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Monday, July 3, 2017


Boise - Why Boise? Don't know. Just came out from somewhere.

Skidding at just the right time. Save the day with drill research.

I think it was Ike who pointed out that we shouldn't look to the elected officials but the permanent background players. The ones that hide in the shadows.
Minions in every aspect of society. Corrupted by cold acts of cruelty.

It never should have been ignored.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Order in the Court Day II

Opening challenge...

Evidence of Wrong Activity..Question 1: It is asked of the men who know but cannot say, that the application of coolant aerosols today, over the San Juan Island sky, why weren't these coolants used when Arizona was on fire? Or was Arizona's heat intentional?

I ask this of Trey Gowdy: Why is Reagan held in high regards by the Republicans? Reagan is fresh in my memory because that is when I started to see with horror, what my country did, around the world. There was the treachery in El Salvador, and my government was drug running funding arms that had been cut off by Congress, this was all glossed over and ignored by the mainstream media. It came out in print. I remember before Reagan, but when Kissenger was the puppet master of Chili and the assassination of Allende, I wrote a High School Report in 1973 or 1974 about the the USA admitting to the assassination of Allende. . The rulers are the ones who stay in power places year after year, like Kissenger. Why do we allow the swill of lies repeated become the meme and then become the truth of days remembered, we are not allowed to look by the beliefs we as the collective cling to?