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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Why in the World$$$$$

The assholes

Friday, March 30, 2012

WORLD USA incorporated 2many dicks Ruling

incorporated corruption
throw up be upon you
botox on the brain
why?- have you ever asked - Why?

The Gift to all Nations

creating a new paradigm- a new healthy economy- starts by freeing your mind.

Corporate Governance Absurdities

The danger is great
great is the danger
of hacking away at the industrial complexes
the myth of the Empire as it enslaves our minds
wrapping them with fear of retribution
Drugs, Heroin -coke
being streamed in with our government turning a blind eye
and even a dead hand in destroying lives
and creating a prison industrial , police industrial economy that pretends to fight the drugs that really do the damage while putting Marijuana in a schedule 1 classification which states that it -cannabis has no medical applications when some like me see that it could be called a panacea of medical uses from juicing (which doesn't get you high) to smoking ((which gets you high while, if grown with awareness of the sacred will help lift a person to a level of unity which makes greed and corruption seem absurd and takes the mind out of zombie-hood))
In Afghanistan, we protect the poppy fields to protect the Afghan economy while we encourage them to grow f'n soybeans (probably Monsanto's-evil empire leg that it is)
The danger of taking them on is as great as the danger of letting them thrive.
What's more important protecting my own life while the filth of the lie spreads across our country making us afraid of things while they literally poison us in all aspects of our lives, guns cannot fight this poison, our minds are the field of battle and they 33 know this. What is wrong with them? shriveled aspects of the divine and their trembling minions..

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the Old World is falling away

Why I may be choosing to be a Cannabis Activist... because they want slavery in our thinking. I have been honored to see the trichromes - like the Universe Light on light
people who quote statistics but haven't looked at the studies and really read them and asked what were the goals of the studies- who paid? Modern medicine,,,A spectacle, always a taint of money stealing truth.
They quote -what they are told to believe. How was the Bible put together? through blood.
through treachery but still the thread of the tapestry of the Holy Spirit has whispered to all mystics -Unity- the Christ. Not division.

Create the new world
let the old fall away

The New World is Rising

Not meaning the New World Order- which is the Old way of control by fear...the dark ages.
The Old World is Passing away. 'They' are in denial. 'They' are still held in possession of the nightmare. 'They' still want to cull the population by any means because 'they' can't think with their hearts, yet. Like Grinch their hearts are shriveled, a dry seed.

I am seriously thinking of starting a church like the above ministry but really don't know how long my commitment will endure. Our federal Oath Breakers are breaking our constitution by not allowing the freedom of religion guaranteed by our Constitution - like the forth amendment shattered - You took an oath. Cannabis more than any other sacred plant exhibits all 12 attributes of the Tree of Life.. These attributes threaten the Corporations that thieve upon the Earth and all of its inhabitants -including the owners of the Corporations. Free Your Mind. Study Open Read the Constitution that you puff about. .

Monday, March 26, 2012

Come on - Already!

I hear a 72 year old lady from the Jersey Shore saying “ What's the matter with you people? Come on, already!” 'WAKE-UP!'

Shame -Shame- Shame

What is it worth to allow and propagate war, poison and lies upon all life on our planet?
What is it worth to lose that which gives a life meaning, joy and value? The beauty of the great migrations lost to you. Your soul shrunken because your heart has been stolen by your mind using stuck hereditary-al linked emotional torture. It has to stop now! Free your mind. get to know the Tree of Life in all its glory. Are you Free to think anything? What would you choose- the Immensity of love or constrictive fear?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

tin hat

One interesting find is that marijuana is not conducive to Mind Control, according to Cathy O’Brien with Mark Phillips in their 2004 book Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. “Since it can render mind control uncontrollable by penetrating memory compartmentalization, marijuana is strictly forbidden in the military, special forces, among spies, etc.” 5

Complete article:
Read Tinfoil Hat at

Gatewood Galbraithth1997 - what does he say now?

He died January 4, 2012
lungs - One wonders?

Tree of Life- the answer to take of the mask

Revelations 22: 1&2
1 ¶ And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.
2 In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cannabis Awaken

My best Idea today is to start a Church of the Tree Of Life
Its mission is Freedom. Freedom to grow the tree that can 'heal all Nations'
the heart as well as the Land. Consciousness baybay

Friday, March 23, 2012

Gated community trap

Gated community trap starts within our minds
when cops break the laws
when people get away with murder
when fox snooze pollutes the minds of our elders
when few see what is happening to our skies is
' targeting their health
when Rupert Murdock has a son to continue is demonic work like the heir of North Korea
when three buildings were set for demolition while people worked inside
so a massive war on terror could rage and terrorize millions
when we don't count the people our military kills
When Capital is the only consideration and money is the only capital
Things have got to change

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flight - Fashion is Danger

Laughter is Medicine

Hallowed Be Thy Name

The tricksters rule the day
I had a line to start these thoughts of the day off with...I forgot it. It was a good line How did it go? Hmm something about those blasted lines in the sky, some you can't even see but can feel on your skin. Just wishing that the true scientists (( not the whores of the industry )) would get some words out. I want to shame shame shame the ones who chose to look the other way and get paid to make things up..

My research tactic for today was science buzz in the climate industry, It is an industry ((if you want to know)) An industry like the Pharmaceuticals, prison industrial complex , Military industrial complex, Nuclear Power Industry, the Seed Industry ... It is one of those poison paradigms, with Hubris and Protective slogans Like calling me a tree hugger. which I proudly am and I am a bleeding heart except for my thoughts of Justice for you idiots who know better but sell it any way. I would rather get real with street people than sell my soul for a yacht or some jet and a bonus of all the world at your feet.

So today I was looking for the coolant recipe being used in the North West - Nitrogen - as in dry ice was one answer and then jargon that I couldn't decipher without some time to read and read and read....any how its called BIOENGINEERING scary stuff when you can think. Can you think? Don't wanna think about it? go drink some vadka and Gin.

Earth Sings to Human Kind...Our Potential

Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Million per year equals 85,000 per Month

Then there are the trillions of dollars bubbling in the underground economy ( ie we protect the poppy fields of Afghanistan...Why?) dah)-
Prove me wrong..start checking the incoming planes of the contractors and the military.
What ugly things are the billionaires doing? Try-surveillance of all of us.... Planning to take down the middle class, making us surfs. infiltrating our minds , bodies and souls with media aimed at programming us and keeping us asleep. .

I believe with certainty that we are being sprayed with coolant here in the North West ( and probably elsewhere-everywhere) The grand experiment...thanks Al Gore. the cold feels different to my skin. the trails are there for all to see but only a slight percentage of us see it. I don't watch T V so I also think that there is a relation to the blindness. So if they are programming us not to see the persistent contrails what else are they inserting into our subconscious minds?
-I am supposed to be a good girl and not notice these things. but even under the gravest of threats, I cannot close my eyes and be quiet ... because they are trying to steal the planet and squelch the idea of freedom which lives in each one of us. the ((

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Avoiding the News -

I try to avoid the news and then my curiosity takes the reign, -After months of ignoring Dutchsince's website- my curiosity leads me back to see whats going on in Dutch's world. I am starting to think that ignorance is not bliss in the long run...and what we don't know can indeed hurt us. again KBR is where and who I would be spying on if I wanted to know where the next terrorist attack would be.... knowing that they use code efficiently and effectively....
I will from now on spell crap with a K. I still don't wholly trust Dutchsince's website I have doubts about his motives. I do see weather modification activity almost daily though and I don't think that it is benign. I believe it is one of the biggest threats that we face on a global level...NATO is corrupt because by keeping this a secret there is no oversight on what they add to the concoctions that are being sprayed on our planet, in its air and then the high frequency arrays add fire to the gasoline. boom..To ignore it is asinine, even though I don't know what to do about it. Yet.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Three monkeys

I cannot- not look, it squelches my soul to squeeze my curiosity into others beliefs.

please big guys!
!!!!!!!Question the Weather Man's sources.... Who is calling the shots? Why are we blind to it? what protective oversight is there - if any? is there any oversight? Who is paying? Who is directing? Who kills the messenger(s)? ?
What are the tricks? thinks--.Mein Kampf - style- tricks?

I am trying to breath into the truth and not totally freak out...body cringe freaking...remnants of the old fear virus that infects us all....


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From 1 am to now 4 I am wide Awake

big energy
thank God!

Propane out
no hot water. except the wood stove
coolant time of the year
yes boys and girls they love to poison the clouds, our air, and all crops with geo- thermal engineering experiments which will effect all life.
Distractions keep us blind to this. and I am not supposed to point anything out.anything. I am supposed to be like big Baloo
I am not noticing my muffled sobs about the bees and the birds
I just am beginning to realize the truth that it is all in our minds
this war on everything

Saturday, March 10, 2012

chin up

Its like a magnifying glass is beaming over my head
looking at the chinks in the armor that hides the lie
I try to muffle my worry and ignore the effects
when inside I know that everyone does actually know
the back of their minds are shouting the truth but can't be heard because the foreground is the voice of the other, the implementation of the dead hand
triple layer ropes winding first in the mental body
our power source for the heart to create with
but the explosion of the heart into fragmented drops of fear based poison
the sacred
the mystery hidden and bound'
the heart etched like clay
the thread cuts into it
the fountain heals the injury
making whole
that which is hidden
brought into the light

Friday, March 2, 2012

Forum of Observation

not to toy

same observations
the rent in the fabric

I argue with God
in a forum of observation

Free Will
cannot be free if we are caught in a web
wrapped like a fly
thick soot of fear
our thoughts not being our thoughts because of the ability to tune into the ONE -
to tune into Unity. This same ability can be circumvented and used to impregnate and program our thinking by dividing us from our innate sense of bliss of being. Divided we are doomed and afraid. We stop feeling the higher more comprehensive vibrations. we wave with each other - we absorb. We become the thought police.
“Don't get too big.,”. “You are crazy>”

You look at the life force bursting in a nurtured young child
got to make them sit still
the operation rule of installing Empire

So then the us and them mode
only they are a handful of pricks little prick pricks.
Demented little pricks
bringing the opiates into our country via war
an underground economy fixing on destroying the Earth via their own lack of possession of their souls
So they create hell for themselves as they lay the trails over our heads. Is this freewill? I ask God in the Forum of Observations. A bunch of programmed people running the maze as the Ones who have called themselves Masters Plot in thick dark light stuck in pitch oozing from the wound inflicted upon their youth.

We cannot hate them then because they were chained by their broken childhood A genetic line that does not hold joy light or love or is it dormant somehow?

This I ask to the forum of Observation: Will you take the tether from our collective so that Free Will can be an educated choice?
May the purple rule apply....over fifty percent- if they knew the true choice would chose the outcome of the event. I am talking global events. We can say yeah or nay. Nothing to fear. Freewill is here....

I am pretty sure I heard a Yes in answer. There is still lots of sweeping up to be done.

And I say “Thank you thank you thank you and Amen. “