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Sunday, February 28, 2010


I would have to be blind not to notice the persistent contrails that turn into tainted clouds reaching across what was meant to be a sunny day- today.

My question is this: how do I maintain my joy and still witness this reality?
I am feeling a depth of sadness, Longing for a true sky Alone in my eyes. The separation feels like a vast chasm, I need to bow and energetically join with my fellows.

Friday, February 26, 2010

much needed laugh

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

if my thoughts were as free as a child's: without bounds

while the swing takes me above the mountain and moon


Monday, February 22, 2010

I know this poem from my mom's memory archive

Abou ben Adam

Abou ben Adam (may his tribe increase!)
awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
And saw, within the moonlight of his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
an angel, writing in a book of of gold.
Exceeding peace had made Ben Adam bold,
And to the Prescence in the room he said:
"What writest thou?" The vision raised its head,
And, with a look made of all sweet accord,
Answered, "The names of those who love the Lord."
"And is mine one?"said Abou, "Nay, not so,"
Replied the angel. Abou spoke more low,
But cheerily still, and said, "I pray thee, then,
Write me as one who loves his fellow men."
The angel wrote, and vanished. The next night
It came again, with a great awakening light,
And showed the names whom love of God had blest,
And lo! Ben adam's name led all the rest.
- Leigh Hunt

Island Women go to Washington DC

posted 10/31/02
Nancy Brickman and I returned to Friday Harbor on Monday still feeling exuberant from the amazing energy of the crowd of 200 thousand at the October 26, 2002 "Stop the War Before it Starts" Peace March organized by A.N.S.W.E.R. (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) in Washington DC. Both of us had an incredible experience and we could not have done it without the support we received from our Island community. People were impressed that we traveled all the way from Washington State and that we were there thanks to the strength of our support from home. We met people from all up and down the eastern seaboard, Ohio, Nebraska, Vermont, Oregon, some even came from as far as Alaska.

On the bus from the airport into the capital we talked to a man who worked at the airport. As our bus drove by the Pentagon he told us about how on 9/11 he was headed home on that same bus because they had seen the news on the TV at the airport. He was worried about his sister because she worked at the pentagon and phones were not working so he was unable to call her. The Pentagon that day was engulfed in black smoke. He didn't know until late that afternoon that his sister was out of her office at a doctor's appointment. The office she'd worked in was completely destroyed.

We meandered through the capital that day still carrying our luggage. There was blood and red paint dripping from a huge statue of Christopher Columbus in front of Union Station, remnants of a recent anti-Columbus Day demonstration. Thanks to our supporters we had cab fare and we used it. Our motel was perfectly adequate to our needs but a little further out from the capital mall than we expected and in a slightly questionable neighborhood. Although, as far as questionable neighborhoods go we were planning to visit the White House, home of the worst crooks and murderers in the world.

On Friday we visited Senator Patty Murray's office. We walked down the long hallways and up the curving stairways of the Senate office building. Walking down the polished marble halls we peered into the occasional open tall dark wooden door into offices of polished wood, period couches, flags and computers. Senator Murray was in Washington State at the time but we told her staff how much we appreciated her vote against Bush's War resolution. In her bookcase I noticed several pairs of decorated commemorative tenny runners.

From the capital building we wandered down the Mall to the Washington monument and followed the long reflecting pool to the Vietnam War memorial where we met some of the organizers of the Peace March. After making contact with the March organizers we culminated our stroll down the grand promenade with a visit to the Lincoln memorial (where we also located the best bathrooms in the area).

That afternoon in our taxi back to the motel we heard the news that Senator Wellstone's plane had crashed. That evening we went to George Washington University to make signs for the march. A young man who worked with a Jewish Peace organization, a man who had recently been in Iraq, led us in a moment of silence for Senator Wellstone. Wellstone's death was a keenly felt loss to those who work for peace and justice.

At GWU we worked with people, some who were about our age, many collage students and the Muslim Student's Organization stapling together and painting signs for the march. I worked side by side with some women from Vermont and a young fellow from England.

Saturday morning we got up early and caught a taxi to the March site. It was gray & misty having rained through the night but as more and more people poured into the site the sun came out and made it a perfect day for the march. And the people kept pouring in! Buses and buses full of people. The plan had been for a rally of speakers followed by the march down Constitution Ave and around the White House. Then back to a follow up rally. So many buses were pouring in (organizers quit counting the buses after 500 had come in), that the speakers continued while we waited for everyone to arrive before marching.

There were speakers from the military who were against the war. Former Attorny General Ramsey Clark spoke of Bush in terms of impeachable crimes. Speakers from labor, actor Susan Sarandon, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, representatives of American Islam community and many others spoke to the crowd. Rev Jesse Jackson was a keynote speaker and a personal highlight for me was when we sang along with Patti Smith 'People have the Power'. Nancy's highlight was meeting her hero Amy Goodman of Pacifica radio.

Finally we started to march. Nancy and I sat on a bench at that point to eat and watched the crowd go by for a while. We saw many colorful costumes and signs. A few of my favorites were, 'Make Art not War', 'Asses of Evil' (with pictures of Bush and his cronies), and of course, 'Regime Change begins at home'. There was music, street theatre and even 'Radical Cheerleaders' from New York, a group of young women dressed in punkish early Madonna gear who did cheer routines for the crowd.

We marched toward the White House but the police would not let us anywhere near it. The march was peaceful and so were the police. I had my picture with the White House in the background holding my peace sign and standing next to a very nice (and attractive) swat cop named Smith.

By the time we got all the way around the White House and back to the site the rally was over. We bought a few buttons and picked up some more literature before catching a taxi back to our motel. I remembered Martin Luther King talking about an elderly woman who refused to take the bus during the Montgomery bus boycott. He'd asked her if she wasn't tired. She replied, "My feets is tired but my soul is rested". That was exactly how I felt. My feet were tired but my soul was beaming. It had been a full day so we ordered a pizza and settled down to watch CNN. It was shocking to us that the CNN coverage of this event consisted of about 60 seconds and showed just a handful of hippies watching a rap band. Apparently C-SPAN had some good TV coverage and Pacifica Radio covered 8 hours of the event. Indy media online has good coverage and a link to the Pacifica radio show that recorded speakers and interviews from the rally.

On Sunday we gathered up our belongings and headed back toward the Capital. We watched the Marines marathon race go by as we waited for the National Museum of Art to open. We only had time to see a fraction of the museum but I saw two Vermeer paintings up close and we had a very pleasant lunch in the Gallery cafeteria. Unlike the Seattle Art Museum the National Gallery is free. Then we were on our way home.

It was a fabulous journey and a great inspiration. We are democracy. We can change the world.

Neighbor as Thyself

the People of every land as children are good and innocent and joyous. Its the Governments and Churches turned into corporations that become a snivelling power. Using fear to twist humanity into a small portion of what we are. Many made corrupt and retched by the dead hand of Commerce. A commerce that dictates a dictum of division in order to control over and horde that which is not their own. A forgotten promise A poisoned bow Arrow pointed to the ones that you love and are and will always be. The dead hand always points at itself as it projects virus laden spit upon the lense of the land. Our wounds are the opening, are the quickening to the Divine. Demonstrating who you really are. YOU are the dream of the divine. A jewel. Fear has warped all of us into blindness. Running from the pain hides the jewel from the light. Fear has boxed and barred our future by becoming genetic non-light; freezing us out of where we are. An Echo on the wind... Unity is the balm and quiver. The nightmare of shame is over

love songs to krishna

Krishna"s Love Music by Krishna Das / Mere Gurudev

Christ/ Krishna, Aboo,. me thinks they are ONE tHE SEED OF THE DIVINE SLEEPS IN eAcH BREATH WE TAKE
WE ARE ITS EXPRESSION OF LOVE, LIGHT, PEACE, POISE. TRUTH maybe its as simple as the crystaline corpus colosum ?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

leviticus cus cus cus

Fuck! I am so sick of... , I am so mad at... Fuck Fuck Fuck
I watched five minutes of Face the Nation (3/2/10 correction it was 'meet the press' and not 'Face the Nation'- oops} with the cartoon proportion,big faced commentator and his weaselly questions to allow for the self righteous fuck head of the Governor from Minnesota to get the swill of his talking point out. I still want to puke on that guy's lap. I am not feeling it today. I feel rage and anger and I want to shake these people and swear in their face. but Swearing is Bad. Gays are bad. ( and no, I am not gay, I do love rainbows though) Their mission, which is seeming to work, is to privatize all government and break the nation they do this under the Christian banner. My study of the bible, shows a Christ that cares about the poor. These self proclaimed Christians take pride in ripping off the poor because they think that if they have money and power, it shows that God Loves them {or something?} I don't know where in the New Testament they get that Christ gives a shit if people are gay or not. Look at Paul running after all the men to circumcise. Leviticus has a lot about gay sex, animal sex, incest but the same punishment is met for all sex other than with your tribe -not your close blood = as is for disobeying your parent. How many "Christians" want to be put to death for ignoring their parent's wishes>? I want to ask have you ever eaten pork?. Shellfish? HOw about worked on the Sabath? fuck shit piss!
Christians without Love for their fellow man are not Christians. Period. End of story. They are the ones who worship with their mouths but whose hearts are realms away from Christ.

I just realised what I am really mad about. I am really mad about the loss of Wellstone = the Minnesota Senator who cared -
And now I only want to cry
History without light of day repeats itself until we see/ yea. sure. you bet cha


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kalki & the End of Kali Yuga

march 1st 10 if they are irritatingly obvious I will waste my time:/www.cloudthunderthis is the day

Bulldog hippy boy & truckgirl

Friday, February 19, 2010

Cerebrum & Corpus Callosum And the Pineal-Pituitary/Hypothalamic Axis

I was looking for pictures of the Corpus Callosum
and I found a treatise on the Corpus see sea c

Date Last Edited: 11 May 2006

As you gain proficiency in your sitting meditation as described in the Exercises And Techniques above in regards to the flow of energies within your "physical body" and the "energy body" interface, you will soon be able to distinguish energy flows and dynamically balanced energies within specific regions of this interface which are attendant to areas of the physical body.
The Basal Chakra and Throat Chakra are dynamically balanced through the feet & legs and the hands & arms respectively. These are paired left and right up the spinal cord, through the basal ganglia and on to the cerebrum. The concurrent energy flows feel like open links to/from the outside of the body, into/out of the respective opposite side of the cerebrum due to nervous decussation (crossing-over) and then out the same side of the head into the environment. The dynamic energies of the Earth(feet) are coupled with the dynamic energies of the atmosphere (hands) on the lower resonant frequencies and their harmonics as you cascade upwards through the Chakras.
If you switch your orientation after reaching a dynamic equilibrium with the up/down energies to the side-to-side orientation, you will then discover that on a more gross sensitivity than that of the chakras but less gross than that of the physical body, again the physical/etheric interface, you will discover a partial crossing-over at each level of the interface concurrent with area nervous decussation which appears to summarily culminate in the decussation between the cerebral hemispheres known as the corpus callosum. The corpus callosum is a very thick bundle of nerve fibers containing both myelinated and unmyelinated axons.

1. Frontal forceps 2. Corpus callosum commissural fibers 3. Short arcuate fibers 4. Occipital forceps 5. Indusium griseum 6. Medial longitudinal stria 7. Lateral longitudinal stria

Here, the cerebrum is partially removed to aid in viewing the radiations of the fibers.
With kind permission of Virtual Hospital

The corpus callosum is the means by which the left and right cerebral hemispheres directly communicate between all areas of cell loci with left and right matching. It is of great benefit to have open and available all matching areas for maximum possible crosstalk between hemispheres. Thus, spending time to open up all matching areas is worthy. Choose any orientation desired and explore avidly. You will find that results seem to come a little at a time at first then in increasingly more swiftness the other areas will open up. Take time to do this exercise routinely for a few weeks until all areas are easily accessed and open.
If you are able then to dynamically balance all the etheric/physical and chakra energies below this cerebrum crosstalk and the crosstalk is smoothly flowing, then you will next begin to be aware of the Pineal-Pituitary/Hypothalamic Axis. This axis governs all the Neuroendocrine-Hormonal rhythms of the body which are in tune with the Universal and Solar System cycles and thus which dispose our daily, lunar and planetary influences. It is most critical that you tune in and only discover the rhythms and energy flows which are manifest. Any conscious alterations are to be avoided until you have a vast amount of experience. It is easy to unbalance your rhythms due to ignorance of what is actually happening. Simply monitor what occurs and discover your unique begness as a chemically guided biochemical and behavioral entity. I haven't figured out the author of this yet. It came from the website

Arrest Him Already!

Collectively we silently wait. The Rulers have a barb wire bit in Obama's mouth Guns aimed and cocked and at the ready. The rest of the Party knows what will happen if they step out of line. Accidents happen. Surgery slips, planes crash, set ups. anthrax. Without courage and clear vision we will be a third world fascist state. Sometimes I wonder, if I should spend my time and energy exploring the realms of plots and dark deeds. What will it take to wake us up? or is it a natural process that cannot be thwarted? Not this time. For too long we have been shackled and shamed.
Again, my favourite quote comes to mind.
"Unity contains all force and is the cause of all things" from The Sacred Science of Numbers

Thursday, February 18, 2010

John 14:12 (King James Version)

12Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

Matt. 5:23 The Alter of Faith

The Alter of faith is approached through peace and goodness towards all. The Divine Ear is attuned to harmony and cannot be approached through discord. Science of Mind (1940 3rd edition) page 430

Such is the power of right thinking, that it cancels and erases everything unlike itself. It answers every question, solves all problems. is the solution to every difficulty. It is like the sunlight of Eternal Truth, bursting through the clouds of obscurity and bathing all life in glory. It is the Absolute with which you are dealing. ALL THERE REALLY IS, IS GOD!
Science of Mind (1940 3rd edition) PAGE 188

image from

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

pinky and the brain

cayote's got his hands full

Sparks, dark glasses, notice what wants to stay hidden

Just back from Seattle Seattle sparkles today

I am trying to Love above what I witness
I witness the cracks

free speech of money turns into bullets as a form of speech

That's the way this country is leaning

I am hoping for a desperate shift
People awaken and notice their dream
and shift from the horrors of a few demented souls
Thom hartman talked about selective enforcement of unknown laws today.
Remember any oaths *(like the one to defend the Constitution!).
Are they highlighted today?

That's where we are. All of us. Every single one of us.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Code Rainbow

quickly whats on my mind today is the amping up for slaughter in Iran. I am not going to use the term "War" any more. It sanitises murder for the profit of a few. We have to look at the truth of 911 because if we don't we are doomed to another hit by the same bloodlines.This will make 911
look like a roadside bomb. The plans are still in the works only delayed. Code rainbow lets get going. Who is in charge of the ports is my first question?. My second question is what was going on within the physical capital building during the snow days? It needs to be swept and the underground areas need to be checked. The underpants bomber was an advertisement for the technical strip search. Not real but a hoax so we will say yes you can see my privates. Whooo hoooo. just clearing my mental chatter.....We all know more than we think we know we just have been taught to keep our hands over our eyes or shall I say Eye Lisa king a fellow Massage Therapist at Lavedara Day Spa said " we have to water our pituitary like it is a precious little seed." I love that image. Water with Light. and expand it to the whole world and beyond. Blessings to All

help for pivoting

I felt like I was getting pulled into an undertow. This helped me get back to shore.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

nasa weather?

the first video I saw of the delay was longer and talked about Range Weather, Which is a special Airforce Battalion. I can'tind it any more. I had thought I had bookmarked it, maybe the full transcript is out there. I am thinking of the DC weather ie blizzard. Oh well, many o the politicians know fully of this program. One of the blackmail fulcrums. ct

Hugo a poet A spiritual warrior


February 17, 1968 – In Springfield, Massachusetts, the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame opens
Roosevelt Highschool Basketball Champ
Navel Acadamy Graduate Elks Club member
Father of Four Dies when express lane gate gilleteens car RG Williams
Son of Seattle
I am remembering you

CIA and Homeland Insecurity

Stranger than F*cktion

What if in every community across the nation, cells of spies were set up? Spies who lurk around the grocery store or who are across the street, or even could be driving in front of any American citizen. The recruitment tools could be the nearby college campus* or some of the Churches. {My town seems to stem from a Church} Church people probably could be HAD for almost volunteer prices.} The goal being that every community has a tag on anyone who might raise a ruckus about things going on around them. So in essence, when the poop goes down, people like me, will be easily found and easily neutralised. This is the "Continuance of Government " in action. Homeland Security !Slumbering masses are easily manipulated by the media. Anyone can be Demonized! So Hurray for persistent contrails. Hurray for the police state charging through your door( or sneaking and peaking in your mess of a room) Hurray for ignorance!
kidding aside, Hurray for us - F**kn Retards - All!
*see Democracy now. org feb 9, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

seven days in may last sequence

Old Post New thanks!

the tales of old

called upon as the protectors

or in ignorance we chose

depend upon the old ones

as our guardians

the Christ is lead

Angels on our flanks

and behind us

the untold


the history of the ages

and August 25, 2007

Captain John Freau (spelling?) missing soon after in Oregon and all 5 in his unit died in separate accidents
John was the captain who flew the armed nuclear warheads accross our country and then blew the whistle. Airforce, Weatherman mi Wingman

Whew! We made it! ZEITGEIST

Saturday, February 6, 2010

thank-you {thanks for the picture(s) 7daysinmaytoo} and information that validated my thinking
(obsession - might be a better word for me lately)

Continuity of Governance COG

this is the way it floats
life is like a dream

at a moment created by the ones who seek searing power
they they they we we we let them force us to comply

nuclear bombs tectonic weaponry killing the underlings
makes them feel virile and stiff. They like sending the young men to die
genetic culling
end the competition

they know they are the poison
they know we are the cure
They strain and knash their teeth
insincere sly smiles no warmth of heart
Lies ooze from every pore
they are a sad lot who deny their sadness their human warmth
what we should do with them I do not know
I wince at the pain they -we-have caused through the ages as we are told what to think and feel and know in our hearts
we go along because we fear retribution when in the end if we fail to look and really see what our complicity is doing, we are doomed All creation has the breath of God and if we don't allow that breath to guide our way and instead let fear be our guide, we flinch and quake in a frozen stunned numb state victim

So at any moment

we could be under martial Law and that would kick in the Continuity of Governance
Where the President is no longer in charge and we have regional fiefdoms where who knows what will happen. My guess is the Internet freedom will be the first to go

People like me will be rounded up and drug lobotomy like the state 2 0 percent of the population is in already. Drugged on TV and Pharma ideas sown....whoop y they'll believe what ever is dictated to them, the potential brown shirts.

Yippy doesn't that sound like fun! Not really and not necessary

courage to look
has to prevail
to look with unflinching eyes at what has happened to our nation
{WTO is one place to look
“permanent agreements” agreements that supersede the law of a sovereign nation}
every city in this nation is under the threat of the game of buck shot spray
layer upon layer of network cells
that don't know what they do

they do what they are told
robotic tone
assassination has been a standard fear tactic
they forgot to read the rules
Castro could tell you
he is protected by his people and their dreams

Obama could walk safely through the minefields set for him

if the people were asked to dream a new world
to see it
springing from a welling heart.

I am adding this Oct. 20, 2010 as the election heats up and as a statement of allegiance to the vp at this time and as a prayer for this country -The United States of America.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Police State Terror Attack on US cities

How close are we to a police state? A couple days, weeks, month, if the true patriots don't get it together, the planned next phase is this week-end. I am inspired to more political action using my words because San Juan county sheriff detective followed me today. I am like a teenager. with my middle finger pointing at you mfah. We are in bigger dodo than ever in my life, Its just less obvious. intuitively I say ports with hidden cargo from ships, not sure origin but railroad car type enclosures, the static around them will be obvious. Nobodies listening? why? It won't be pretty for even the planners. they will have to go too. " gee whiz I didn't Know what I was doing" they will say. Like John Yue they are barely human and I have little hope for them in the long run. they need to be stopped- like the Supreme Court Ruling could have been prevented. with pressure. that's what needs to happen this week-end today- Pressure, security in full force. whats the highest risk code? Black as in Black Opts. or is it Black Water oh I mean XE the big ass weapon carrying security forces will be obvious - you blind dogs wake up and use your noses.

also, Grey guy next to me Mickey on 2 5/9 or ten

Added july 25, 2011“Dumb as fuck”, she said and then started to apologize profusely. Oops. She was supposed to be more professional than that.

They were clustered in front of the store with the new guy who they were trying to educate about what she looked like. The guy to her was large, large faced, tongue almost hanging out blank dog stare looking to her the description that just blurted out of her mouth. It was true. That was her first thought.. She usually goes with the first thought for the name she created for them. But she doesn't like to be mean.

The hillbillies can't help their station of birth and the amount of abuse that their line has endured.
The self sabotage element in her plus she has been escalating since her enjoyment of realm jumping which makes being grounded in this station harder, Or is she nuts? But now she had an allegiance forming with some puzzle players. It felt good but they were coming from a different angle than she was and they didn't understand her. No one did. So she was always a hair away from anger at anyone. Really, she was mad that she was put here alone, when she needed allegiance.She was mad that all of the males in her family(all but her son and nephew) were either dead or destroyed. She was angry today. So she takes it out on the external world, forgetting her most precious knowledge. Because its easier to be mad than to be a heap under the blankets.

Look for Relays

Relays, upright antennas all of you
keep your eye (puposely singular)open
bring light to all that's hidden
unravel the coils of density

Its like a kitty litter box
it still smells
and the litter gets spread
as the kitties try to hide their load


The Pineal gland one in a triangle between your ears
imagine a rainbow egg in its center growing sending information throughout the body of man

Its like a Universe


January 29, 2010
Dear Thom, I was on hold and had to hang up but I still want to mention Hugo Chavez's comment that he thinks that the Haiti Earthquake was a tectonic weapons test. I had had that thought when the pictures started coming in from Haiti and pushed it away because indeed it is unthinkable that the forces would want to play this kind of game against a poor population. Here is a link that I think may be phony - - but if it isn't it explains the devastation in Haiti. My greatest fear is that a weapon like this could be set of in a few cities in the USA and blamed on suitcase bombers. I know this is a nightmare stretch and feel haunted and conspiratorial to even think of it, but the game is on. It is beyond my imagination why power grabbing cruelty repeats itself over and over again in human history. The toys are bigger and kids like to play with the toys that they are given. Its almost a mandate to show them off. Wow. Clinton? 47 billion dollar foundation? Unthinkable!

Thank-you Thom and Staff! I salute you.

Now back to my unhealthy coping mechanism …..Ice Cream and chocolate syrup.
Love You, Nancy Brickman

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Let Peace Come- Cripple Crow

Devendra Banhart
thanks Heidi

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tumeric - Praises to its golden light

tumeric- a premier anti-inflammatory herb -if ginger is an herb it must also be-
Good for the gut,liver and bile. The golden orange strengthens the system.

I like it in vodka discovered by impatient aches and pains before its graduation to tincture. I don't know why I am writing like this. I want to ramble. past the fear Tumeric is good for me.

Join the Fun

9because of what seems like an attack on three computers in this house in November, I am now on my daughter's computer which we had lENIX Ubutu installed and I still don't know which drivers I can safely install to be able to download pictures onto SO EXCUSE THE DRAB lack of images)

Here is a visualisation that is a lifeline for me - one that I had forgotten about but has re-emerged in my meditations: Imagine your awareness way above the Earth. You break through the rubberband ball of the collective chatter and rise above it _ you will see a mandella of light being woven by the light workers of the world. on this mandella is a point where the light of your awareness is being called , you will know your gift to the light matrix. Again Multidimensionally speaking: we have freewill the darkness flees the light. Blessings

Feb 10 I am going to start documenting the probably privatised surveillance industry on my little Island is going....When I spot a forsure I will tag you.
Obese woman at the Presby church across the street from Lavendara day spa (where I work)
had telescopic lense aimed at me she is driving a chevy with Hawaii platesMalabu PNV 655
then my standard Puriton who Is usually on my path, was driving a Taurus 032 YGA
I am getting sick of it

Sound Surveiing guy who had a camera on me when I was giving a massage to John Playwright
was talking with a rangey charcoal friend in Kings today and a suit with fear in his eyes.

then a couple days aqo giant with phone camera there was someone else? I will continue this daily I am sick of it! we are losing our freedoms more today than when bush was in charge.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Judging the judges

Journal: commentary on Judge Roberts who smiles so sly. Whose evil wrenches my very soul from me so I divide and hate. The confusion you must have felt at one time before you chose is the only redemptive thought that I can find for you. Right now, I feel red hot hate for you and that makes me you, I am like that which I hate. I am writhing with a wound so vast, so pungent, the stench makes me retch and spit.
I wish you dead, more than anyone in my life and for that thought alone I ask for forgiveness. Because I am you, you are me, I must seek my way out of the labyrinth of hate , fear and [to make myself laugh] loathing. Hunter Thomas, my muse for tonight. My light, my guide creative muse of laughter heals my battered mind. I can't save the world,
we can

January 28, 2010 nwb ct

The Origin Of LOVE Hedwig and the Angry Inch