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Friday, September 25, 2015

duck 11/11

IT is funny how my mind chews on something and then it loops around for me to gnaw on it some more... smore . I am studying hypnotherapy and in that I am becoming more aware of my own thinking and I AM ever the conspiracy glommer.
YESTERDAY (i heard that it was moments after the Chinese 'President' left Ride a Duck a large tourist something mer other- and amphibious vehicle crossed the center line of Aurora Bridge hitting an oncoming chartered bus. the wheel was rumored to have either fallen off or blew. Details were conflicting. The local Fox news channel said four were dead and many (the nubers went up to 47 injured and now say 11 critically. the key word that agitates me is Aurora, others like me will know why. 11/11 is one of those numbers that ole lizard brains love. I would be odd enough to say that it is a sacrifice for something bigger on NOVEMBER 11. is it a valid theory or only my brain candy that is empty of nourishment? I hope I never know and someone else prevents the lizards from playing their demented games.

i'm ADDING THIS ON MONDAY OCT. 12, 2015 On the rida a duck' vehicle were a bunch of students from North Seattle Community College. So no it looks like the neo illumi lixard brained heartless cads were planning the shooting, down in Oregon.. OREGON DUCKS Aurora shootings. 'THEY' Love leaving clues. they love doing things in front of our faces.
they are herding us with fear. I thank God that I DIDN'T DRIVE THRU ROSEBURG OREGON WHEN i went to CALI because 'THEY' were having a pre shooting PRACTICE drill and setting up for their crime.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Drunk Raven lifts heavy into crooked
Flight through the columns of trees
Miller Gold at the side of the road tipped
In an offering
Moths gone from the windows at night
Bees done, chemical rain, birds that disappeared
Sometimes I see collapse because of ignorance and arrogance
Simple whores instead of scientists

I will ignore it for now
The ticking tock of mist as a carrier for something dire
The snitch sniffs my shoulder
Ignore, ignore, don’t see
Bless all