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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009


They distract us with lies
we pretend to believe
programmed into the hard drive

reboot genetic code to Spirit
knowledge that you -we -are
Spirit – spirit beyond the comprehension of the senses
when unawakened to the divine
Unity within the windings of the physical
Universe within one
dancing cell
created in “the image and likeness of God”

Here we/I am. I keep fighting fighting fighting
that which is not true
the ruthless plan
which has no sway in the Divine Mind
The Sun is stronger than all Dark Deeds that create deception upon this world
I must keep my candle lit
to reflect the light that created all things
and to learn the power and the truthe of Love
Love beyond measure
Tender it is seeded in the heart of every child
every man every women every thing seen and unseen
Love is the measure of my life
Tears open the heart of man

Monday, March 9, 2009

Its snowing - growl

Here are my observations of 'making it snow'
The jets spray an aerosol ( you can see the plume - if you look- laying down a lower level of coolant. Tthe coolant actually has an odor and to me seems the most dangerous of all the recipes of note - ( that they are currently using) but not more dangerous than recipes in the queue
the coolant tends to be invisible except if you are looking
(which the vast majority aren't) you can see a metallic muting of the blue
like looking through tinted glass.
Then they move into moisture more persistent con trails which is layered either in a grid or very close to other clouds. They are getting more skilled at disguising their weather 'experiments'. It has nothing to do with helping curb global warming. It has everything to do with control of human populations. Of muting our brightness. 03/09/09 09:10:30 AM

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hush Little Warrior Hush

I so very much want to write a happy note
I want to bury my head under a blanket
and not see the metallic haze
I want to go knee deep in the beloved swamp
and watch the beauty of life
the swans, the frogs croaking today at noon
I want to fly to the central mother to be cradled
and reassured
I want to hop and dance and sing to the glorious spring
Hula in a gentle breeze
But the warrior in me keeps the sword and quiver at its own call
and I am back lopping off heads of the ones who harm this sacred Earth on this sacred day. Breath - I hear in the wind - breath

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Two spirit guides looking into a bowl of water or crystal
tall beings with shimmering robes and an ethereal light around them. Song playing beginning stance of ”what if God was One of Us?” Hubble Slides of screen sparkles Maybe strobe lites set above and below.

Narrator: The realms of mind How many levels are there?
How many dimensions are in one breath of ones life. How many dimensions are beyond the grasp of our senses but they are never beyond our imagination.

Light comes on in a room.
Ella up at night. On her knees, Praying “Dear God- Where the hell are you? How can this be happening and why am I the only one who notices? God! Where are you? I need your help! Show me how to go.” on the right side of stage: set is partitioned from Ella
>Being One: (Jersey accent) Shhh! It would take all of the fun out of it- if they knew!
>Being Two: But, but...She is asking for help.
>B1: They like the story, I'm telling you, THEY Like the Story!
>B2:But she's really nice, and they are about to grab her ...

>B1: Every one down there wanted to forget. See its in their contract right here.... Even her contract.... Where is that thing....
>B2:( looks a little guilty and starts to whistle.)
>B1; See they're having fun with the density, The contrast is what they came in for.
>B2: She is just trying to help Earth. We should be assisting her and she is so sweet and no one even sees her there.
>B1: SWEET! Look at her about four life times ago, She , I mean- HE is lopping off heads and setting them up on sticks. Saweet!
She's just pretending to be sweet.
>B2: You don't know her!
And she's been begging for help. Every night and day she asks.
>B1 snickering but she doesn't ask with a singing heart- she snivels a lot.

>B2 oh you're loving this, you should be with the other side. ...
you have the rules. Rules with no meaning. Someones got to help her!

SCENE Fades we see Ella with her sign and an armfull of pamphlets. Looking bedraggled. Her sign says in hand painted letters:

people cross the street to avoid her. She hands a paper to a man walking by her. He takes the paper and without looking at it he throws it away.
Give actors And director license to create crowd and their reactions to Ella but includes Lady Ones comments and Man tossing info paper.
>Lady One: stops and looks at her 'they are just ice crystals Its normal no ones doing it on purpose!
>Ella: (whiney) They have patents and they spray it on purpose
they say its to stop globel warming but....
>Lady one: (shakes her head and walks away)

Scene fades to a dark corner smokey dark shadowy beings

>Shadow one: “I thought you said the subliminal programming would work”
>Shadow two: She doesn't have a TV and we haven't figured out how to embed it on the internet yet.

>Shadow one: we gotta send the boys to get her.
>Shadow two: no ones even noticed her, let alone believed her,
Why don't cha leave the kid alone?
>Shadow one: To big a chance...

Scene fades to Beings
>Being 2: The ice men are coming to get her. (upset)
I'm calling Michael (Archangel ) When he says Michael the lighting reveals Michael a large beautiful angel with a bright sword – barely lit and not noticeable to the beings
>Being 1: I'm calling God. Remember we are not supposed to help unless their vibration is right!
When he says God an Orb of white and rainbow light about a foot round (for now)appears and is not noticeable to the Beings.
>Being 2: Well they'll probably drug or even kill her....
If we don't help her, the collective will probably all kill themselves along with the planet.
>Being 1: I gave up on these mutants a long time ago' I want a transfer to another planet . dreamilyOne with two or three moons. Background is a screen with some Hubble picture of the Milky Way or another Galaxy.
Hey! Exited now Do you remember after Atlantis - when we had to sever the two sides of their brains so they wouldn't have the power they had and then they got the boot! That was kinda....
>Being 2: I was against that...

scene fades:to Ella being arrested by goons (in police uniforms that don't quite fit) “for copying a movie on her DVD player and not paying some taxes. One goon says the movie another says taxes. AS they arrest Ella
Ella: what about Themes? Would you take care of her?
She asks one of the goons He looks at her with utter surprise
End of Scene One

Scene Two: Will include: The GREAT COUNCIL is CALLED by Being two and shadow 2 who meet and align – while the Saturn ruled Being One and Shadow One argue for ignoring the collectives prayers because they aren't perfect COUNCIL WILL INCLUDE ANGELS, GOD, A THRONE -PRINCIPALITIES AND A GUIDE REPRESENTITIVE (or more guides and shadows) and the BOSS MAN ie Devil slick blond man Arms Dealer (who loves his job) with his minions and goons– with directors discretion but includes some format using elements such as in notes below:

Notes: Jesus only speaks only Aramaic but beams light every where some feel it, others follow the shadow's guy who is pretending to be Jesus speaks with a booming, scary, echo-ing voice. . God laughs at everything and says 'whatever.... Its all good'. Archangel Micheal gets the go ahead to help Ella to save the world after Being 2 and Shadow 2 get together to petition to help Ella...the hidden contract emerges with the small print (free will) as the ruling factor.........but is it on time? Divine timing that the end the two ones get sent to Earth as human cousins . In a poor town in somewhere in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

Note: Ambriel Name of Ella's cat Ambriel -prince
“by Gemini they stand”OER:
Themis is an ancient Greek goddess. She is described as "of good counsel", and was the embodiment of divine order, law, and custom.

End cast sings “god was one of us” with lyrics in background
Encourages audience to sing.