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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Karma Police

Monday, March 25, 2013

Uranus checked by Saturn

Its like a chess game. the mistaken ones plot and scheme Important to them are calculation , names and associations. 'Good Friday' is a name and a alert alert yawn. Yeah we can celebrate another day without catastrophe.
sing hallelujah and boogie on down. If we get through Friday break out the band but then there is... Easter.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saint Patrick of the Isle

Help us chase the snakes out of DC

Treatise to the Man Who Hisses...

"What is the most important quality in a friend?" He 'ducky dick' says "Honesty" Hand me a barf bag.
How did he live through the perpetration of treason? How did he get away with destroying all evidence in a fire on the United States Naval Observatory grounds at the end of his residence? who was involved in setting the fire? Has he always been alone? United States Naval Observatory.

I want a leader who stands in the golden ray and beams it to all.
Not someone who baa baa bends to the words being handed to him.
"People of good will?" what does that mean? excuse me- ALL PEOPLE and not some definition decreed by the sniveling ones who stand behind the curtain with their puppet strings and who should long be in the grave but who will live forever in the perpetration of fear that encapsulates our freedom of spirit into its own perversity and assumed authority. -see I write to me. no one else could understand this in this mode How do I translate and trim?-

. dopey reporter doesn't know how harmful to his cellular structure. oops or is he pretending to be hit with a ray gun? hmmm swallow this one.

Empire Decrees that our leaders lie and are lied to
and quacks Sniveling duck. quack quack (sorry ducks for the analogy and insult)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


We start as a tube

It is interesting that vertebrates start their formation as tubes. Energetically what does that mean? I am exploring this question today. Being a tube. Bottomless tubes. Topless tubes. Open Tubes. Endless tubes.

Containment - yes. Dismantling the programs - yes. assisting yes. Punishment- No. Forgiveness -yes.
I am a tube. It makes me happy to be a tube. A funnel- A plant- A tree -A beautiful dance. Being a tube - let the strands of light, in the center of the tube, free. The heart an energetic pattern of light. My task--I'm On a treasure hunt. Combination of worlds, frequencies, welcoming forces of light. Not stolen light. Self igniting fields of light. Our task is to create this in our imaginations...walking the ladder to the door with no stairs the leap into infinity on Earth, in a body. wow

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Central Pole

The central pole of my psyche is the study of Empire

The bone I chew on. Like a Bull Terrier I don't know how to release my jaw.
Even when I am exploring other realms, I come back to this theme... Empire.
What a fun jaunt humanity has been on......war, greed, religious fervor and deceit.

How can we be done with this? I find myself so full of rage at the trickery of the programming that we all live under that I reflect the Empire that I rail at. I feel like without oversight all the cock roaches of Empire scurry forming a hammer over all of our heads, the threat. "Too big to fail" then we need to dismantle the whole system somehow. The only way I see this as happening is energetically shifting the game. We do this from our own point of play. Healing my own wounds. Forgiving.

One of the precepts of Empire is punishment.
Punishment doesn't work. Have you ever noticed? It makes people adept at lying and deceit. It makes people hide. The prison industrial system is the source of gangs in America. Prisons. Slime as a blueprint Mold as a paradigm. Like war, the illusion of safety is actually just that an illusion. It actually is building a police state. The failiure of the fall of Adam-Atlantis- replayed for us to heal or fall again.

My nation captured in a maze created by the conglomerate of media and institutions. The most danger that I see is the clowns selling weather modification and militarization of the police forces throughout our nation. Expensive in more ways than money. Poison.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Thursday, March 7, 2013

King Crimson

We have been taught that there are weeds and that weeds are the enemy of the gardener.
Many of the weeds are valuable herbs that followed humans because the herbs were brought on the
Journey to the New World. Some herbalists say that the weeds that grow around our abodes are
Offerings to our health. I would recommend getting to know the weeds around your home.
It’s hard when most people have no idea what I am talking about and don’t want to know what I
am talking about. So I want to hide under my covers and forget about all that. Maybe that’s what
Alzheimer’s is “forget about that….” Or maybe it’s the pharmaceutical cocktails that are dispensed to
our elderly?
I know that when the Doctor put my mom on statin she started to scare me because she was
fogging out. I wanted to call her doctor but she didn’t want me to. She got off of it and recovered
StatinT is contraindicated for people over seventy but what doctor knows that? Statin is a terrible
choice for women, Men don’t seem to have the same global amnesia problem from statin but women
do. It blocks an important coenzyme in the liver.
The studies on Statins are done and paid for by the pharmaceuticals who are wanting to profit from
the drugs in the study. Many of the studies are done with no oversight and actually done offshore. Who studies the
I have read some statin studies and more people died in the statin group than in the control group.
Only, they didn’t die from heart attack or stroke they died of other causes so in the eyes of the study those deaths have no relevance. The Mayo Clinic website pointed this out. Its scary.

The FDA mandates color coding of pills and instead of using vegetable based colors that are not
toxic the pharmaceuticals choose heavy metals like titanium dioxide. Numm. or more aptly stated, numb.
The question is: Does for profit medical care mean that it benefits the corporations involved in
medicine to have sick people and on some level do they want us sick and thus dependent on their
products? And what about
fluoride, the neurotoxin that is mandated in cities throughout our country and is a hazardous waste
product that now mainly comes from China? Again, no oversight. Where are my covers?

But first I have to shout and rage.... Oh Monsanto. Monster Monsanto, being a person, should be given the death penalty for its heinous schemes to kill the wild, replacing it with genetically modified life. Think about it. Look at the sky. That's what I am talking about. Monsanto has many subsidiaries and is more threatening than any other "terrorist"on this planet.

Is there in the plan, a great culling and they -the world planners- think that they are great men and good men? They follow a fallen angel and are mistaken. How do we illustrate this to them? How do we learn from our mistakes if mistakes are forbidden? That is the question posed to me. This is why I write. How can I be palatable in my writing about these things unless it is through fiction?
Below added april 2 after 2013 Easter Visit Table in rita's dining room... Pat and Julie and bill susan sofia and suze at table...Dear Jack, The Jack Kavorkian comment at the Easter table got me back on the suspicious mind track. .. I had to follow its synapses. Maybe I am wrong? I hope so. Prove me wrong.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I like fat

I like meat, she is a little over the top about low fat, but Kristina's recipe video's makes me want to eat vegies and fruits at least more than once a week. Truthfully,more than once a day. I get hungry. I stuff my face unconsciously.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cancer capital

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mother Wings Cabin

The wood had turned from fir to a dry pine forest open with sparse under brush. It was easy to walk through and hard to see the difference from one area to the other. The river kept Peter oriented. Cheyenne seemed to know where she was going. It was in the direction he wanted to go so he let her lead. He liked watching her. She knew how to track and how to walk softly through the wood leaving very little signature of being there. They didn’t talk unless out of need. “Hand me the rope.”he would say if he was helping dismantle a fence. Her major obsession. He knew that she was trying to save the animals from starvation. It was becoming more obvious that people were dying, after the quake, of some unknown cause. She gathered weeds and suggested he join her in drinking teas from them, “To keep strong and protected” she said.
He could see a cabin in the distance. No road to it only foot paths branching off the four directions from the circular clearing. A passion flower vine blossoming in an arch over the gate. Inside the fence a garden tidy and packed with blossoms of various heights. Foxglove, larkspur, poppies, dandelions and plantain. He thought weeds that look tended. . Pinks, orange, purple, yellow and reds, brightened the air around the cabin. He wondered if some of the weeds in the tea she had given him were hallucinogenic. Everything was so vivid and crisp. When Cheyenne opened the door of the cabin without knocking, she called in a sweet voice, “Mother Wing?”
Over her shoulder he saw a mural of wings that stretched across the breadth of the cabin. A wooden pine planked table that could easily sit eight people and had seven chairs around it (two at each end, three facing the door, two facing the wings) with a vase of fresh larkspur and calendula flowers sat in its center. “Maat”, he thought as he looked at the Mural. It had the colors of an Egyptian motif, royal blue, green, yellow and red out lined in black set in a shimmering gold. He assumed they were mosaic tiles upon closer look they had different stones embedded into the small tiles all placed in what seemed to have order and meaning. The meaning slipped by his conscious awareness but seemed to carry a scent, that lingered like a dream.
She set the rope and bolt cutter down and primed the hand pump over the kitchen sink. Cheyenne washed her face with the thick stream of water that started to flow after minutes of pumping. She turned around and smiled. The first time he had seen her smile. He sat down feeling the weight of their thirty mile treck. She showed him the pantry and the wood stove. Picked up a book that was laying on the table and walked outdoors. He thought she was going to the outhouse and then probably to get wood for cooking. He assumed she would cook.
After about a half hour he had eaten a can of lentil soup cold and started the fire he started to wonder where she was. When he got outside, he found a page out of a book…’Poems of Emily Dickenson’ . Underlined on the ripped page twenty two was
“I never hear the word “escape” Without a quicker blood.”
At the bottom of the page in green crayon“Tell the truth but tell it slant….See ya round cousin. Peace.”
She was gone. He heard some shouts in the woods. He saw three men in camofloge
approaching the cabin. Peter pocketed the page. He felt like eating it. “God they’re loud.” Peter thought.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Study Time

Looking at the relationship of the T OPPT in. and the Lucis Trust. That secret bother's me most. The secrecy bit. The Hierarchy bit bugs me. Lucifer tricks in the CVAC bothers me. Nuclear energy bothers me. the rest is beautiful and really powerful. The background voices in this meditation bothers me. but I love the forground words. Peace by connection not by force. that is my statement to both the websites and to the Oppt. in three years and then what. "What the Hell?"