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Sunday, June 28, 2015


why are there bags of concrete left on the sides of the road on Island? Two weeks ago I started to see concrete it was seem everywhere splattered on the island roads. Then last week on kitsap roads I saw the same patterns of concrete on the roads. Yesterday, I saw two full bags of concrete looking placed on the sides of two different roads, yesterday. I woke up with the question: Why?

I would say maybe road maintenance. Yea that's it. Or could it be markings for plots sinister and dark?
Tis dangerous to bikers that's for sure. Now I feel guilty for not movi
ng them off of the side of the road at curves.

time clicks forward and back tick tock

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another One Bites the Dust

I am more than realizing now (since I have been mutilated on an astral body level) that the only hope that we as humanity (and all living creatures on earth) have is to learn the art of psychic defense. I need to remember it now and remember it yesterday. I feel all alone out here, on this island, in the USA. Living in a neo con ruled County, trying to hold the beauty and magic of the archepello in my heart and not to be afraid, that infects this world and which is about to try to clamp down on and destroy anyone who sees them.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Steerng into the rocks

a little Debbie Downer here
Lots of sirens in town today. Don't know why.

the proverbial question: If a tree falls in a forest does it make a sound?
Here's what I am thinking about and being 'public like a frog' I wonder should I cloak my thought?

Two things that seem to threaten me is when I talk about the psychopathic vision of weather modification and town politics. Both seem to bare down on me stemming from the same source. I know there are good people who are blind because security keeps a sash over the eyes/ I am tired and sad by the magnitude of disseption that we all live under. They are poisoning us, and our children. The whole planet, just as a power play and harvest of shattering our potential. I see too much. It is depressing today, oppressing today so I have to sing at the top of my lungs and dance.

following moved from july 16 post
Journal entry for JULY 16 2015 Happy birthday KIM
The biggest threat is that there are threats on multiple fronts.
ITS LIKE triage
Gotta chose the biggest ones first

Threat to my life
Perception or paranoia?
What was that boat doing behind the ferry especially when the side door opened and all I Saw was the reflection of a lens? I wanted to hit the deck. The dark shadow of doom. Oooooo, scare me baby.
Why didn’t any of the Ferry workers seem aware of that boat that appeared dead in the water about ten feet off of the stern? They are sooo concerned about security. Right. Like the food and drug administration cares if pharma poisons seniors. And law enforcement really cares about the community when it comes to marijuana. (Except, of course, the new sheriff here.) At least Sheriffs have to be aware of public sentiment if the elections aren’t sold.
What is the biggest danger to freedom? The executive order by George Bush junior made contractors under order of the federal government exempt from prosecution for breaking constitutional laws.
Ahead in time OBAMA agrees that they can target US citizens and assassinate them on US soil if they CALL them a terrorist. If you read the list of indicators of a terrorist, anyone who objects to the government is a terrorist, it could be extrapolated that they could become a target for assassination. Am I correct? KISSENGER’S WET DREAM.

this iis from around June 26, 2015