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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Yesterday, evening when I was bringing soup down to Greg, I think,
I look over through the trees at my neighbour's and two people scattered, in a crouched position, making me think that they are and were up to no good and makes me think that it was Steve, my neighbour, with a gun pointed at my face, three feet away as we passed Sundstrum, he crouched and driving something low and green blue or ? Like Beth's Honda level) Guard Sundstrum's or maybe it was closer to Whalen's ) On San Juan valley Road on the 13th of August 2013, the day John Buck got himself shot in the face. I hear that Steve is CIA? He is a guy scared and twisted, he had with him as he walked down Wold Road, a clawed gardening tool, looking like a weapon in his hand as he walked down the street the day he threatened to kill my dog. He hasn't been happy since he moved here and his wife makes me want to call them the 'Stepford's" He fashions himself like Wyatt Erps brother Virgil in the Movie Tombstone, but really is of the 'cowboy' Ilk.

I remember when my friend Mary Anne Broadgate White's daughter, Allison, got killed. My car was in a snowy ditch and I had to hitch-hike to town to get to the memorial in La Conner. He had a place where he could have stopped and helped me and didn't. I was devastated. That told me reams about his character that he would describe as impeccable.

Later that day.... after the farmer's market... Rumour has it the Charlie Buck was arrested for the murder of his brother John. It was a hit...It was not Charlie... the Everett Coroner has to be involved

My prevailing Myth is that "The good guys always win" by good I mean 'Loving and merciful'.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Rumsfeld rerun

May Rumsfeld feel his hypocrisy and his cruel obedience today

The Neo Cons or CONS are back full swing and the administration still talks about killing bin Laden Hand me a bag to barf in.

PNAC alive and well in Syria. what next North Korea so China has an excuse to invade the USA?
Hmm curious minds would like to know.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

digestion ramble

Hush Nancy

The only thing about it is if there are professional assassinations going on...we need to know.
. What to say when you cover up a murder...all the fill could be just that
Sure there are lots of rumours... like only deputies fingerprints on the weapon. And that the deputies botched the crime scene by trampling over the location of the body. (surprise surprise)
I am trying to let it go.
It is hard. Statistically it looks like SJ Counties suicides are ten time the national average in 2000. Darby Lawsen said that there have been 12 suicides since January 2013.
Has suicide gone up everywhere?
What about Ryan Ochoa? Died with a needle in his arm, and his arms laid over his chest?
Is this true? Then was that murder?

The thing about John is his activism is why It seems totally incongruent to his goals.

Here are my concerns:
COG Continuity of government

....that territory has been designated.
That there are rulers- 'New Kings' of the five regions laid out in the Continuity of Governance
That the USA already has been broken up into regions and those regions have been broken into subsets
who operate in the terrorist cell format
surveillance is segmented and not shared amongst minions
Need to know format
that there are federal population control lists of activists, teachers and intuitives that are shared with the regional 'kings'.
That the set up in this region- laced like blood vessels in a body are these network of servants that don't know who they really are working for. Like they moonlight as agents for privatised militia - that these privatised military police profit most from disaster... thus setting thousands of fires throughout the land and are targeting those who would not be obedient to their plans.
Surveillance seems to be both governmental -the long term notables on SJI and also a surveillance force that seems church related ( I would talk to Carissa about that, if I ever get a chance).

The thing on the ferry seemed to be a training operation but still could include lethal force that may have been viewed as a simple slight of hand if I had of been targeted or maybe I would be classified as 'dangerous target' and the thoughtless minions would believe it. Billionaires- what else would they use their money for? War and pollution Moguls- Heartless fools- who want control over everything. they use blood to call upon a raw cold power. May that power be stripped from their plans.

For any claim of suicide I would want to see the full report and I would hire a private forensic investigator to look into the Coroner's claims. I would also hire investigators to investigate the coroner's contacts and the deputies and ranger involved with the collection of evidence. Are they always the same people. What about even Landace and the jokes the Deputies were making about Island Kids dying... Cruel I would have them fired if I were boss of anything.
my conclusion...stay alert, stay in the light
another dive
here goes
the cons means for domination-Drugging the youth, Neutron bombs and gas, infectious disease and weather upset and starvation. Not pretty -they think they have to create Revelations. Paleeeese! Not very smart on one level genius on the other. Time t
Thanks to Albert Pike


Saturday, August 24, 2013


HAARP is given to DARPPA? and privatized? whose grand idea is this? Take a look at Japan... that mind will do that any where it chooses. That mind needs to be contained and asked to leave.

In my mind it has nothing to do with punishment. Punishment does not work long term. It has to do with containment, removal from the sphere of power and education-

Though shall not kill button activated.

If they do break the laws of freewill- they are cast out and recycled.

Friday, August 23, 2013

The Cons got their way in Syria May their hearts bleed for their wrong

Syria Oh Syria
-the land of Christ- bleeds
the sacrament to those who have to steal power
The neo cons are not new. They are ancient and thought their power was sealed.
May it be sealed off from their access they are law breakers and thieves
who have had their hands on the necks of humanity since the fall of man.
May they see the harm they do to this land.
May they feel the desolation they cause
May their hearts be freed from darkness
May Syria be lifted May the sacred lands of Earth be freed of this darkness
these lies.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

close breath

It doesn't make me scared to have them out there
sourounding me no escape. It makes me sad. Extremely sad. Privatized execution.
we are in deep doo doo


A prophet, Ike was. The Military Industrial complex along with servailance industrial complex along with the chemical companies are what have taken over our nation, suspended the constitution. It is the Supreme Court who has been the internal threat to our constitution and should be imprisoned for malfeasance. The constitution is the law of the land and the framework for our laws and the constitution has been eviscerated and cut at the hamstring. all laws that are out of the bounds of the constitution in the USA are invalid and void. We need a real Justice Department and not the Mob that we have today.
to all potential unknowing don't have to be a martyr ... free will.... resist not evil...full heart...alert energy and refusal to be a martyr by calling on the fates and archetypal energies for assistance... many have been duped into martyrdom... but we can call on them for assistance... amen asha. Lincoln, Jesus(who wasn't duped), Diana, Brandon Lee, and on and on I could go. t____August 21 I have a deep sadness today, like this is only half true. There are those who are willing sacrifices without knowing in there waking mind that there was an agreement to dance.
So what I want to say today is things are worse than they seem and better than they seem. We just have to hold the invitation for light and joy and celebration above fear, hate and division.
But anger and hate can instigate movement away from paralysis which is a step in the right direction. Anger has been my entertainment through out my life. I have to learn to morph anger into spirit led living.

Monday, August 19, 2013


doggie it was thick today
and you sure are cute. To bad I'm not young and fit with a red bone coon hound I would have said hi and winked if I had of been her.. That man is one of the most beautiful men I have seen with the energetic potential of mastery beyond what we are. We olden warriors. He was spectacular. on-board I had a shaggie dog guarding my left. Thank you dog energy.doggie doggie doggie I do need help.
was it a slam or a dunk?

but I really wanted to say was king the last time I wrote about a crazy ferry ride I described someone as a jew with false teeth. He was the only Jewish looking man on the boat. He looked like he belonged in Florida. I was being lazy. I had seen him in a dark corner of the ferry. Probably six feet tall husky. not fat. looked like died hair dark maybe with a red tint his teeth definitely were prominent. He looked like the quintessential used car salesmen who watched everything the tangle of people including the half Asian photographer. Today it was the motor cycle mamma who had my goat. eeeeoooo yucky energy of a snoop

It can be revived by Us and Us

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Fire in Friday Harbor wa Downrigger's gutted by fire early this morning.
Yesterday I learned that another local Islander from a well known family 'committed suicide' with a gun. Kelly Nash. It has been a hush of whispers I guess. How much farther down this road must we go? The constitution has been suspended by Supreme Court Judges that have been sold and live under threat if they differ from the hammers will.
I feel shattered still at the immensity of the moment. my question which I dare not ask without the hammer suspended upon my path. This is what I am reminded of.... As a child we watched Tarzan We built traps that we would then fall in ourselves and onetime Tommy Wiple pushed me into one that I had helped dig. He had cut up garder snakes and threw me into the pit. I couldn't climb out fast enough. I stumbled back in. He tossed ferns over me and thought it was horribly funny. that's what the energy that I feel that I am up against... the a sad up against it too. our own figments coming back at us. .

Friday, August 16, 2013


I will always remember your smile. Peace be with you and your family.

what if?

what if there were assassinations going on throughout our country? How easy would that be? It should be impossible because we have freewill. We all got to learn that lesson fast because we got a madman with a gun saying dance as he shoots at our feet.

Thursday, August 15, 2013


"No sign of fowl play" with a gun involved is mute. It is not conclusive.
On the ferry after the ordeal of stalkers and camera guy when I went down to the car.
On the starboard upper car deck my car was last car to the rail. cameras- not visible if any.
I go to get into the car. There is a wall of energy saying don't. So I pause. The guy in the greenish ( I think) 'Legend'- -for sure...I have never noticed a car of the make 'Legend' before.- The guy started trying on hats. He had a car with stuff tossed in back and he kept reaching back for another hat and looking in the mirror. He seemed to be chuckling to himself and staccato in his movements. When I reached for my door he got fidgety and was reaching forward to the passenger floor. I decided not to get into my car. I 'felt' like he had a gun. My vivid imagination said I would be stuck in the car if he had a gun. cute blondie in the car next to his got out of his car. He looked military.4 sure. when I glanced at him his legs where in a take-off stance towards me. I probably gave him a strange look. but he didn't scare me like the Hat guy did. the couple in back were watchers in my mind. In my mind they would be collateral damage for some reason but they were a part of the set, in my mind. Hat wall no way am I getting in the car until I see cars moving. when the couple left they were replaced by the jew with the teeth. (gnashing of teeth goes well with him). He was down on the stern lower deck... and looked stunned when I started walking towards him. The 'lover's' had been behind my car enjoying the view. I kicked out the tire guard and backed up when I saw the cars starting to move. Then the ferry guy had the Legend go and then the inside lane go. I was last and relived. That is how I experienced leaving the Island on Tuesday the 6:30pm- (1830) sailing I would like to look at video of the galley level stern seating. Something strange was brewing. And I want to stop thinking about it and invite the essence of mr Magoo into my life and miss danger without noticing. and breath joy into each moment.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

she says august 15 public like a frog

She says
Sometimes this world is like water
Waves currents of thoughts made manifest whether I want them or not
Like shards of glass in a broken mirror placed before my eyes
I heard the scream of the Nagual as it passed
my shield torn

cars on water- he and he and she and them
I felt the depth of grief and lay down to stop being seen crying
the photographer bold and idiotic in his pride
the sweethearts waiting for me to strike the trap
the jew with false teeth clacking
awkward- caught wacking off
On August 13 th I SAW A GUN TO MY HEAD San Juan Valley road.
John Buck is said to have committed suicide that day

So my conclusion is that there was an attack staged against Islanders this week.

John Buck and Mother Jane Buck Organized reggae concert beginning of the Summer
Questions in John Buck’s Death
Presumed Suicide.
Where was the gun.
Whose gun?
Did he like guns?

Was he having over the top difficulties with family?
Had he ever mentioned suicide or dieing recently?
Who found him? Felix? Seeping with darkness -Felix?

Was the family allowed access to the body?
Who first concluded it was suicide?
How long did it take? I appeal to the friends of Sam Buck senior Help uncover the mold that grows
silently but boldly?


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bad CLOUD (in sky) Arising

I'd change the words to bad cloud a rising and I would post as an Oracle

Saturday, August 10, 2013


this will be a journal for the intensity of the day
third chakra anxiety earlier. from about ten until four
seven vultures across the field with horses. I tried to see. the greyhounds were loose in there a week ago.
I am thinking today that my soul group is snoring away but watch out when they wake up I tell you there will be no more darkness ruling.

Ode to Black Mold

"Do you trust William?"
"Okay I try and try to ignore William and his sly ways.

Friday, August 9, 2013

to petition the Government

...and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances...
Okay I. the Island was attacked this week and I believe that John Buck was a casualty.
here are my questions:: August fifteenth two thousand thirteen
Questions in John Buck’s Death
Presumed Suicide.
Where was the gun.
Whose gun?
Did he like guns?

Was he having over the top difficulties with family?
Had he ever mentioned suicide or dieing recently?
Who found him? Felix? Seeping with darkness -Felix?

Was the family allowed access to the body?Who first concluded it was suicide?
How long did it take

I figure they are already trying to kill me I might as well make my life worth something.
Ass holes!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Shine On you Crazy Diamond

Pink Floyd - Shine ON

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Altogether Now

new moon... oh scarey end of Ramadan.. we are supposed to cower. Come on now are you cowering?
If I were in Italy I would be watchful Venus beach, Italian bride was killed by car used as weapon. Targeted? Study of Illuminati patterns would say most probable sacrifice for the bigger deed.

Monday, August 5, 2013

what I heard today "Only colonized people colonize"

News "Al quaida intercepted..." the domestication of humans
Big on Obama's birthday News flash like one thing is all the mainstream corporate news can handle... Over seas. Over sees.
So buy buy or is it bye bye you dirn creators of Al quaida . Its time for you to learn your lessons well.

The All that does not care what name it is called. what we need on this here planet is a Humanity that is connected to the all that is. A Connected being is kind and wants to love deeply. Empire steals the spirit because its connection has been warped, lost and twisted.
When the light being is disconnected from its source, it perceives light as finite and a reminder of a deep loss. So it goes on a rampage called Empire. Stealing light and liberty from the Earth. great blood letting, stealing light. Feeling power. An empty desolate power it becomes when it only steals light.
Backwards we are trained, crippled from our wounds, wounded so that we will be obedient to the lies Empire tells. Its empty lies divides to conquer.. Do you see? .

I felt a man today in Ace. I was scared because of his anger (uor because I have been trained?) but when I saw his eyes, I could feel his great wound as an abyss that only acceptance and invitation could aid. That invitation comes from our being Our heart is where we look to find the All. Our Being that would sit with God at all times lays in our wounded heart with God - the all the Goddess and God and Child experiencing humanity connected to the all . today. Experiencing many many points of view.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let the Party Begin

we don't want war no more-
but hey Happy Birthday Obama.

I can't exactly remember who taught me about the constitution, the separations of powers and that it is the overlighting law of our land. Some teacher or teachers Dad or Grandfather,or maybe Dick Riddell? But it is strong in me this belief in the Constitution as the blueprint for our Nation and that no other laws can be made outside of its guidance. I feel my passion for this as almost fervour. It is a guiding light as I watch the take over of our nation by the same old energy that should have sunk by its own weight and density long ago. It was almost complete when a few little ditties were exposed...Wikileaks, Mannin, Drake, Snowden, John Frueh, and other brave people have stopped plans within plans. I thank them. We now know that they spy on all of us and if you watch the phone stations almost any unmarked Joe Blow has access to the wires. How secure is that?
We have a takeover of Capital interests ruling all aspects of life. The Large industrialisation of commerce from prison to medicine. Capital more important than people, life, health and our pursuit of happiness is second to how much they can rob from the planet.
. We have steroid run mercenaries hyped and ready to take over using privatised weaponry that has no oversight or sunlight. The black op funding is not public. They are supposedly letting private companies run HAARP now so we can have Joe Stalin Tactics in a exponential way (whoopy we're all marked to die}. Psychopaths are bowed to. Weapons are seen as the solution to all things.
This is wrong. This has to stop.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

my take on High Threat

I think the threat is real Pluto can be jiggled to help. Neocon craft
watch the cock roaches run is how I would approach any cloaked operations.
obama's bday

Friday, August 2, 2013

Oath Breakers

A Constitution is the format for all laws. If you subvert the constitution in a law of the land -it is invalid because it does not live to the format of the government's domain. Bradley Manning was upholding a democracies essential freedom of information. In Wiki leak most notable video that Bradley Manning released was seen targeted the press. Which has been standard operation procedures. That is a violation of the USA's need to know and witness where all the money went. We need to know. Freedom of Press has been brutally murdered. The hand that led Pinochet did and the shah is leading now. Do we want that to happen here? We need the truth in information and not fabrications of public relations. We are constantly fed misrepresentations. Thanks Bradley for the courage and heart that you display giving back the reminder of the constitution.

Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon- whole Album
I heard a broadcaster on the Main Stream Media say that Bradley Manning broke his Oath. He was one of the few who has lived up to his oath to defend the constitution from domestic attack. He did his best and has given his life for his mission, in so many ways, already. I say the Oath to your nation trumps any other oath they make you take. So wake up. Help-- we need all the help from those who are now sleep walkers and now need to come back to who they really are. Unity within diversity.... makes it a joy to serve in the safety of Love..
the Rulers all. Or what I would/ have called the dead Hand. They study rhythms and rhymes. They are educated in Astrology and have tried to keep humanities mind from comprehending the communications and light waves that we get from the archetypal force of the planets and how they connect us to the earth and all life as sacred creation. -----------------------------------------------------