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Monday, October 31, 2016

Scary Halloween

Again I feel like I am waiting for a storm...HOW can they keep getting away with this stuff, from assassinations, and taking away our votes and our rights to know the truth...about what is going on in our government...We have let this go on blatantly since Kennedy's assassination.

What about JILL Stein?

WE have lost our ports and airports to contracts with other countries. I feel like I am waiting for a false flag tick tock tick toce... Neocon's still rule the day because we are chicken to stand and face their dirty deeds. shhhhhh.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Friday, October 28, 2016

From This Broken Hill

Election Stakes
corporatetocricy corporate toxicity
Being told that we have no choice but to vote for someone who oversaw the destruction of Syria (and the State Department under Clinton's rule funded and supported the creation of ISIS) and slaughter in Libya. The democrats who allowed for the biggest destruction of our constitution = especially our freedom of speech 9* as in gag orders as requirement of employment or being a government issue (GI) and the information gathering by quasi government hybrid corporations who Analise data and can sell it to the highest bidder with very little oversight or consequences except for riches beyond measure.. Illegal activities perpetrated by our government being shrouded and rolled up like a cocoon in Top Secret stamps. Being watched constantly. Whistle-blowers targets of torture and annihilation.
But then there is Trump- a seemingly- narcissistic women hater.
we are told that we can't write in Bernie because Trump will win. and then the Supreme court would be stacked for the insanity of short sighted non-sustainable profit. but that is what will happen with Clinton who seems set on propagation of the NEW WORLD ORDER and or a world in constant war...

In a world where false flags are veiwed as irrefutable facts or you are seen as a terrorist (anyone who speaks out) if you study the lack of facts that come out of the Main Stream News.
Our minds are captured by fear. Swirling fear. This is a time for the Truth.
I have always thought that Alex Jones is a operative of some sort because he never will touch the Supreme Court sell out. Sooo I pray today for our consciousness to raise to a new level and that both Clinton's and Trump's consciousness raises above their programming, MAY the hearts of all people awaken to free will and the need to control our own thoughts.

I am burying this on Halloween 2016 because, I haven't done much research into each death.
I do know that any truth teller, organizer, and even meta physisians have been at risk of being targetted, it may not be the Clinton's it may be their protectors...The SHADOW OF THE DEAD HAND....

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Waiting for the Storm

Full moon tonight.The technology of creating a storm, HOW can they get away with something so in our face and obvious but most people can't see it. Cant coneive it?

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Tossing and Turning

Things in Play:
Weather Games
HHARP large earthquake in CALIFORNIA to through off election.
NO Constitutional Protocol
Media Control
Surveillance of cell phones, computer, and all interactions.
This is Data that is worth selling to highest bidder.
Gag orders on practically all government employees when we need to be educated with true incidences and not manufactured incidence. Gag orders are unconstitutional. And nothing should be top secret that protects illegal and unethical activity.

drill baby drill