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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rescue Remedy

me who floats above my body a lot because of the impact of the things that I witness . i avoid the pain. I'll blame the pain for the jettison of my spirit above my body, in front of my body but not in it. I need to find a way to witness without judgment. I struggle with this, because of my inclination to the sword flashing with flame.. The psychic pain of the destruction of our Earth. I guess that is half of my job, my mission, I am a witness. I haven't figured out the other half of my job. They are still attacking the South. Test areas for police state will result in the cracking open of the concrete shroud that has covered the eyes and ears of the South. My solace lay in the arms of the Earth, in the swaying of the trees that still give us our breath. Of the one bee I saw and the honey that I eat. The sacred places glitzed out and occupied with no honor of place just gluttony and waste. A feather floats down as the starlings take over the nests of the blackbirds.

Prince William marries Kate Middleton. The 'commoner" . A good detraction as the tornadoes swirl and I dream of masses like Zombies exiting like a migration into the cavern or onto a train they go. Only they are not aware of being fooled only their fears are being actualized and they are the sacrifice as the predators gnaw on their bones. .I have to go above the Earth for solace. I see the swirls of karma/ Balance will come, but how much torture will we endure because we chose to be numb, blind and idiotic?

Let's all learn the tricks of Empire.
Rule Number One-: "Divide and Conquer"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prayers Outloud

image from:


If I could talk to father sky, this day, here on this land, in this place
as I see the metal sky, I would ask, as I have asked again and again, why is this allowed? What can I do? What would you have me do?

If I could fall to the Earth and absorb all that she is, would I understand?
I ask you Father Sky, What would you have me do? Help me please with a thousand angels, when I look to find my expectations of the lines drawn by ignorant men who think that they know the answers. Violence against all on Earth as the cure.
Father sky help me know you. Temper me. Mold me. Hold me. Teach me to hold you before these men. Amen

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

"THey'' need to be surveilled at all times

one of the tricks that 'THEY' use. Create an upset or distraction in one area and then boom in another. From the left side they tried. Civil Society? Where do we start?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What do they call it?

Dear Lobbyists and Hell Promoters,
It's a cold day with metallic freon sky. Doom and gloom.
What will the people say when they figure out the plan? Will they forgive you for the destruction of the very things that sustain us in all ways. Do you want Earth to be Hell? Do you Care? You spew lies like the poison you spread into the most important aspect of life. Hold your breath. How long can you go without air? You smother us with poison in all ways. May you feel its effects in your life. The constriction of your balls may they freeze and ache the way my heart aches for this planet. If I could have one wish it would be to stop you today. Handcuffs. and earmuffs.

from weather modification corporation-

Introduction of Seeding Agents

Water resources are increasingly taxed by exploding demand and continued population growth. The world's population is projected to grow over 40% in the next 45 years.

Weather modification, commonly known as cloud seeding

cloud seeding

the process through which cloud and precipitation development is influenced by the measured introduction of agents that can affect cloud and precipitation processes. The agents are generally designed to encourage the initial growth of cloud droplets or the development and growth of cloud ice.
, is the application of scientific technology that can enhance a cloud's ability to produce precipitation. Weather Modification, Inc., is on the forefront of scientific technology to maximize water availability worldwide. Application of scientific concepts and extensive scientific experimentation has proven that cloud seeding increases the amount of precipitation.
Cloud seeding useful in the following applications:

Increasing Precipitation
The most common application of cloud seeding is to increase precipitation, possible with both warm and cold clouds.

There are two primary methods employed to stimulate precipitation. One, hygroscopic seeding, affects warm cloud processes. The other, glaciogenic seeding, initiates cold cloud processes.

Though occasionally both techniques may be helpful, in most cases one can be utilized more effectively than the other. In addition, either technology can be applied from the surface (ground-based) or from an aircraft. Weather Modification, Inc. can help you decide which method will be most effective.
Augmenting Snowfall

Glaciogenic seeding can also be used to increase precipitation from stratiform and orographic clouds. In such cases, seeding may be accomplished through either ground-based or airborne modes. By increasing snowpack and resultant spring runoff, subsequent water supplies for hydropower are increased. In addition to alleviating the need for alternative costly power supplies, cloud seeding increases the water availability for municipal, recreational, and environmental interests.
Enhancing Rainfall

Efforts to increase rainfall during the warm seasons are typically aimed at convective clouds. While it is theoretically possible to seed such clouds using ground-based equipment, targeting from aircraft is much more efficient and accurate. It is usually possible to affect the cloud through releases of a seeding agent in sub-cloud updrafts, or by dropping the seeding agents directly into the upper regions of the clouds.

Warm season glaciogenic seeding is typically applied to treat supercooled cumulus congestus clouds, either by releasing the ice-forming (nucleating) seeding agent in the updraft beneath the actively-growing cumulus, or by dropping the nucleating agent directly into the supercooled cloud top. The seeding agents can produce ice at significantly warmer temperatures than the natural process. This is how glaciogenic seeding gives the treated cloud a head start in producing precipitation.

When clouds do not grow tall and cold enough to produce precipitation through the Bergeron process, it may be possible to stimulate precipitation growth by seeding these warm clouds with hygroscopic seeding agents. This approach can be quite successful through stimulation of the warm cloud precipitation processes. Hygroscopic seeding is normally done from aircraft flying in the sub-cloud updrafts, in order to affect the initial cloud droplet development which occurs in this zone.

Mitigating Hail Damage

Cloud seeding can be used as a tool to help mitigate hail damage and protect crop yields, homes and other property, thus reducing the economic harm from disastrous storm damage. Since hail is itself ice that is produced only by vigorous convective clouds, it is certain that such clouds are cold enough to be amenable to glaciogenic seeding techniques. Hail develops when excess supercooled liquid water develops within strong updrafts. However, if the excess might be induced to freeze into large numbers of small particles rather than much smaller numbers of large particles, the ice that does precipitate may melt during its transit through the warm sub-cloud layer, or if it doesn't it will reach the surface as much smaller, less-damaging, ice.

Dispersing Fog

Another useful application for cloud seeding is the treatment of ground-based clouds, also known as fog. Supercooled fogs, comprised of water droplets at temperatures cold enough to permit ice development, can easily be cleared by glaciogenic seeding. This can be done either from the ground or from airborne application. Your choice between the two will depend on characteristics such as local infrastructure, topography, and wind.
Enlist our team of cloud seeding experts.

Whether you are looking for a small operation or a full program, Weather Modification, Inc. can ensure your cloud seeding project runs smoothly. From Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved aircraft installations, configured for aerial cloud seeding and cloud physics

cloud physics

the microscale study of processes that govern all cloud and precipitation processes.
, to ground-based seeding equipment and training, Weather Modification, Inc., has the equipment, experience and knowledge you need.
Types of Cloud Seeding:

Humiliation or Guilt?

the young daughter of the Picts

If someone is lying about who they are and why they are asking talking to me, is it my duty to play the same game they play? they Justify their lying by 'F'n w/her' . I think I shouldn't feel guilty if I 'f' with them too. My daughter says I am addicted to guilt.

Then the question about gardening: the weeds? which are also herbs for healing and I rip them up or smother them with no awareness of their life and beauty. How do I GARDEN in harmony with all life?
I still need to learn boundaries.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brain Addaptation - the switch over

I am enjoying watching this with Pink floyd the Wall in the background.
It might be just me who would find this duet enjoyable. Who knows...Pink Floyd seems symbolically saying what
Zeitgeist Moving Forward 2011
. Tear down the wall!
Oh and Zeitgeist Moving Forward 2011

after my sweep the floor with both the wall and Zeitgeist 2011 . I watched Zeitgeist moving forward 2011
here are some comments: I had a hard time with the background music and where are the woman's voices? am I being Politically Correct? the short film w/ the Earth being abusive was way off the truth of it. other than that wow a masterpiece at pointing out the problems with the monetary system and the poisoning of all aspects of the potential for all to thrive - truly- thank you creators! you seem almost intentionally to miss the feminine in your analysis. Once we are Whole we'll just know. Intuition. for all. no secrets- how cool. unless its a hobby but once we are whole
and unified diversity with inspiration is the name of the game. Unity, respect of the sacred which is in everything.... is the answer. there is more energy than we can fathom at this time at least that is the emphasis that I am reaching for. I agree that we need to think WITH EFFICIENCY AND STRATEGY in mind.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Swallows are back

I am feeling a lot better but having a hard time being anywhere near my body.
the sun was allowed to warm us today. The sky almost seemed untouched besides the random trails. I feel like the sickness itself was here to heal a very old wound.
I hear birds from inside my house. It is spring. Cherished Spring

dramatic moan

general protocal i pretend to be looking out when already spotted dead in the eye I turned my back
not thinking just response/ are you listening?

Friday, April 15, 2011


I am sick. It moved into my chest and without coffee I am sleeping the day away. I get a call saying that I have a warrant for my arrest from w 2007 and if I don't pay without knowing the amount by April 28, 2011 I will be arrested. Pets off leash in the National Park. I feel like crying again or becoming the raging bull which never does much good. I am glad and thankful that the Ranger called me. He is a chief or something and sounded young and by the book.
In the wee hours of the morning I wrote two comments on the Seattle Times Website. One was about the murder of Sharon Hammel and one was about medical marijuana and the Feds saying that they will increase seizures of clinics if a certain law was passed. I wrote what I hoped was light hearted which said the Feds were from the Stone age blah blah blah. and i ended it with 'get with the program' and something about the program "not being a police state as some would have it be."
so I am feeling a squeeze coming. They have to stop dissent and we free speechers are the ones that they'll aim at first. Only 'they' are changing too. So I am sick. I've been staring at the dark-side to much- to often I feel like Pippen when he looked in the globe of Mordor. whatever it was called..
I feel this Barry guy is a good guy. So I thank him for giving me a call.
Its hard for me to let go of the Orb. Its hard for me to stop watching and knowing that the Predators have never been held accountable for the hell they create and they are knowing that they are being revealed for what they are so they are feeling cornered so all hell is set to be let loose as their last ditch effort. But I can't save the world I feel over-whelmed and need assistance/ They are cold and have had us hypnotized for too long. They do hope for mayhem. But its not up to just me to stop them, in fact, I want to quit trying to change the darkness and only play in the light.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Found guilty

Thank you Scott for your service to our country and to the people who were not bombed because of your strong voice. I am sorry for the entrapment. why do smart courageous men fall to such bait? Misalignments?

I'm adding this on May 15, 2011 Maybe they are all indoctrinated with kitty porn so they can be controlled?

Another memory

When I look at nature sometimes I have a fear that if I love something too much that it is a curse.
like when I told the big neighborhood boys about a Robins nest. They got the BB gun out.
It still tears at my soul.

A Magical moment was the heron rookery in a mist on a new trail like a painting from an ancient time . caw of the ancients

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Early memory of my dad. Hot summer day at Mathew's beach. I was probably five. A kid about ten years old picked up a duck by the neck. MY dad asked him to put it down. Then he told him and then he sprung up, and grabbed the kid by the shoulders, the kid let go of the duck, we were all scared he asked the kid how it felt. I woke up thinking of that.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

for all the honest world to see.....

gd it!

I can feel the coolant on my hands, it is different than regular cold - It is not fun to be aware of this. a-holes who know about this and do fn nothing.

Monday, April 11, 2011

fifty ways

fifty ways to stop dissent
drug the youth
pollute the food so nobody feels good
whisper campaigns
microwave, poison,propaganda fear control of the media and free flow of information, make information a crime,have lots of laws to break and enforce when persons ask questions, propagate fear and hate for the educated, look up to the mega rich, propaganda by terror as Naomi said shock! Run them over control of local law enforcement, no free speech if you work. no free speech allowed in this here country. I could go on and on but its tires me so. I need funny and warmth not this poison that I am twirling around in

I am really finding it hard not to let the hard drive scary swearing rip in my writing. why shouldn't Ia/ and to the watchers let this mean something more than it means. Neptune chuckles in a energy that rolls like an ocean wave. The airwaves are ours.

the thing you don't get yet

Intuition is circular
round, symbolic, circumvents the straight line
sees over the fences in a mist like Birdseye view
but the details have to be filled in
one intuitive will see another aspect of the same thing
like the story of the people who are blindfolded and touching different aspects of an elephant. I do not like that my government is inches away from a fascist state again.

Vote Here
Dear Rovert
, I know you have a place on Orcas Island. I assume you like the beauty. I don't assume that you know how to Love. Love with a capital L. the Sacred Love. I don't know what sort of torture that you have endured to bring you to this juncture. I don't know your greatest fears. I assume that your heart has collapsed on itself in a struggle so immense that to get out of denial would bring shame upon your soul, but I think and feel that this shame is why you remain stuck in a paradigm that will kill the very things that you would celebrate. These things that you say in group think that protect our country are the very things that will kill it. snuff the dream. You allow drugs into our country- heroin and cocaine - in order to keep the prisons alive. The prisons are designed to make criminals and not to help our society reach new levels of vision. You allow as part of the pentagon the thing that threatens all life on this planet Like HAARP. This is because your eyes are fitted with blinders. Your minds are warped with each others beliefs which are flawed and destructive. Fear is the operating force of Empire. Fear which envelopes your own heart. Division is also the first rule of Empire and is why the Emperor is controlled by the force which divides the heart from the soul, the mind from the heart and the emotions from the divine. I realize I cannot fight you. So what else can I do but write you notes and pray for this land. PS sunny almost warm spring day. Pear tree is in full bloom and not one bumble bee, honey bee, mason bee or any other pollinator in its flowers in the afternoon of this warm day. This is wrong. Please stop the 'Geothermal Engineering" of our planet. It will kill you along with the rest of us.
Do you think you just dissipate when you die? Or will you join the Beast? You are at the GATE. April 18, 2011

so what else can I do but vent by writing and spending time on my knees. sometimes it is hard to see clearly because of our own beliefs and emotions won't let us see the truth about a situation. so its all new to admit to intuition. It has been outlawed for a long long time. Its in our genetic code to flinch when it whispers in our ears. and often we try to run from its musings.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Murder of Sharon Hammel

Ok as the evidence is conveniently leaked about Taylor Hammel (the 15 year old son) admitting that he started the fire but denying that he killed her. that there was a letter under his bed and that the large shirt with blood stains was stuck in the hamper under other cloths (like he thought his mom would wash them?) that is strangely convenient for investigators, and then it was mentioned that his mom was intoxicated and that they had used the code 'Galapagos' to send her to bed. All seems odd. why would he start the fire and not burn the shirt too?
Is anybody asking questions about the slam dunk, easy done case? Who was the boyfriend that I heard that she had just broken up with and who did she go to the bar with. Have they sampled Taylor's blood to see what sort of drugs he may be on? Did they have a handwriting analysis on the letter? how happy are they to leak evidence to the press. Are they watching Ian and others who could have been involved? could she be on someones sh#t list?

it reminds me of Pinocchio when the fox talks him out of school and sells him to the Island of also reminds me of the queen of diamonds in the Manchurian Candidate/
I sent this as a letter to the editor to the San Juan Island Guardian april 14th after the arraignment. I was surprised at how bad my hearing is and I played right into the square today
giving dirty shunning no don't take pictures to the seatt;e times photograg=pher for which I wish I could apologize. I misheard. and was under the assumption that you protect the identity of a child under the age of 18. I titled this-
Galopagos- What is insanity? or something like that. I have a cold and spike of energy in the middle of my chest that I need to let go of. grief and more.

I have questions about Taylor Hammel and the assumption that he did kill his mother. One: was he on Ritalin or any other drug like Prozac that has been known to cause violence in some? Two: Is it true that he had been playing a video game before the incident and blacked out while he is alleged to have stabbed his mother and if so what was the game and has there been violence associated with this game before? Three: Why is the Prosecutor's Office wanting to try him as an adult? He is a child. Can't they have special stipulations about treatment? Does any body come out of our Penal System a better person? We might say he owes a dept to society but somehow, I feel he is paying a dept for society. He is lost. Did they test his blood for all manner of drugs including hypnotic acting pharmaceuticals when they arrested him? and lastly: How can we help Taylor and our community heal from this tragedy? We all need to remember, innocent until proven guilty. Sincerely, Nancy Brickman

papantinio on Koch

Saturday, April 9, 2011


What makes these men crave Empire? is it that they are little shriveled weenies, who crave the same sex, but have to hide and pay?

Are they Jealous of the young upright noble young man and have to send him off to be maimed in war?

Or are they possessed by evil so vile that it eats their hearts and their sight so that they are left as servants to the master of greed and treachery? or do we all have a shard of empire that is latent in its bloom? It rises in me when I hate Empire as fiercly as I do. and I know that I am supposed to turn away from division but am to fucking mad.
So in my town the division is at work. one of the steps...get people fighting with each other. Then scare them. watch them. every thing they do every where they go. divide and conquer. strip and rape. starvation and war poison and disease. Propaganda---> all tools of empire. amd O say it has to stop. so says I. I don't think the direction we've been heading in will be healthy or happy for anyone except psychopaths. who should be allowed to rule? the conman man or psychopaths?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

tarzan used to say

April *,2011

So here's the thing about our thoughts and beliefs they are subject to vibratory influence.

So we sit there agreeing because of the resonance. Like waves. A wave once instigated exists and keeps traveling uninterrupted but when people are receivers and not transmitters they absorb the waves around them. The collective unconscious is made out of waves that in effect come together because they are similar in size and shape. The receivers ( us) take the waves= not created by our own thinking= and then transmit them as if they are our thinking because we have not been reminded of the difference. The good news is- is that we all know better. At least most of us on the planet do. We've just been molded to stay in the trance of the collective and to not identify with our true abilities to tell a truth from a lie. To be courageous and powerful and transmit the one thing that this planet needs most of all......LOVE.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a talking to

New day. Cold artificial cold, steel skies. Sunny though and I should be glad but my fingers feel the wrongness of the weather today. I am somehow supposed to know this and expand into a kind of love that holds no fear. But really that is a new place and I don't know how to get there with out some help.
Tears are above the anger. The anger comes from the sadness of the destruction but then the question of victim hood and compliance and taught to obey is that then free will? Or have we forfeited our rights to freewill? I don't think so but time is ticking by and if we choose to believe the blatant, short circuiting lies.....this is the trick they use to capture you. …. a little truth is like frosting that makes the lies palatable and helps assuage the feeling in your gut, that says 'this is a shit sandwich.'.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Repeat - Psalm of David

12 The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth.
13 The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming.
14 The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation.
15 Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.
16 A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked.
17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous.

added 4/10/11

Jim Messina

It would not be nice to say that looking at this man's energetics makes me feel like I stepped on dog poo barefoot.

Monday, April 4, 2011

pete seager - we are one day

The globe is like danelion seeds ready to fly

looky what I found, ? am I labeled a terrorist because I listen and post stuff like this?

I see the same train as he is seeing....chug chug woooooo wooooo

I actually don't know where I got this line "not blinded by the light stolen by the darkness"
i am not sure if I was quoting Gibran or someone?

We are One Day or Week or Lifetimes

So again we are back at the spot
where History flows in a repetitious cycle.
Only this time the potential is truly a work of horror or fantasy.
The big honke'n crossroads.
And our warriors have been stolen and stand guard for
the ones who have no breath of heart
and only seek dominion over the infliction of pain upon this planet
while they puff up with wealth and treacherous plotting
the set up is laid out for all of to see if we could allow ourselves to see it. '
So our warriors are on missions of destruction because they choose to follow the wire
the thin wire that shields them in pretend security.
they seek souls, they eat souls we eat souls slaughtered for our blessings only we have forgotten our blessing. How are we going to choose? Slaughter house or freedom? Wild creative, loving freedom that serves health, life,liberty
and justice for all?

Little games going on within my computer

North Tonawanda, NY
·Frontier Communi..
·Verizon Online DSL
·Dish Network is simply the hostname of the Westell modem.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Piles have fallen down again

the weeping willow is the first of the trees to turn green. sprite green. the wild plum was the first to bloom two weeks ago with honey bees and mason bees and bumbles. All hail to the pollinators on our planet. The ones they seek to destroy, still bless us with the foods we eat. Thank you I say with tears in my eyes. Pink ornamental cherries shout we are still alive, all is not lost. I feel the pressure of all my lifetimes when I failed to grasp the importance of the insignificant because nothing is insignificant. Even that which I judge within myself is not frozen and suspended in time cementing a future of dread and doom, I will not be a martyr this time! I scream to the wind knowing that if I truly follow spirit, the skies open to a sparkling now, either way.-The frogs at night chorus of circles reaching to the center of all time, helps me to find a shard of comprehension of this precious moment on our planet, our substance our play ground. We have authority to call forth heaven now.
'the Kingdom of Heaven lies within" Jesus H Christ

Saturday, April 2, 2011

bears, bares , bairs? me spell?

bares to be repeated A mining society...we are fuel

Trudell : Rich Man's War

Industrial streets.......

'with Machines for Ancestors,...with lies for ancestors, there is no truth in some futures.....

I never knew about John Trudell until last mounth I am adding this at four fourty three am sunday morning
trying to go to sleep but awake trudell will be my new moon stepping stone. all I can say is awesome resonance
another big brother


grabbed from 12 house power peak:
One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honestmaya Angelo

I am tucking this in on April seventh, eleven about Hammel update that it was a multiple stabbing. It seems incongruent,confusing, and very sad. theres talk that they arrested the son. who looks so sweet. Here is my first writing my waves , I drove by the house. black flower boxes, looks like it was painted recently. Sits above a curve in the road, I never have really paid attention to that house I can't say that I ever really noticed it as I drove by. I didn't know sharon Hammel but have seen her around. but it feels incongruent. Who the f is the twenty year old that was living there? who? who? who?

is the twenty year old.? I want to say satanic possession almost a conscious sacrifice.
What bothers me is the shadow that I saw briefly in S. I saw it in the middle of the session. But we all have that shadow. It came up for release but hid before it had a chance to leave. So I pause for pause
the fear in me is there. Starring me in the face. Stopping my energy. Stopping me it has nothing to do with me, but feels like it has a lot to do with me? How am I to respond?
How do you think I respond. I call in the forces that are bigger and greater than that slithering quivering darkness. Fuck. It is in my belly- that fear- that cold constriction.. I see it. How to release it? I want to swing from a vine like jane.---------------------------------------------___________________-----------------------------

so forrest said the twenty year old is Ian - Cameron's brother whO "likes guns" and "is smart" Forrest also said he thought if Ian was going to kill someone it would be for lots of money.
Cameron is one of Forrest's friends. a flash when I drove by the park street house tonight.

Now my speculation is calming down could the kid have been on Ritalin? Prozac? did she see something the town didn't want her to see? was she having an affair? the investigators have to ask all questions and not just fall into whats easy. Did the kid admit to killing his mother? We have been taught to steer clear from answers that are razor sharp.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Shake Sugary

The favorite weapon that they want to use, to show off, kind of like saran gas. kill and then is safe -they say-." The da-da'da.". Neutron bomb, tactical nuke. such a phallic like position it puts us in. We all know the story the Military industrial complex needs war to grow the weapons contract and all that unharnessed money to be had-Just like heroin serves a circuit Aquire thru war- Afghanistan or Columbia.check- bring it stateside using transport that is customs free, No virtual strip search for that cargo, no sir ree ,,,they got it made, keep the youth on drugs, keep the money flowing into the palms of the wicked who like in /the dome; the chef works for pretend Christian pervert.

I wonder who is given me the accent that I hear...liken a midwestern, Chicago all the way.Nobody is supposed to know this shit man.... the accent goes on dialog in my brain,,,do I feel like writing it down? No, I did 6 hours of treatments today. massage...I am feeling lazy I am going to watch Jon Trudell for a while.


Raw and unedited for content

This blog getting to be a quite a collection of random ramblings rumblings tumblings with no readers. I guess thats because it is crazy and random.
I woke up thinking of our prisons and how they train people to be thugs.
what a racket capitalism is. OK I am going to say it: I believe that capitalism is about to screw itself as it screws the American People - unless the 400 ubber rich families are all headed to Dubai, they still will not be 'safe'. Maybe safety is not what they want. They must want abject power to destroy the world.
They are poisoning us in weather modification experiments , they are dismantling our government because they have no depth of understanding of the creation of Government for the general welfare of its people. They are the rule makers and the rule breakers. they are underdeveloped thinkers, no spiritual depth. Rules are the basis of their thinking.
And they are designing a metallic uninhabitable Earth. If I were to say and I should say every thing I believe people would roll their eyes and make the 'es un loco' symbol.

Here goes...I believe that we are at a spiritual juncture and that it is time to ring the bell, kind of like a wake up bugle. I believe that each of us have special gifts that are needed at this time. Gifts to stop the nonsense. We can stream light to places that need light. That each one of us that does this magnifies freedom and love exponentially. Thats what 'they' the minions of- I hesitate to say it but will say it because I need to say it even if I am hesitant....the minions of Satan want to smash in us, joy, laughter, love..-now everybody will stop reading and call me crazy as they have been trained to do....).

So the label is set... thats what we do best. Label. "Sell your label baby." Be a socially accepted whore ignoring what your core knows is right and wrong.

So we have HAARP, a force of mass destruction that is so corrupted that we will not talk about it and if I bring it up - I get the label 'conspiracy theorist'. So I will wear that label proudly. Somebody has to look since denial is the basic training that we all are taught at birth: Deny who you are and what you feel and what you dream and what you see. Here put on these glasses of fog. Which most of us do because the big people seem to be able to inflict enduring pain if we don't. Its in our genes now. The masters burned us at the stake, tortured us, bled us, skinned us alive, crushed our babies skulls in front of us, and on and on, this game has gone.
The day has come for us to take off our shackles, Like a Horse that does not know that it could free itself we stand in a torpor ready to be made into toasty nuggets.

We allow our brothers and sisters to be slaughtered for our so called 'national interest' code for 'corporate interest'. I am talking Biblical brothers and sisters. We all are brothers and sisters. We all have gifts and abilities so muted as to make it look like Doom is upon us all.
My prayer is that today, my bell, my light, the rainbow blessing reaches all
who are being called to assist us in the shift happening in DC and on the west coast which are my metaphysical territories along with aspects of the sky and sea. Jupiter and Neptune sit on my spirit shoulders along with Christ at my lead. Should I say no to this? or should I let people call me crazy? oh yeah Pluto and the rest of those archetypal influences are behind me ready to be called forward. I am not alone.