security is about to do a smear campaign on me before they take me down.
Greg's family would be of no help, that is set. Tim and I have many lifetimes worth of hacking each other into little pieces, me thinks, its hard to let that sort of anger.

Does Homeland Security make you feel Secure?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Next door wold

>Here,San Juan Island, the corner of the Nation, USA
United Surveillance Association. Association of Corporations.
Homeland Security has been embedding its presence for the last years.
I think distributor Bill (sorry Bill) was the first that I knew personally. Aka white van. I like Bill, don't get me wrong, but he thinks small, knows nothing of the mysteries and will not talk to me these days.

Homeland Securities offices are now in the heart of our town. I heard that there are four drones being stationed here in the Friday Harbor Airport.
the taste of 'Freedom' in the Orwellian meme.

Should I stay or should I go? Nothing yet is clear. I feel like to leave, would be out of fear because I see what the fascist vision potential for taking over the Island is and it is a grim picture indeed.

Should I still and be a holder of energy that makes it impossible for them to complete their mission of take down in this region. I can not do this alone. I have to join the grid of light workers. the only way is through my imagination, I realize this and don't want to see to long or to focus or freak out on what I see. That is the problem, but it is not the solution.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


It is complete

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bye Greg

Fly Free

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scholastic Books'Its not Medicine'

“Its not medicine until we call it Medicine and can sell it to you.
Poisoning you is our business ummph- I mean making you well/
People, you have no business treating yourself with herbs and such. Herbs should be outlawed/ The weeds should be killed....
Corporations everywhere, join us in spraying the planet with chemicals
so that the populus will need our medicine, the approved Medicine.... Win win”
Lose lose

Free our medicine- Free our minds

Free the Tree

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rumble -not so distant

What don't we know today?
Whidbey Jets taking off in thunder all day long and still after dark
it sounds like it did during the Iraqi build up. Long and sustained
My heart is chilled
I wish I still believed that we- the USA were the good guys. I've layed to rest childhood dreams.
It is massive? I don't watch the news?

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I always wonder when fiction starts rolling around in my head- Where does it come from? This one made me laugh.
When she was six she studied people’s heads.
Her little brother had been born and her mom had told friends that her brother had a big head.
She noticed that some people’s heads were skinny like a needle,\. The tribe of the narrow heads. Some looked like they were scared all the time.
She thought that they might be scared to think because their head might just explode.
She knew that sometimes heads did explode because her mom said sometimes that her ‘head was likely to explode if Ellie kept talking nonstop.”’ Ellie was her mom’s little. sister.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Our Allies Abound- a series of series

Brainstorm: Brain Storm
To ALL I wish awareness of the lie and how we are like sponges and soak up lies and think the lies are real because we squish in them.
I am giving my booklet another month to edit and clarify.
but I am thinking about other things like:
-Cannabis a Freedom of Religion Issue

or I know that I am a target and I could write about being a target. I could write about having energetic body guards

I could write about how to fry and fricassee certain plans that hold no higher light and thus
will cease soon. I could write about how many are on the target list and how free thinkers are the reason. but fear not.... A primer for holding the light when you are being blasted with oppositional toys.

Friday, January 3, 2014


Mumble mumble whisper whisper

"Do you want to end the Constitution and have a police state in your town? then join our force....We are a growing surveillance company....Its a place where you can feel powerful, a place where you can act like you care when really you don't. Yes, we are looking for zealots and psychopaths to join our growing Brown Shirt ranks. You can make money by infiltrating a town and pretending that you care. Gee, its so easy even you can do it. Lurking around. Eaves Dropping. Watching on the cameras that we've installed everywhere. Take an oath of secrecy today... or else. Ask us about our high paying hit squad if you have had some military experiance and want to be a 'good' American."
We also are hiring computer specialists with abilities to create cyber holes for "enemies of the Corporations" Think Syria. We work well we work efficiently. If you pretend to be a Christian and want to kill all Muslims then join our mecenaries in the Mid East. Their aim is to create World war three Be fooled today!. Or... fly weather modification planes and act like your doing it for your children's security...."

Do you comprehend the Constitution?
If you did things would change

Or do you only bow to the Corporation?