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Thursday, October 31, 2013


which way do we, as a collective, choose?


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

politics and a lack of ethical standard

Because of the secrecy, because of the lies
there is no moral compass guiding DC

Just because a person lies so much that they convince themselves that their lies are true
doesn't mean that a lie has morphed into the Truth. In the end it will be the means and not the end that will be remembered. Destroying evidence does not mean that there will be no consequences. The Centaur takes aim.

Galactic Center
twenty seven Sagittarius
the bar is raised
we know better now

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

All you fascists bound to lose

Why do we vote? To feel good or to actually to have our voices be heard?

Heading for a cement garrison at warp speed Capitalism, unrestrained and secretive, is representatives of all of the descriptions of Satan wadded up like snot, ruling this country today. Impotent, so it kills to feel invincible. Now, these men who are snot ruled, feel like they are the rulers of the Earth. They plot to make "Water more valuable than Gold" They are to be removed promptly and efficiently, if they keep their fingers on the trigger of destruction. Yes, they will go down. Or else we all hit the cement. If we let Monsanto rule this election, they stay as rulers of the Earth and her skies ( They are the enemy to life today. How can we stop them? "How can I have forgiveness and Love for them when I see them as representative of blight and illness to the future of all life?" I say their fingers are already in the pie of our electoral process and those fingers need to be severed. The Dead hand, finally buried
within a crystal fortress and guarded by the murdered citizens of the world.

So third dimensional instructions For investigators, if we really had an FBI that wasn't 75% obedient to the corruption of governance, Stocks given to government employees or their families or held in a trust for them. Land. Visits, Travel, gifts. Law suits won like by Milene Henley's husband (as possible payment?) that sort of thing. NSA records should be accessed by other government security organizations to go thru records of phone calls. Did Patty Murphey call Doris in the day or days after my phone call? Has the Journal been asked to not print opinions about the barcodes on the ballots? Patty Murphey made it clear that they didn't care how many ballots were printed but only the 'voted ballots mattered' to her, who is in charge of security. So where is it hitting? In those extra ballots that are not watched- is where, if I were an investigator, I would be watching the voted ballots at all times, not a moment without eyes on every single ballot, especially now. It has already been set. The Hart tabulator computers, are they really not wi fi? Look into possibility of them hiring military contractors to do surveillance plus on activists?

May the beauty of this day be manifest and made more perfect by each of us

Chart for today- Wow is all I am saying. May the highest aspects Neptune and Pluto together with Saturn and the rest Most Auspicious for the spectrums of light to be expanded and multiplied.
How private is privatization?

Monday, October 21, 2013

only a pawn in their game

"Only A Pawn In Their Game" Dylan Cover

A bullet from the back of a bush took Medgar Evers' blood
A finger fired the trigger to his name
A handle hid out in the dark
A hand set the spark
Two eyes took the aim
Behind a man's brain
But he can't be blamed
He's only a pawn in their game.

A South politician preaches to the poor white man
"You got more than blacks, don't complain
You're better than them, you been born with white skin" they explain
And the Negro's name
Is used it is plain
For the politician's gain
As he rises to fame
And the poor white remains
On the caboose of the train
But it ain't him to blame
He's only a pawn in their game.

The deputy sheriffs, the soldiers, the governors get paid
And the marshals and cops get the same
But the poor white man's used in the hands of them all like a tool
He's taught in his school
From the start by the rule
That the laws are with him
To protect his white skin
To keep up his hate
So he never thinks straight
'Bout the shape that he's in
But it ain't him to blame
He's only a pawn in their game.

From the powerty shacks, he looks from the cracks to the tracks
And the hoof beats pound in his brain
And he's taught how to walk in a pack
Shoot in the back
With his fist in a clinch
To hang and to lynch
To hide 'neath the hood
To kill with no pain
Like a dog on a chain
He ain't got no name
But it ain't him to blame
He's only a pawn in their game.

Today, Medgar Evers was buried from the bullet he caught
They lowered him down as a king
But when the shadowy sun sets on the one
That fired the gun
He'll see by his grave
On the stone that remains
Carved next to his name
His epitaph plain:
Only a pawn in their game.

Sunday, October 20, 2013


We have to be bigger than fear To think deep into the future and work backwards for new conclusions. Good music all music and art should be held in the public commons.

or a more modern version

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Patriots wake up

I can't find the true version of Hurricane and this and others have been externally muted. The Lyrics stopped Interesting. Intentional- what would make me think that??

Our rights as citizens to vote are being undermined in a slow and calculated manner.
I opened my San Juan County- Washington- ballot yesterday and there were the bar-codes. Unnecessary bar-codes that undermine my trust in the security of our ballots. I called the Secretary of States office and seemed to get the Hart Voting System sales representative who also gets paid by our state government. Her name is Patty Murphey and I am 99% sure that she was the same women that I spoke with about ten years ago when I heard that Sam Reed wanted to install paperless voting ballot machines in our state. She then sounded like a sales rep for paperless ballots. She is now in charge of voting security (she told me) in Washington. Bar-codes for triangulation of the ballot was first out of her mouth. The answer to this is everybodies bar-code could be the same to triangulate. The other reason stated as to why they now use of Bar-codes is so that the ballots are impossible to cast twice- that could be remedied by embossing the ballot after the vote is cast. The next statement from Patty was its to expensive to change. I say to this, then, lets count the ballots by hand. Have protected chains of custody. And an active State Attorney General who investigates and prosecutes intentional Election Fraud.
To top it all off I heard from Tim White that our San Juan County ballots will be sent to a private company to be counted.this election Wow. I see so many flaws and possible scenarios where our votes could easily be confiscated that I could write a pamphlet. Let your mind wonder into that territory.... The territory of having billions of dollars, with the the ability to install the candidates and referendums of your choosing. Wake up America- this is not a foot ball game- We all are in this democracy together, we need to have our votes secure in the way we cast them and not just to 'believe' that our votes are secure.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Voter Sovereignty 'Trust Us'

I opened the mail to the barcodes thaI I thought would be gone on my ballot for November

my son said he could hear me yelling into the phone from the other side of five acres.
Screeches erupting. It seems so obvious to me that I end up
yelling at people who already see the obvious- oops
the umbrella of embarrassment held over my head
Free style say what ever Then I hear that they are outsourcing the vote count. shipping our votes off Island... Incredulous seem to be the word.
Patty Murphy from the secretary of States office quickly sells the barcodes. Hart election systems with barcodes in twenty five counties. She appears to be the main sales rep for Hart voting system. I say it would be cheaper to vote count be hand.
My country, and the myth of goodnes, this Earth, and all life, is the core of my mission this life .
can I be me, when I write or just talk? Three planet fires- Uranus and Pluto Leo Sag Moon. Moon fire spues and erupts before I can edit. Add water and air and expansive Earth you get steam rising from mud. thats what it feels like sometimes and I can't help but fling the mud. Like the Orangutang in the San Diego Zoo flings shit at us humans.
Full Moon this moment
Sun on my Neptune so I may as well slip into Neptunium description of our times

Black moon Lillith in Cancer
Sovereignty the feminine
The suppressed feminine of the tribe in us all
Neptune in Pisces today, waves floating free form
in the nick of time I see someone seeing
the light on the breaking wave speak of jumping into the future to guide today
truely I say- it is the only way which gets us out of the mess of programming that we live under. Programmed to live in fear. Self blugeon free thinking.The fear of them killing or taking us or our loved ones..Ancestral survival, by submission or war.
then the question is- When I write, should I chain myself to what others already believe? Tethered is what that feels like. No, I will leave what I wrote.

Who is my audience anyway besides Lil' ole me?

Huricane Lyrics

Bob Dylan - Hurricane Lyrics video
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Bob Dylan Hurricane Lyrics
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Songwriters: SMITH, MINDY
Pistols shots ring out in the barroom night
Enter Patty Valentine from the upper hall
She sees the bartender in a pool of blood
Cries out "My God they killed them all"
Here comes the story of the Hurricane
The man the authorities came to blame
For something that he never done
Put him in a prison cell but one time he could-a been
The champion of the world.

Three bodies lying there does Patty see
And another man named Bello moving around mysteriously
"I didn't do it" he says and he throws up his hands
"I was only robbing the register I hope you understand
I saw them leaving" he says and he stops
"One of us had better call up the cops"
And so Patty calls the cops
And they arrive on the scene with their red lights flashing
In the hot New Jersey night.

Meanwhile far away in another part of town
Rubin Carter and a couple of friends are driving around
Number one contender for the middleweight crown
Had no idea what kinda shit was about to go down
When a cop pulled him over to the side of the road
Just like the time before and the time before that
In Patterson that's just the way things go
If you're black you might as well not shown up on the street
'Less you wanna draw the heat.

Alfred Bello had a partner and he had a rap for the corps
Him and Arthur Dexter Bradley were just out prowling around
He said "I saw two men running out they looked like middleweights
They jumped into a white car with out-of-state plates"
And Miss Patty Valentine just nodded her head
Cop said "Wait a minute boys this one's not dead"
So they took him to the infirmary
And though this man could hardly see
They told him that he could identify the guilty men.

Four in the morning and they haul Rubin in
Take him to the hospital and they bring him upstairs
The wounded man looks up through his one dying eye
Says "Wha'd you bring him in here for ? He ain't the guy !"
Yes here comes the story of the Hurricane
The man the authorities came to blame
For something that he never done
Put in a prison cell but one time he could-a been
The champion of the world.

Four months later the ghettos are in flame
Rubin's in South America fighting for his name
While Arthur Dexter Bradley's still in the robbery game
And the cops are putting the screws to him looking for somebody to blame
"Remember that murder that happened in a bar ?"
"Remember you said you saw the getaway car?"
"You think you'd like to play ball with the law ?"
"Think it might-a been that fighter you saw running that night ?"
"Don't forget that you are white".

Arthur Dexter Bradley said "I'm really not sure"
Cops said "A boy like you could use a break
We got you for the motel job and we're talking to your friend Bello
Now you don't wanta have to go back to jail be a nice fellow
You'll be doing society a favor
That sonofabitch is brave and getting braver
We want to put his ass in stir
We want to pin this triple murder on him
He ain't no Gentleman Jim".

Rubin could take a man out with just one punch
But he never did like to talk about it all that much
It's my work he'd say and I do it for pay
And when it's over I'd just as soon go on my way
Up to some paradise
Where the trout streams flow and the air is nice
And ride a horse along a trail
But then they took him to the jailhouse
Where they try to turn a man into a mouse.

All of Rubin's cards were marked in advance
The trial was a pig-circus he never had a chance
The judge made Rubin's witnesses drunkards from the slums
To the white folks who watched he was a revolutionary bum
And to the black folks he was just a crazy nigger
No one doubted that he pulled the trigger
And though they could not produce the gun
The DA said he was the one who did the deed
And the all-white jury agreed.

Rubin Carter was falsely tried
The crime was murder 'one' guess who testified
Bello and Bradley and they both baldly lied
And the newspapers they all went along for the ride
How can the life of such a man
Be in the palm of some fool's hand ?
To see him obviously framed
Couldn't help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land
Where justice is a game.

Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties
Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise
While Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten-foot cell
An innocent man in a living hell
That's the story of the Hurricane
But it won't be over till they clear his name
And give him back the time he's done
Put him in a prison cell but one time he could-a been
The champion of the world.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hyak Oddities

something got in my head today
go get some dry ice for Greg, which entails taking the ferry which is always a surreal experience of late.
I am curious -that is my nature my curiosity cannot be stopped- I think I'd get sick if I made it go away.

The last run of the evening -I am on the ferry Hyak. Not many cars on the large ferry after Lopez. That one guy who I always want to be snide with - baldish-fairly tall stands in the middle and directs traffic- military attitude- was there... two serious women are other noticed crew. After Lopez the ferry slows.
I am thinking that I must have dozed. Slowly. Someone gets on the loud speaker and mutters something about a ferry being in the dock and the ferry was going slow because of that - usually the ferry waits in the harbor for docked ferries. So what I saw -almost cracks me up- The guy I saw- assumed him to be crew was leaning against a large black canvas bag- as tall as him...( seemed like he was whistling like in my picture of a cartoon character, trying to look innocent). I stood at the front of the ferry until we started to inch forward again. The interisland ferry- I think -the Evergreen quickly sloppily pulls into the dock - I think to offload a fuel truck..... but why didn't they wait until after we off loaded? Our ferry was thrown into reverse and brought around Friday Island again so we couldn't view the ferry dock. The crew on the Evergreen - a blond with a to thin to be a gun- looked like a measuring stick maybe - was black and looked electronic-a camera? About five girls who looked like a girls sport team were on deck, ready to walk off the ferry (middle or high school age) It all felt odd and surreal is my best description of it. It seems to me that the ferry staff should be studied for their associations. A convenient soft spot. Yoda says- "A target- the ferries seem to be." Internal Terrorism.

I am thinking that the second mate got promoted to Captain Joking something reckless and blazaa in the Hyak Captain's obvious blunder and the ferry is still being operated by either a rookie or someone under the spell of confusion and clatter.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013



Villians of our time
Speaks for that shadow which lurks in the darkness of
Greed. They are example of being possessed. Money is their God. Possessed by the same force that claims safety in creating strife upon our planet.

What in me is like them that I hate them so? Fire against Kerry, Kissenger and Cheney. They are exact in their warped theories of dominance for the good of the whole? They lie to suit their fortunes. May they shrivel and moan today and know what they have done..

When I hate, it is trying to guard my fear. That fear when I see their trails in the sky. Kerry set up the Syria poison is what I think, He is the one who claims that weather modification is a thirteen trillion dollar industry that we cannot suppress. I say chap, your Money is nothing if our planet dies. Money is dust. All this greed is caused by a great separation. Is it my task to look at their sludge? May the guts and stench of war surround their offices and homes today –may they see the demononic force that whispers softly in their ears and may they chose today or be cast out and shunned. My anger is great. It makes me feel and identify the problems but then I need to breath and let the breath heal this snag in my thinking, This infection, blight upon our planet needs to be contained and removed this day and all days forward. A coup for the good. A coup for peace so that the wild will remain free and remain on this good Earth for our grandchildren. May our legacy be unity and Love.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Pike's Pike

Lillith sings to the Drum of Uranus, which calls to Saturn who connects to Neptune to Venus and Mercury who as Hermes, delivers the invitation to Dance and Play

In perpetuity
I ask for the end of

Pike's Massacre of the planet
This invitation
this reminder of an obligation
I call upon the dead to arise from their separation
and attend the parties of light
taking from Lucifer the light stolen from our ancestors blood
The sacrifices , are redeemed and repayed to the rightful heir's
The fear, the malice and the greed for the utter power of destruction is contained and removed to its rightful realm. All who still follow will remain in the debt of the harm they have caused to the families of these dead They now choke on their lies. Every time a marker as iridescent as white phosphorous surrounds their lies and make them impotent and their fate to be removed from the Earth in Perpetuity. Bombers of the true Light that comes from the one god which has many names, Love as One, promised, will come to the aid of anyone who needs light in the darkness. Harmony is restored.
We party with Joy

The hunters moon- we the people- realise our abilities to see the truth
behind the walls of lies and obfuscation Pluto demands enforcement of this proclamation

Sunday, October 13, 2013

owl flies white

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

This is the Beat going down

The New World Order
I'll tell you how its coming down
The fear has warped to anger
Anger at the 'Misinformation'
Anger at the lies
Then its time to turn the anger into the solutions
Using Neptune for
the rolling drum
Using Saturn for the bars to stop the old ways of devastation
Pluto lifting the veil in our hearts diving deep, excavating the pain
that lays hidden in the madness of rulership. Rulership over the power to destroy
Expensive toys that can kill because their penises are shrivelled and are limp
They shrivel and melt as they try to press their buttons to make hell on Earth
Its not about punishment it is more about Saturn and the need to restore harmony in the Solar System
and beyond -
We call on all aids that have been stolen By Empire
Genetically we call upon our ancestors to help us
living and in realms within realms
Our shimmering blood
lights our path
And we are guided and protected
we weave magic
Mercury the weaver
Venus the Warp
Saturn the weave
Uranus the colors and the fireworks of light
iradecent trails show the wake of the shrivelled ones as they plot their own demise

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

eyes= deer?

...anyways...Yesterday I made an attempt to get the 5:50 am ferry. I walked up to my room via the deck. on the stairs, I saw a pair of circular reflections, fairly close together, binocular width, maybe eye width, if you were a deer. but they didn't move a fraction. I have watched animals enough to know the stare down, frozen count. The circles were by the garbage storage= I feel guilty when I think about the area= its such a mess area= the circles didn't move they seemed to be about six feet up like if it were a person with night vision glasses like they had them perched so that they wouldn't move..

So I stay trying to get things that I should of done last night done. I head to the ferry the gate is already closed, with the ferry guys standing facing the shore, still docked. I left. I wanted to . Went home to take better care of my dog , let him out and low to the ground 'by the pond, like a guy on his belly height, were the circles and my dog is running happily towards the circles and the circles did not move. An animal would have been looking for the open exits in quick glances.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dancing with the Stars

I am almost back to watching "The Wall" again. Instead, I am enjoying harvest
month and imagining crystals blooming in Washington DC and the Pentagon
In our most sacred places and everywhere, all can feel as Pluto strips things raw.
We can see with Pluto's eyes - diving deep and coming up pissed and ready to roll.Uranus-
Whew Finally. Carpet bomb with light - Mercury on the North Node -information that is raw and truth filled.
Saturn says no to the hiding and lying and theft. Libra brings us to the scales of Justice-
Corruption in the highest court is revealed and confirmed. Truth and reconciliation

or what we destroy all the wild with the poisons they call good for us? So on ward rainbow warriors with a whoop and a holler-
a jig and yes, a lasso.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Goveration - get it?

Government and corporation

fact: noticed yesterday am,the indoor left -second from the bottom- glass panel is broken. The upper glass, next to the doorknob, was loose,its wood frame, and all. I found two pieces wood that matched the frame of the door window. One inside, one outside. the glass which was broken was found in front on the porch about six to eight inches in front of the door and one small piece inside to the left of the door next to the wall and three inches to the left of the door.

My son seems spooked about it. He says he thought he would have noticed it before he left on the 'red-eye' (early ferry) yesterday.

My sense says screw up, prying the doorknob window panel and it broke the lower pane by accident. Old door much paint, molten paint. I would suspect the usual suspects, a hybrid goveration, mercenary contractors, they still get paid like the weather dopes still get paid (as in weather secret modifiers) and their investors get their secrecy and their magic formulas...and... voile we are sick - we are unsynchronized
I want to refuse to live my life afraid of anyone but that which is within myself.

As the DC cab driver said about the sniper, "you only die once," "I don't want to killed a thousand times -in my mind", is what his statement meant to me, he was from some war zone, I don't remember where, today- Africa or the Mideast (Afghan or Lebanese) or Columbia?- my
memories of.DC cab drivers before the end of October before the most recent Iraq Obscenity...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

To all friends in DC

government shut down oh me oh my Maybe the pentagon can lose its obscenely obese and reckless endangerment patterns. Maybe DARPA can LOSE its funding? Maybe the weather modification unregulated poisons permitted and funded by DC can gasp and be known to all- its past and future goals by the parasitical mind. May they lose their funding. May Prisons lose their funding. May Mega
Corporations lose their licenses if they do not support the freedom of the wild - nature and people. May we learn to mimic nature in our future. May Capitalism that hurts instead of supports breath its last breath. May Humanity awaken to the stark beauty of this planet and to what a gift we have been given charge over.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

october 1, 2013

I made the mistake of reading the CC instead of meditating. Looked to me like there is a state side something to do with an ambassador and poison rx in Chicago...'dying state secrets' Some woo woo meditation -hmmm?