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Sunday, June 30, 2013

food parks

In our planning for the future- safety and security -
we need to extend our thinking seven generations with our hearts extending to encumpace the all. Nothing less is a solution.

the Agricultural Experiment Station He reminds me of George Herbert Walker Bush eeeeeeeh I am screaming at him. He is the villein in my nightmares. give me a break. I cant stand it he is an idiot I am sorry but that is what I truley think and feel and want him to have no power and be arrested and apologies I am listening as I type. Money monster..

Saturday, June 29, 2013


I don't even want to go outside because the bees are not around they wrecked the sky and the air quality and I feel broken-hearted.

Broken Hearted at the cowardliness of governmental servants who haven't spoken up or done something about the corruption that haunts our country.

All of us have the genetics of suppression. Its in our bones. The shear horror of the splattered blood of a loved one encoded into our blood has made it easy to control humanity. Just remind us of the horror.

The horror I see today is the trajectory set in motion long ago. We can go back to the time before time to see the true power of an Earthling. We have it. It is still there but in lock down, shut down, don't even think about it mode.

Sure there was an event- that event is encoded in our DNA because our DNA survived the event.
I believe that we went into an agreement to have our DNA / our power be suppressed because we had abused our absolute creative image of God power. We blew up paradise and we are aware that we could do it again. We see it.

An energy was allowed to control us & to domesticate us and to rule over us because we were afraid of the screeching pain caused by our fall, Our separation from God because of our shame.

Now is the time to heal that shame, that fear, we have learned our lessons now it is time to buck up and own up to connect to our source of all things and get the answers we need to get out of this utter mess of a government and monetary system. It is a ruse. they the rulers know it and the most important thing to them is to keep us dull(by the magic of chemistry) or in fear because then we can't see the game. We don't feel it. We forget why we are here.

So I see the sky. I see the sky. Most people don't think about what they see, it doesn't compute, Its too big. I want to scream 'they wrecked the sky again...
fuckers" So there I am absolutely imperfectly perfect.

Along with the rest of us.... That is where I have refuge. In my broken heart mended with the balm of spirit.

Lots to be done to stop a chain of events caused by sucker punching the mid west and eastern seaboard with weather modification holding water in the west and causing drought and fire storms in some of the western states Idaho, Montana, California, and Colorado. they want us sucking our thumbs and begging them to do something. Absolute secrecy of the components in their con-cock-tions. Poisons, pathogens sicko Nazi wet-dreams. That is what I see could be the trajectory if things don't start unraveling yesterday. That's my game. We all have a piece here- a talent to add. Bigger than we remember, we are.

Dead hand of Dumpire cw

Early Joe Biden at Dover Air Force Base
Humungous HAARP Ring out of Dover AFB yesterday morning
lets watch what happens to Delaware

Note later June 30th 11:39 pm Thunderstorms in Delaware Nothing humungous.
I believe it is weather driven by commodities.

back to the supreme court which is on my mind. I think some rookie detective work would easily uncover much high crimes and miscemenors if someone had balls. I'd say they all have hands in the cookie bowl. The gay thing was to make it seem liberal... wait for the meat. that is when someone gets paid indirectly like insider trading. taking air, soil and water and tainting it with long term pathogens

July 2, 2 013 w oke up angry at John Kerry for his 13 trillion dollar comment about speeding forward with weather modification becuse it is a a thirteen trillion dollar industry. s c i e nc e he says but if it is cloaked by secrecy and plotting severe weather so that we will beg for weather modification and no one truly looking at aluminum accumulation and other toxins that it sprays over our heads how can you call it safe without actual data ? a big fu out to Kerry dunderhead whore.
I see few bees when they should be swarming certain plants like comfrey. I see people dying of lymphoma, ms. lupus,multiple myloma, mystery illnesses, all could be caused in part from the experiments that they do in this region. John Kerry the great betrayer is not a democrat, he is a bonesman and should be arrested instead of being in one of the highest positions in the world. fie on him

Friday, June 28, 2013

Snowden So help me God

It was Snowden's obligation and duty to get the information out especially if he took the standard governmental oath- 'defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic' The senators and congress also repeat this oath so they all should be leaking any threats to our constitution. It is their sworn DUTY. Our government is being run by an infiltration of corruption that kills and destroys to get its way. We have to stand up and not be afraid... because fear is a collar that zaps us into submission .
The Constitution (Article VI, clause 3) also specifies:

WIKIpedia The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the members of the several state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers, both of the United States and of the several states, shall be bound by oath or affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.

At the start of each new U.S. Congress, in January of every odd-numbered year, newly elected or re-elected Members of Congress – the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate – must recite an oath:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. [So help me God.][63]

This oath is also taken by the Vice President, members of the Cabinet, federal judges and all other civil and military officers and federal employees other than the President.

Military oath-[name], do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.[

One Trick Pony

I had to endure watching Fox Snooze and CNN last night.

Zimmerman Trial was the only thing to talk about. Gee whiz I know I was feeling riled.
Trabon was acting in self defense if he did assault Zimmerman (I wanna add 'sleaze bag). I am playing into the hand. The Dead Hand wants nothing more than the 'us and them' mentality that the Zimmerman Trial invokes- by intention. while things are boiling around the world. I don't know how but I know the drum is rolling; can you hear it? Can you feel it? Much more than the Zimmerman trial is going on. It holds much hope if The Dead Hand of Dumpire would get off its delusion of superiority and see seven Generations ahead and seven generations behind. What is the trajectory and how can we change it?.

Do we want the wild to be gone because the soil was poisoned?
Do we want to call water the new gold?
Do we want perpetual war?
Will you ever know heaven?
Can you find it in your heart?
Do you know love or is it only external power that gets you high?
Are you afraid that people wouldn't love you if they knew you?
I know that that is the most prominent shackle that we wear/
We were not taught to breath.
Or to tune in. It is such a simple thing.
I have not weed eated and it looks wild and 'ugly'
I crave the short grass but I don't want to kill my snake population.
The programming of Empire to do things so others will approve of you instead of doing things that you approve of. It all starts from where we are. I need to heal my splintered self.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Top Secret Crimes not leagally secret

If I were ruling the Justice Department I would rule that (I assume that the justice department is supposed to do this by law) no illegal activity would be covered as top Secret. That no governmental agency could break the constitution or pay any other agency to break laws or treaties covered by the constitution of the United States of America.
That Top secret could not be used to cover up illegal activity. That it would only be used for national Security purposes and that it would always be subject to review by a neutral governmental agency that has top secret clearance as well as by the Justice Department. That all black ops would have to live within the rule of law, and the rules of engagement and that funding would be made public and would be audited yearly.

If I were in charge of this world Corporations would not have personhood or the rights of a human being and they would be subject to supporting the preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America- LIfe,
Liberty and Justice For ALL in other words No Iniquity.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

whistleblower world bank model of game

She describes the model that has infiltrated all aspects of our governments and corporations

whistleblower world bank model of game

whistleblower world bank model of game

whistleblower world bank model of game

whistleblower world bank model of game

whistleblower world bank model of game

whistleblower world bank model of game

whistleblower world bank model of game

Healing the Slave blueprint

Two sets of grandparents or four genetic donors
Each having four genetic donors so that is sixteen great grandparents
Biblical begot here
Sixteen great grandparents each having four donors is 16x4+sixtyfour
Great great 256, great great great 1024, great great great great 4096
In the fifth generation we have almost fortyonehundred genetic pools encoded into our genetic code.
Thou shalt not kill… that is why. That is where I turn to heal today all the way back like a whip of energy assisting all relations in lifting the curse of mistaken torture which was used to close our potential to that of a slave.

Our bodies are storehouses of energy. They are tuning forks.
We are taught to fear them. To be disconnected and hateful to our bodies.
Dumpire created that little poison, long ago.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

the GIG

The Gig is up
The phrase that likely started the French Revolution was 'Let them eat grass'.. and of coarse we know what the answer to that was 'Let them eat cake'... and the Guillotine- which was also a masterful play into the master's hand : they like the leakage of blood in the streets.
I finally realize that the strongest weapon against empire is Weed.
Pure and simple, the tree of life, survives
Empire will trample kill lie to keep it illegal
because it knows Cannabis holds the fulfillment of needs.
We could grow all that we need in life.
Empire/Dumpire depends on us depending on it.

So I think our answer to Dumpire is
Let us eat Grass...weed , hemp
Let us eat of the tree..

Matthew seven

21 ¶ Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

in·iq·ui·ty (-nkw-t)
n. pl. in·iq·ui·ties
1. Gross immorality or injustice; wickedness.
2. A grossly immoral act; a sin

full moon swung close

The stripes in the sky tell me that the ones lacking a frontal lobe are still in-charge.

the family portrait was going to include him. Magoo squawked.
Close call Magoo didn't see it clearly but the hammer was poised over his head He took a timely turn and waited tell it felt right to turn back. Again on the return trip. the hammer can't use walky talkies or phones so they used a girl with a starting flag. Magoo thought he was in a parade. so at one point he felt he was left behind behind him... that could only mean one thing so he stopped and waved to the fisher man. Waited till he got the all clear in his mind before forward going. Took the shortcut drove onto the ferry and the car didn't sink.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

gunsmoke square triangle

later that day...

good morning

Friday, June 21, 2013

what I always say

The American Talibon
call themselves Christian his teachings left far far from their lives
It goes like this... "I am saved because I said these magic words... He died on the cross for our sins.."...They are easily manipulated. Any end justifies the means for a greedy sour life...judgementle, cruel and severe... the American Talibon demands control, luxury and lust. They pretend to be good but have no depth of love.

Then I is the head of the cog. in every city and key towns all over the world, there is an administrator who is ready to do the bidding of the lizard mind.

I am making gruit these days. My new hobby. My distraction.

Lets see, what has Empire brought us? Wealth, security? or destruction, separation and horror?
My wealth is the air, the sky, the earth and its blessings. Sure having enough money is good and understandable but when is it obscene? It is obscene when a person intentionally destroys a life of another human being for money and power.

Soldiers wake
become warriors

Money is an agreement. Nothing real but what we believe it to be.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

secret of life James Taylor

One thing I know about me is that sag down there and Jupiter over there I am about freedom and I myself froth at the clamp. the clamp around everything. Twenty five percent of the government has been stolen. Up and walked off with. Socialize the losses. Kill for Profit. Put cha in jail baby. The threat the surveillance the Hammer. Make your babies sick for someones Lear jet. we are not supposed to notice. They have always been able to take the reins back if humans respond violently. As in revolution. That only serves the masters. It is Evolution of our thinking of our hearts rhat will change things. My mark is often short.

comments later one degree cancer- moon conjunct moon full tomorrow capi with the sword
so adventure and I can't talk about it yet. they scramble and could be caught today.

Monday, June 17, 2013


I saw Joe looking at a mass exodus
Looking and knowing that he could stop it. He wants to stop them but .... tick tock risky business..
Not sure what he decided but I think the trance was lifted
thats a good thing. Confusing but good.
Do I sound crazy? Someone looked at me like I was crazy . He asked, 'chemtrails?'
shit damn
I think that people who can't see them as the crazy ones. that doesn't help a thing.

Later in the lobby infiltration and I am supposed to not feel like I am fenced, Trapped by fervent assholes.
greg every extra minute means unbearable pain later. A Hospital made for rules and money, not for the welfare of the patient. O that's right welfare is a dirty word.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lesson 13

picture came from:

If we go into revelry on any of our worries or responsibilities, we first need to look for the pattern of inception. That is our target, that is our aim. For me I have been working on the bigger picture more than healing my own shattered wounds. I realize now that addressing my own wounds translates to the whole and then I can help knit the light networks that are making it so that freewill is understood and fully activated in this world. Darkness is revealed and in full light disappears.

Friday, June 14, 2013

In chains

Back to the Window
A fractured glass
Walking the line
Between the prism of realities
The broken mirror shattered into sands
Look there , the red flag
Taurus bares its horn

Roar lion roar
To follow the path of long ago
woven is our future. Through story we shall go.

Hospital scene- only white guy tall thin pale possibly red head orange prison suit hands in front loose chains fat cops behind looking like they're having fun. She had her brother unknowingly be her shield.

The odd thing was in the hospital where her son was taken
Her brother sits
As he was signing out for a stroll, waiting, she looks at the clip board in front of her eyes was – ‘Mason’. Her last name. “Hey there is someone by the name Mason here. “ The name was on the clipboard and that was the fact.

Another funny thing happened in front of her eyes…A projectile twelve lengths ahead.
“I need to lock the door.” she thinks as she sits thinking about her interpretation of things. The story sunk into her mind, how can it be eased?

Later her rant:
June 15 2013
She said to him, “you know its hard when you start thinking that way, you can think of thousands of ways they could kill you. Terrorists, the government, the corporations, all could come gunning for you at any time. “ “By terrorist, I mean a bunch of white neocon assholes. They are the source of much terror, a global reign of terror. They spray the skies to reign over us. And we say ‘dah’.”

“A strawberry blond short guy said to me today ‘God bless you’ and I felt like screaming ‘Which god?’ you mother fucker.’”
Resisting him of course, he was everywhere when I went shopping. He wasn’t shopping. He was of the ilk that wouldn’t think twice to steal and lie and kill if it suited him. At least that’s what my body said. It said stay away from him and be ready “
She kept her rant…”I wanted to scream to the crowd today, “look at the fucking sky !” “Why don’t cha?” “Idiots” I want to scream. It seems that everyone is too slow, to numb, or too busy to see what’s right in front of them
Sometimes I want to escape and be just like the masses: fat, ignorant and proud of it. Part of me knows the dearness of their hearts and part of me doesn’t.”

Destruction is such an easy thing. ‘They’ think that destruction is power. Yes the power to take ‘them’ out of play. Once and forever. Good bye.
It may take a few more years for most of us to amp up. Once we do Empire will be an impossible dream.
That is why the desperation. The Nazi blueprint that pulses us towards recognition because we will have the demystification of compliance.

Its Sunday June 23, 2013 I found this in my documents I don't know when I wrote it but a warning to the team that fumbled now it is likely to be your turn to slide through time or else the removal of you is imminent.

The shrapnel -close to the heart -had to stay or else very likely severe blood loss, the slow warm- sometimes cold sleepy form of dying. David lay there thinking he should of said “Take it out Doc” The sharp pain didn’t kill him -it made him think that dying would be too easy. The easy way out. God must have something here for him.

The doctor wondered sometimes if she was doing a favor when she saved people and they dove into that battle with pain. Unimaginable pain and why imagine it? “A cut finger” , Thank -you very much”
The dust settles. Home. Wife and kids were visiting Texas because the wife was scared from the ‘look in his eyes.’ Wife says, “You’re possessed”. He’s in a fog of pain killers, nausea and constipation. “Not feeling to good?” He hears the ghost of his father whisper in his ear. He caught that thought. Maybe he was crazy. Maybe he was possessed?

Monday, June 10, 2013

the wild human

the wild human knows that they are a part of the great
they know freedom in their heart
they know love
they know their intuition
they know God &
are connected to God
and sing in melody with the All

This is why we have been domesticated and stupefied
People with their intuition blasting will see the piles of dirt where someone is trying to bury the truth.
Being domesticated,we are not to look beyond the fences of what we are told... The frame they have us in is the dreaded 'conspiracy theorist' wacko dangerous nut... or that is what you are supposed to think when someone looks beyond the headline fence and asks questions and connects dots. That is a no no.
So the question that has been circling my mind is - are intuitives seen as dangerous to a state run by secrets? Why yes they are its obvious, think of 'witch' burnings. Intuition is natural. We have been brutalized out of synchronicity with the divine. It is past time to change all that and stop with the beliefs that lying is the only way to be safe.

Tuesday June 11, 2013 Tulalip Casino exit afternoon twoish
Large Oil Pan Funnel dancing down the road
She saw what she thought was someone tossing it out the window of a pick up and screeching off the freeway and onto the exit. The five cars in front waltzed away from its path at seventy miles per hour. It was someone on her left an d a car on her right as she slowed enough to not get smashed from behind yet to navigate the path. She sped to take a look at the truck that did it. It was full of junk. She got in the right lane pretending to turn right. They got behind her. She went straight. The pan landed on the line and stopped. That was a miracle.
It took days to shake the dimensional shatter.
It still haunts her.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saturday, June 8, 2013

the top ..1%

With trillions of dollars and blood in their eyes, they have taken over all aspects of our communities. Embedded in each community. Some are threats to our communities. The ones who wish to suck off our blood & Earths blood and her beauty have as their servants domesticated humanity. Their bosses need a spanking and to be sent to their rooms. No more do we hold back our divine nature and intent. They are puny little things that cower when their master summons. they have been watching me for the last ten or so years. I could name some or point them out. Does this mean that I am a threat to National security and could be taken out Now? Have they been doing this for a long time.and for a long time?
It ties to the drug war. Intentionally bringing drugs into our communities because it serves mufti-purposes (like all of their schemes): Grows Prisons, chemically restrains the youth, adds theft & so grows the Police and Justice (barf) community. Pays very well. People are black-mailable and therefor pliable.
Pot is illegal to grow because it could provide all needs for us and the type of capitalism that is out of control needs us permanesuckled to its breast IE pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, nuclear power. All meant to destroy this planet by some malicious beings? a question that pops into my head sometimes... Seems like the link in a chain infected with rust. And if I am being followed now they hang back and make my life more pleasant except for when it happened before the threat to me and my family was felt in my heart...tight rope walking sometimes Light rope walking is what saves lives.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Playing the Fool from November 2011 in draft

"Controversy equals fools and wise men -- and the fools know it."

In my youth, I enjoyed taking on ridiculous arguments. I'd debate with anyone, anytime and revel in my ability to feel victorious in my rhetoric. Of course, the truth is that I didn't change anyone's mind about anything. In fact, I finally realized that I was deluding myself and might as well have been reciting limericks to a grilled cheese sandwich.
from: Mo's Corner:
Of Fools and Wisdom

I am still very young in my rhetoric...I need to shift out of the Rebel Archetype and into the Fool with no apologies...because for me lightening the load is 'what it is' Ego and impressions - the fear of rejection. the fear of not being enough, the fear of being downright repulsive all is the gift of the Ego. If you look at the right and left hemisphere of our (chopped in half) brain - we have been chained to the left hemisphere by our dear "protector' our Ego. this is what Jesus was talking about. but no. We have made God in our image ..... An Egomaniac heartless hater. Oh well some might miss the boat alas Earth wastes Nothing!

accent May 2011 in draft

sometimes it floats sometimes it sinks

June 18, 2013 Heading to hca class. Earphones was behind me a mile or two after the stubby fingered guy flipped dark blue shiny pickup me off seemingly because I didn’t turn onto the freeway like I was thinking about doing. But it didn’t feel right. He flipped me off I took it as a confirmation; I flipped right back at him as he was heading onto the freeway. I say- another fervent asshole.
Earphones was in ferry line with a packed camera, seemed to me he was taking pictures of the skate park down below. some smile out of perportion but its better than slinking around. I am sick of noticing and will try not to notice tomorrow.

better late == is what I always say

Posting drafts that I thought that I posted

It looks like a lot of my posts get reverted to drafts...I don't know how or why/

this is from March 23 this year-

Gated community trap starts within our minds
when cops break the laws
when people get away with murder
when fox snooze pollutes the minds of our elders
when few see what is happening to our skies is
' targeting their health
when Rupert Murdock has a son to continue is demonic work like the heir of North Korea
when three buildings were set for demolition while people worked inside
so a massive war on terror could rage and terrorize millions
when we don't count the people our military kills
When Capital is the only consideration and money is the only capital
Things have got to change


Three times I have witnessed an instant change in the clouds. This is how it goes ...
persistent contrails lined up - then instantly they form a scatter pattern- in a radiating pattern, like a circles within circles, then in another instant the cloud pattern puffs. (An image of contrails seems to be in the background of every newscast -so most don't notice the sky manipulation).... People don't see it. We the people would be pissed if we knew what they do and what 'they' have done. Tornadoes in a snap. Who benefits? follow the money - follow the greed for power- as always.

A big shout out to Bradley Manning... a true man. I hope that Eric Holder has to go away and he himself is under investigation including moneys or jobs to his family and transfers of assets to foreign banks. Riggs Riggs Rigged....Whats the name now? He works under the influence of darkness and secrecy evil and lies.

Thank you Bradley Manning and Assange May you feel Peace and Joy this day and every day
My Heroes July 2, 2013 I wonder if it is illegal to direct viruses at peopld's computers

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Herbal Ramblings

The fans desert their team and expect them to win?
They could have won...
In the back ground ->hand signals
I always wonder if it is like the elections
all set up now? A show
Hunger Games style.
Domestication of the Human Being
chemical line up
poison thoughts
Taught to think of nonsense and tension
through out black bile is embedded in all things
and now I can hear the zapping zapping of the clouds
so much that I can't tell anyone
Who will understand that....? teal I think. Solarah maybe/
Woof? what is your name? Its energetic. I have to learn to master the harnessing and fulcrum of the zapp and then flip it into a past juncture and right out of this sequence. Thats all. I think the only way to do that is the portal of the heart.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Are you sleeping?

Nine Horses were saved by Mount Vernon Bridge collapse. The driver was heading north to Canada to the slaughter house. He called the horse rescue and said if you can get them in an hour they are yours. They were saved. Yeah driver and rescue. Speaking of rescue,,, there happened to be a rescue 'training' going on close to the collapse... no loss of life. Four emergency bridges will be erected soon. quiet loss of a beautiful bridge.

Later that day...a combo of two or three formula's making up the clouds today. Cumulus formula... has the black cloud added...and coolant. the trails form into clouds fast so there is some kind of accelerator in it...
lovely brew- non toxic? Yeah right....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Information Please

This is the gig... all this extreme weather secret secret secret right in front of our eyes
manipulation of the weather. The magicians think they are going to ride on in with the magic bullet..."we can stop these tornadoes that we manufactured -I mean - uh dah.... sorry that you're sick"

Alex Jones had an old fart weather modification salesman on to run it by us. jones is a shill. Alex Jones is a big part of the corporate media programing the ones who are thirsty for truth and information. The art of the media. His job is to keep us scared and his gig is part lie with a hint of truth. the lie then is encased in a lie. It sticks to the truth. Because of our thirst we suck it in and it sticks. We have to learn about resonance...not weapon resonance but the resonance of our spirit. Its not our hands it is our minds that initiate change. Security is a pattern that usually encompasses a stagnant anaerobic stench. We can only be secure in our willingness to look at the whole pattern- the pre pattern...Like the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A Pattern was set. Ignore them and you feel are are lavished with gifts...but always the threat, the hint of blackmail and betrayal you live with that. Hidden Information...that is plane to see.Beliefs keep things hidden so the belief can be secure.