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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pow pow pow

I am realizing more and more how within my own body there are battles going on and I need to recognize them as energetic metaphors of how I stop the infinite through my resistance to what is. In the paradoxical pattern of all things, that resistance brings me more of what I don’t want.
Pow. Pow Pow. That’s my mantra today when I see something that seems solid and entrenched. Pow. Things change ‘in a blink of an eye’. Think of a chess board. We can always switch to another square in times of need. Vibrationally, we can switch perspectives and jump moments.

adding a tidbit from some other time on 11/30/14 or 30/11
Anxiety creeps in when my pen goes into sword mode.
The ‘They’ got me emotionally hog tied if I don’t clean out my fears.
All the things that I am aware of that they could do and would do to shut me up. I ask myself,
Self, you never really liked rollercoaster rides
Self says she ‘liked to ski in tight places and glide past the trees.
Roller coaster rides are so pre-scripted. I like the thrill of the squeeze’’.. Really? or is it all made up?
‘It is made up in the sense that I made up this lifetime to do things that whip people into the awareness
of what life is all about, instead of life being a subconscious response to external programming.

adding more that I didn't date on 11/30: Jeffrey Wolf Green talked about Lucifer in his 2005 Sedona Video
Things that I hadn’t put into context
Lucifer refusing to serve humanity and insisting that humanity instead serves it.
About how Lucifer controls us by using our negative emotions, the tinder boxes in our charts, to be in this world. I’d never really thought about that issue. How Lucifer is seated in our world; Seated still in all of the high places. Lucifer the victim of its own choice of separation from God (the source of all things) so it steals light from humanity and whines about how sniveling humanity is.
How Sniveling is Lucifer.
Back away from the wall I say.
I realize that my job on this planet is holding the light from divinity and sinking it into all places traversed in my mind, body and soul.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

blahblah blah plop

I have a different theory than the above video. I think it is the 'NEOCONS' that are the architects of 911. The Albert Pike worshipers and the Jewish influence is enfolded nicely with their goals of utter desolation through world domination.
For me 911 represents the strong hold that the Neocon influence has and how scared people are to go up against them. That is why we need to activate our spiritual gifts,because I guarantee that they use the dark arts against the population and our future. We need to bring back our innate spiritual gifts, like intuition, the ability to hold space in brilliance, the ability to love and forgive that which we want to hate (for me this is the hardest thing to remember).

I think to myself

Usually Cloaked in my Sagitaurious Geminit tube because of interception this is information for he who has an ear...

What do I know?
I need to pass the baton of knowledge to anyone and everyone in resonance enough to be activated by these words.
This is written to people who want to influence their future in the highest and brightest of ways and to add to this world their genius and their gifts.
Someone or something sets the energy of place. Our duty is to acknowledge this energy and to add to it light and love. Multiple spectrums of color and information can be anchored into the energy of anyplace that we stand upon or think upon.
- Demonic forces cannot withstand higher frequencies that are grounded into the Earth.
I call them demonic forces because I lack a better word. Thought forms, demons of thought, that grow as they suck on our fears and undigested emotions.
I know that humanity is (for the most part) on the edge of waking up out of its programming. That is why there is an escalation of poisoning us, so we won’t be able to think and use our strength of free will, being too weak, too confused, too depressed “Here have a little more aluminum, na it won’t hurt you.”
A main destructive programming that puts us to the brink of annihilation is that “war is natural” to human beings To a free human being, war is an aberration.

As we stand, have reverence for God but do not fear God. There was an intentional mistranslation of those biblical words that instruct us to fear God. Words like ‘fear God’ are words aimed to make us discordant to the resonance of God moving in all things. They are words that are aimed to make us small and controllable instead of large free eternal spirits who love and are loved.
Creations of the most high, ALL, we are creative by our nature but have been trained to create within narrow spectrums of thought, instead of gliding through the energetic universe of entrainment as a tool of creation.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wild Thing

Waiting for the Robin Migration to come through The wild
How can I sing to you and show you the intricacy of one strand of hair, one feather, one tuft of fur or the eye of the insect?
How can I show you the sacred dance in all things? How can we stop the slaughter of the sacred Earth?
By using unexplored dimensions. Dimensions that have been outlawed by EMPIRE.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

particles per million

Killing is easy
There are many ways to slay someone
a child dies a little
From a thoughtless word or look
they die when no one has seen their magnificent self
not seen because the culture hasn’t yet lifted the veil
And those wounded children have become dead adults
Whose numinous has been stolen
they react instead of think
They react in what the data monsters call ‘predictable patterns’
So these dead adults are put to tasks of dire consequences

I will not call them who hunt me predators
That would be honoring them in a way that they do not deserve.
They are parasites that will and mean to kill their hosts

Metallic thoughts, they call themselves ‘intelligence’.
Oxymoron indeed.
Without love, intelligence can be a demonic force of heartless dominion.

The strands of the dream to be picked up again
And woven by our thoughts echoing through time
Screams of terror in the now reverberate
A drum beats slow
The strands
Jewels strewn across the sky
we are eternity

Monday, October 6, 2014


power The reality of POWER

Thursday, October 2, 2014

reset the dream


I came to California to cry
The pain emerged like geysers from the depth of man. such beauty, such a trinity of Eden. Eden attacked by a poison oozing slaughtering blindness. A declared war on perception. Empire raw in acting out lies from the programming and drugging of whole swaths of society.

ode to those who have died by the cold dead hand.

It is a metaphysical dilemma so I follow my curiosity without fear