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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hail Ison

Hail Ison Meeting the Sun
Information from the Realms of the Oath
the great oath to give
to be an aid and inspiration

great plasma of being
Unity with the Elven Realms

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Crime

this is an advertisement for Charletts web. I think freedom to grow whatever strains we choose is the future. The crimes are the lies told about this sacred plant. The fears of Empire are that we will rise greater and more powerful than them.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Open Letter to Bill Gates

Open Letter to Bill Gates
Dear Mr. Gates,
Our Grandmother’s were good friends from Enumclaw, Washington (Helen Kramer). From a sense of our ancestors, past and future, I ask you to reconsider your opinions on Weather Modification and Genetically Modified Organisms. Please study permaculture and how weather patterns are affected by the way that we grow food. (I especially recommend the book ‘Farmers of Forty Centuries’ published in 1911)
The laxadazicle way that the promoters practice both geo-engineering and bioengineering is frightening, reckless and obscene. The promoters refuse to study, in earnest, the long term effects of applying neurotoxins to our atmosphere because they don’t want to know the results –thereby they test their theories over our heads and on all soil. Thsee formulas are theories. The secret recipes work to modify the weather but at what cost to our commons? All of this is not supported by science if the trajectory is followed over more than a few years. Who will be brave enough to honestly study these things? For now we race for these things in the name of commerce (I mean…”saving the starving children in Africa”) and everyone is wrestling to get the lion’s share of what they see as multi trillion dollar industries. “No regulations needed” because everything is proprietary. The Environmental Protection agency should now be called the Corporate Protection Agency (I see a trend that the ultimate goal is to make “water the new gold”… this is treachery).
How do you merchants all agree with each other? You are not stupid but blinded by dollar bills and power. You are rich and powerful- fine -but that does not mean that you are superior to the common man. Please help us, instead of hindering, and you will find that you are a happier man.
Many Blessings,
Nancy Williams Brickman
Friday Harbor WA.

Roy Orbison

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shaka laka

My wireless doesn't work still but the old Dell is running hard wired to the router.
One would have to be trained to see the persistent contrails today. They lay most of them in little poop lines. Lines that puffed quickly. Can feel the coolant- I think. Clever pathological scientists have no love for the future generations or even the next ten years. Many thoughts about what could be done if people cared enough to see.
dang-its too big- its going to take a miracle. That's always fun.

And we all still watch the commercials that pay for the silence..

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Hallows

I can't post my story because the lines are down. I hate to say what I think is happening.
A possible scenario. Homeland Secrecy is using this as a test area. Like they did with the barcodes on the ballots. I can't call long distance. I can't use the internet at home. I heard from a friend who has cable that there has been no news about it. That is why I am suspicious besides just being alert to the possibilities.
The wonderful Library has wifi and my old laptop can't hook up. My fear is the ferry Hyak will be involve with taking down the ferry system, so there. I said it. I have five minutes remaining on the computer (It got extended 15 minutes) but I have research to do. One thing I want to ring into the collective is that Homeland Security has nothing to do with security. It is about population control. Most of the good people who work for them are semi in the dark about the dire situation that DHS is a part of. Homeland- is an ode to Hitler- who by the neocon's estimate was a hero because he helped to create Israel.

I just heard that another Islander family has lost a son. The Turner's Steve and Jean's son died in a moped accident in Hawaii.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013