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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Reading the Executive Orders section

Readings The WhiteHouse Website briefing room presidential actions

Dayton, Ohio
, 1903 take flight? by presidential proclamation,
I am not so mad at the press sec these days
I am trying to stay out of the whole charade but it is in my nature
to dive bomb the information (or lack of information)
I am like a moth frying itself on a candle.

As my mom would say quoting someone else...'Distraction from distraction with distraction'
stars in cartoon form around my head 'CRASH - BOOM' in a bubble over it.
As Jim Self would say. "The solution is formed as soon as the question is formed." So I need to learn to ask the right questions...
To them everything is code. (they waste their time)

Hey You! sleeping Mystic

the movie the Wall is above replacing a video that is now 'private'. I can't remember if it was a song from the who or from the wall?
So you thought you might like to,
Go to the show.
To feel the warm thrill of confusion,
That space cadet glow.
Tell me is something eluding you, sunshine?
Is this not what you expected to see?
If you wanna find out what's behind these cold eyes,
You'll just have to blow your way through this disguise.

I keep going back to watching the Wall. To me it is balancing to the male energies imbalance I am studying with Jim Self via the Webinar
archives on the Website - Mastering Alchemy Amazing help that he and his companions are. Thank you Jim and co. There is a mystic wave coming in - so cool so refreshing so lovely. I am looking for the stepping stones in the water during a storm. The puzzle before me. I never liked puzzles with missing pieces -.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Since Clinton is still in charge of the Implementation of "the plan"
we are seeing another "Telecommunications Act" only this time in the gueis of a "Internet Neutrality " FCC act. another capitulation so I officially withdraw from the Third Dimensional
Drama and use the New wave, telepathy INTERNET. .

I'll choose the glint.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Space Jam clip

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Line of the Week

My favorite line of the week_Jon Stewart asking his guest, "What are you Mowgli? as he turns and looks behind him. I wanna say that every time someone starts to lie. I'm still laughing at that response.

If THEY kill Julian Assange...I hear a giant drum

If Wikileaks creator Julian Assange accidentally dies in custody, if he is tortured, or if he conveniently commits suicide,there will be full frontal assault on all systems. things are not very secure. Designed for failure. Default. You don't have to be Psychic to know that. What say you?

Victory Shall Be Mine - sayeth the Lord

Sunday Morning
Dark before the dawn rainy
dark at three thirty in the afternoon
It's hard not to just curl up and read a book
a cork in my energy has to be removed. So much gunk surrounding it
Like being stabbed in the heart
memories of the fall surrounds and overwhelms
us all
We spent years trying to recover only to be hacked to pieces with the remnants of our true selves located light years away.
I just wandered on to some aryan nation sites. Woo doggy, the walking wounded- almost zombies= talking about bombing our cities in their songs. Trying to look at them without fear and then anger. Its hard. It is also hard to not want to take a wand or a rifle and blast them away. Somehow, I think thats what took us down the first few times, floods,earth changes Atlantis you know. They've genetically programmed us not to forgive. Cut off from the heart. the heart is encompassed by crevices so deep a mote of overwhelming sadness hemorages we feel we are pulled off a cliff. Grief for what we have done. Forgiveness. the balm
is destruction for the ego, which in its job to protect, it smothers the cries of the infant in its beauty.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

write a litte letter

December 13, 2010
written to Randi Rhodes while listening to her show

I voted and I am one of those who are bitching and moaning because Obama keeps ignoring the base saying we have no choice but to go along. He didn't even come to the health-care table with single payer on it. He said Holder would challenge the weed law in California if it passed. He had Holder challenge the judge on don't ask don't tell. It feels like like a game of pretend that says "we want this". but we really want to not have our corporate masters
punish us.. I'm just saying- Randi- we need change and the leadership hs failed us many many times times even before Obama from Bush/ Gore - Dashel- I know-to letting Alito and Roberts get in and lie under oath. Now, we have Republicans owning the House. I utterly and fully blame the Democrats for this. whiney whimpy cNew Democrats- Corporate Democrats. Member of the Family Democrats. Thats who I blame. I don't blame the uninspired busy people who can barely raise their family in shelter for not voting.

Let's get rid of Reid. Get a progressive in. Change the filibuster rule. Then I might be happy and I might forgive Obama his duck and cover tactics an his fear of standing. Randi. He needs to invite us back . I voted for my Senators and even my congress member, though he made me furious a few times. That said, Obama was lucky he didn't lose the Senate, because his base is his engine and he keeps given it the wrong kind of gas (like making the Republicans the spectacle that they are). They could have stayed in session until the New Years. The Republicans are lazy and would have cried uncle on the unemployed so they could get home to their parties and yachts. Obama better stop undermining his base because we ain't feeling it.
I want our country to thrive. Obama made mistake after mistake by ignoring his base like by not changing the Senate rule in the first place. It makes him look like he's playing pretend with handlers that have weapons sticking in his back. I actually really truly believe he could be one of our best Presidents, but am astounded at his lack of showmanship.
I got to get Zen and breathe and know that it is all "struts and frets" as we mangle our lines.
Love to you, Nancy Brickman Friday Harbor

Peace and Happy Holidays Randi!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Note to Steph show

That should be the battle cry:'RESTORE THE FILIBUSTER' to that which it should be...stand on the floor and talk and pee in a bucket and keep standing until its over and
'GET RID OF HARRY REID' as Senate Majority Leader ' Harry has failed the nation. I will no longer be a democrat if we continue to cave. I'll be in a cave somewhere, watching the collapse of a myth.,I, again, applaud Jim Ward.
Sincerely , Nancy Brickman Friday Harbor wa

ps I have backed off the cliff but still am on the mountain.

New Leadership and Senate Rules

Dear Patty Murray,
I believe that Obama is making a grave mistake by conceding to the Republicans without a fight, so the Congress and Senate now have to defy him. I understand that the economy needs the stimulus of money in the hands of the middle class and poor. but it seems that the leadership has allowed the filabuster to be used in a way that it never was intended. It was intended that the one who filibusters stand in the chambers for the whole extent of the filibuster. Because of weakness of the leadership we have gridlock. ?Get a nw leader next session. Harry Reid is worse than Tom Dashell, who I celebrated when he lost his seat. He has wilted on the most important issues. Reid needs to go. The rules need to be revamped. Filabuster should only be used in extreme cases and they need to stand when they do. I am about to change back to being and independent and stand back and watch things crumble. Thanks Patty. I am a liberal who thinks we need a new new deal and not a prison industrial state with popper prisons and no 'entitlements' Privatized every thing and dirty dirty air. That's where we are heading because of the leadership not because of the Republicans.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

No Obama capitulation.

I feel betrayed by Obama. He could have held strong making the Republicans show their cruel cards. I will not be voting for him next election. I will vote for a third party candidate. As a part of his base, I don't like being kicked in the teeth again I was a part of his engine and I feel sad to turn my back on him now.. The Republicans still want to take him down and they will because Obama's engine doesn't run on lies, like the Republican engine does. He takes to much off the table to fast- thats why the dems lost the House. I am a bleeding heart liberal who thinks that things must change. My hope is lost for Obama. You make to many excuses for him and I think it is job related. These unfunded tax cuts will take this country down. The Hypocrisy is of the right astounding and to have Obama concede without a good fight destroys his credibility. Its looking like we all will be calling the rich "master" or be in slave prison camps. Not what I want for my kids or myself. This world has to have a new dream and maybe letting it crumble will teach us whats right and whats wrong. Obama is weak and the right will always call him 'boy'.

I am thinking Bloomberg at least we know he was a Republican. I may have to stop listening to the radio and TV again to regain my ability to think my own thoughts and not have my emotions constantly agitated. Obama is not the change that I can believe in. We need fierce defence Obama gives bj's in exchange for a kiss.
Sincerely Nancy Brickman Friday harbor WA

Note - I wrote that to Randi Rhodes today while standing on top of a cliff with the wind twirling around me. I don't mean it about Bloomberg if I really look at him. I can't say the ticket I'd love to see. To early. Obama Obama Obama, I still love you. I can't help it. but boy do you
rile me up and piss me off. I hope you can look at the Wall. There is writing on it....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ann Coultoe Perfected?

Absurdity that Christ didn't talk of Laws. He said that Love is the Law. . That Ann Coulter is a Christian is Psycho babble She is in the fire pit with a match in her hand and a gas can by her feet. She's gonna burn. Fry. Awful stench. . Fed EX baby!

Friday, December 3, 2010

slate poem word 'Scintillant'+

Adj. 1. scintillant - having brief brilliant points or flashes of light; "bugle beads all aglitter"; "glinting eyes"; "glinting water"; "his glittering eyes were cold and malevolent"; "shop window full of glittering Christmas trees"; "glittery costume jewelry"; "scintillant mica"; "the scintillating stars"; "a dress with sparkly sequins"; "`glistering' is an archaic term"
aglitter, coruscant, fulgid, glinting, glistering, glittering, glittery, sparkly, scintillating
bright - emitting or reflecting light readily or in large amounts; "the sun was bright and hot"; "a bright sunlit room"

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MB -Raw

-“OK” she said to him. He was mad because she had been telling people about him. She said, “It's fiction, nobody believes it unless they already know. And if they know, then they are allies. So whats the big deal?” He muttered trying to figure out what she just said.
Astrid looked at him. Trying to formulate the right question so she could proceed, “Do you remember “Highlander' , the TV show? 'There can be only One.'? “ He looked up. “Yeah” he rm

“Only 'there can be only one' means 'all of us - together” she said, with a question at the end, searching his eyes for understanding. A glimmer. Small. But a glimmer.

She sees the blue orbs Helpers are on the edge of the veil. . He is allowing some communication but his waking mind, ruled still by the ego, captures Agitates the fear, like dirty bubbles it froths into anger at the grief beneath the surface of his waking world. How can he straddle the change and still be in the game? His mind can't figure it out on the level he is trying to find the solution in. She feels like she is playing quidich. In a Harry Potter novel. She aims again while avoiding energetic attacks. “ You gotta dream it up first. Then ask. Release. “ “I don't know how to explain it and you are pissing me off . I can't do this today “ she yells as if she wants to spank God for trying to get her to formulate her knowing into words. She would rather just float with it without words.
She's wanting a whip, snap. Getmup moveem out. Rawhide.
3DShe gets out of her chair where she had been Meditating or what ever . She figures most would say its a day dream OK she thought daydream meditation. What the Hell? Him again. “Why was I so mad at him?”

Then he went missing. She made an effort not to conjure him and it was like a vacation.
Then the world seemed like it was breaking apart for her . Car, dishwasher and oven. She wonders why at certain times things came in intense waves Then she looks at the moonlight on the water. A storm was brewing. The seagulls were in the field.

Feeling the collective shiver she wrapped a blanket tight around her shoulders.. Sleep. Slumber Cold Water. She looked out to the moonlight on the waves. Like a broken path the moonlight beckoned. A siren in the rocks. Away away. She took a breath . She had to go to work at the Ruby Shore Grocery. She couldn't think bigger today. She had to deal with people. She was feeling-flinchy and really sensitive. .

Once she got to the store. She was kind of glad to see everyone who worked there. Ahh, they bought her a birthday card. She had forgotten that it was her own birthday. Geeze.

Work brought her back to Earth. She felt like she had to appear normal. Not gasp when she felt a bolt of energy wham her in the gut. Not turn around every time she felt someones gaze. She couldn't talk about feeling like she was always underwater with currents and jetties flowing past and through her. She couldn't talk about her assignment in the other realms. Work was good structure. She had to learn to manage the public force, Pretend like she and everyone else was normal. "Thems the rules" she thought.

She was practicing looking at people without trying to fix them. You know, someone with a limp and she felt bad for them.

"I am not in the flow for this at all I want to write with wings and not be tethered" Astrid wrote in her journal when she got home from the Grocery. .She was angry at every one. No she didn't want to go out to eat. She wanted to be alone. Always wanted to be alone. Kind of odd, she thought. but she liked her connections to be superficial, except with a few people that she trusted her life to she was suspicious that someone would hurt her deeply. So she ran instead of standing like a flower with a smile. She would scowl at a man she was attracted to and then get animated with men she just knew. She kind of wondered if she would ever get over that? Someone would have to see her gig in order to love her. That she knew. And so far she hadn't felt safe, kindred But she liked the freedom of aloneness and wondered if she could absorb another into her life. She'd done it before and has battle scars and bruises still. Aimed at her heart, Yes it had been broken and No it did not mend. Remnants of ripped flesh is how she still feels. She doesn't understand how she could pray and pray and pray with know remark or sign or angels. Only desolation. So she moved West. As West as she could. She loved it in Seaside. She had a cat, Whiskers. He came with the cabin. The women had died leaving the cabin and the cat, to be sold fast to give her only son the cash. Astrid felt she had lucked out with it and was glad to have a cat, finally.She figured out her desolation brought fer there and that was good - even great. She loved watching the waves the pelicans and gulls surfing on the wind above the waves. She felt a force there. It made her feel sane for the first time in her life.

"i think.... " DR. STRANGELOVE

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rage at CJ john Roberts errrrrrrr!

Emotions wild raw stinky
Why did the Pope, this fall,
give the OK for male prostitutes to wear condoms?
Could there be an aids epidemic in the Catholic Church?
I'm just asking. " No, don't ask.because the question itself leaves the implication".

"So close your curious eyes and breath shallowly and give us a "MOO" "

mb 3 - Senility

She is trying to explain to him so he'll remember something. It feels impossible she thinks. The day is drizzly and cold. Oh China. Or was it Russia the fall of the czar the crazy grab for power, it was like ant fights. Red ants, green ants, black ants. All put together to fight for sugar. Poison sugar. That was Russia, a most beautiful city, turned into a heap of worthless junk self leveling. Sad. War chests grew. The Elite puff their chests look how powerful we are. We can make them do that to each other while we grow rich and fat and perverse in our rituals. He doesn't remember. She thinks it's like he's senile. Every one is Senile she thought.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Kadosh Kadosh Kadosh


Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. Where have you been? It's alright we know where you've been. You've been in the pipeline, filling in time, provided with toys and Scouting for Boys. You bought a guitar to punish your ma, And you didn't like school, and you know you're nobody's fool, So welcome to the machine. Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream. You dreamed of a big star, he played a mean guitar, He always ate in the Steak Bar. He loved to drive in his Jaguar. So welcome to the machine.Pink ?Floyd 'The WALL'

We stomp on our Heroes

It makes me weep
to think of the blindness of a nation whose dreams could be the greatest being ripped away because the lie breaths poison air and spreads it like a virus into your mind
etched in the blatant swaggering lie, but the button of horror keeps us from viewing the blossoming vine amongst the waste.They've stolen more than a third of life on Earth and we: Are we Human if we are not humane? A lower man seeks glory in the power over another. We rise. We rise. We rise. Light equals information. Truth. Thank you Bradley. Thank you John. Heroes I bow before you.
Bradley Manning -Whistle blower Helicopter /Iraq wiki leak
and you mfoes with your lists and your control freak attitude can worry and fret and know you bastards will get sucked in by the Sunami and I'll be dancing and singing and laughing and I will sigh a sigh of relief. How could you, anyway?

fiction MB 2

As soon as she realized that they sit back to back when in conversation, it switched. She was in a red crushed velvet evening gown as his sentry. They danced before he had to go. Now they speak with their foreheads together, without uttering a word aloud, they understand each other in the crystalline patterns of their brain waves.
"Odd" he thought, In waking consciousness he doesn't remember. Only a vague sense of relief and gathering his energy back. He had been on the brink of leaving the planet, with a flag draped over his casket.

His wife shattered and splintered with despair. She has also been under a mountain of energetic attacks. She tries to keep the happy face when she cringes in embarrassment and worry. She can't leave now. He is at the pinnacle of his career. A world famous actor. A household name. Everyone loves him except for the media which runs after him and records every word he says and twists it in an unrecognizable way so he looks like a fool instead of a magi.

His closest friend and confidant is under an even more massive attack. He is a famous basketball player, who forgets that he can't speak his mind under any circumstances. He did. He was mad about the security check when he was flying last week. The media then had a girl of eighteen say that he took her to his hotel room and held her against her will and raped her. He had never noticed the girl before. His wife left him over it. There was supposedly video of the eighteen year old going into his room.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's been a while since the Supreme Court didn't feel above the Laws

Article III:1

The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services a Compensation which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

">The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior,

dark knight new moon

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fiction - Merlin's Brother

They sat with their backs touching, hardly ever did they have their talks face to face
they would lean into each others backs feeling secure

It was like they were captured in a sheet of glass. She would say look at this pattern and he would look. Both looking at the same thing. Both seeing completely different aspects.

That can be a good thing-in a strategic way- but it can hinder the way forward when discounting the other because each sees a different bend in the prism.

She had rescued him in this realm where they meet. He has been walled off from his knowledge. He had been a wizard and in her mind he still is. He was her teacher and now he has forgotten and that almost got him killed/

In three D she works at the main grocery store in Seaside. She lives ten miles down the road from the store. In a little cabin on the shore. She, if you met her, would not strike you unless you kind of were a bit confused after she gave you your change.

She has a hard time feeling normal in the day to day world. "Why does it seem so impossible in the solid world where she is supposed to live?."
She knows there are others - so many others all in suspended animation, when viewed from the realms where she feels the most comfortable.

She learned to be secretive about her "dreams" that's what she calls them. 'Her Dreams'
"Its like straddling stars" she tried to explain to her best friend. Her friend looked at her like she was crazy and didn't talk to her for six months.
Her mantra, she notices, is "nobody understands me"
In the other realms she commands. "

LIBRARY . [In the Library- she can look from a neutral standpoint at the swirls and the patterns of humanity on Earth. Wars could be called metallic imbalance. like a day in the life of God. Epochs can go by like clouds. A sweep of the hand.
She is trying to explain to him who he is. They are in the library now. in the library now
"And then we squish ourselves into this time this place and into our bodies An impossible feat but we do it
The wounds from the past in our Lives and journeys - are the portals that 'THEY' have used to confound and wall us off from the wild creative message of our soul
our souls reel away; Off to another galaxy while in this life we the people say "moo"."
"We are meat to them. See?"

He has been dealing with those she calls "THEM" for a few decades and has been embedded - within and without. He now has a choice.
The hero's journey.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, black friday

Thanksgiving, Black Friday? today that's the new label for the day after Thanksgiving. Hmm who sold us that one? I shouldn't think about Audience because it inhibits my free flow. Though I have been thinking that I should reign myself in and actually produce a finished thought or story or something instead of random rolling thoughts that curlunk on by. but what would it be?
part of me wants to write about = Bill again I lost track of that fictional character Bill raised by Vegas Show girls , smooth talking and hanging Bill. All the ladies thought he was pretty fly for a white guy Bill. He was even blond which is not my standard whoo whoo I lost the paper I had written him on or should I say piles of papers. They are hidden in my piles on piles. But could I resurrect him? I'll start looking. Or write a disciplined researched and factual activist / reporter manner. I can't be a reporter because I am not a speller. One of those. can you report while being an activist or is that not allowed. I am about to suspend this because I'm doing what I tend to do . ramble zig zag. crab

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

frozen skies.

I had a mortifying moment today. What if my Aunt Rita read my blog. OMG. I've told her I swear but I don't think she quite knew what I meant. and then my unsubstantiated accusations that I make..."I'm just saying...." said in Jon steward's Bronx imitation and then I got to thinking what if anybody reads this.. my zigzags and swerves and full of meaning cues for the big guys. but who really has been my audience? They say you know ;'them' not my usual "THEY" more of an intellectual 'they' } They say that a writer needs an audience. So who has been mine? i would say the collective consciousness yep and any one who might stumble upon my collection of thoughts rants and unfinished strands maybe someone can relate.and understand but its mainly for me so I can have a collage of history to prompt memories and inspirations.

It is bloody cold. Did any body else see the edge in the sky today?

Julie Holland chart drugging

Psychiatrist genius Julie Holland informs us why we are "Moody Bitches" and details the unnatural regulators of our cycles
from CoSM blog

Blake identified the main reason we have come to this..


Monday, November 22, 2010


ok I'm hitting it again
they rage
how can 'they' call themselves Christian when 'they' intentionally cause destruction and mayhem? Causing harm to their brother's and sister's with no warmth of heart to reach out and help/ they're not chumps they'd proudly say. I would say they are the quintessential Chumps - missing the point completely.
Stuck in a contorted flinch. will sink one day to the depths of oblivion I won't miss you much.
They don't even try hard to hide it any more.

There I spewed my venom and now I can forgetaboutit.

Rudolf 1948

Not even Thanksgiving - but it feels right with the snow here the trees woosh the snow swirls in dance
trying not to think to far
worry is self imposed
learning the twist
remembering I love the snow [even if its corporate owned]
I still have a happy child in me as I watch the birds flit in joy
patterns of wonder so charished
the joy turns to tears

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Playing the Fool

"Controversy equals fools and wise men -- and the fools know it."

In my youth, I enjoyed taking on ridiculous arguments. I'd debate with anyone, anytime and revel in my ability to feel victorious in my rhetoric. Of course, the truth is that I didn't change anyone's mind about anything. In fact, I finally realized that I was deluding myself and might as well have been reciting limericks to a grilled cheese sandwich.

from: Mo's Corner:
Of Fools and Wisdom

I am still very young in my rhetoric...I need to shift out of the Rebel Archetype and into the Fool with no apologies...because for me lightening the load is 'what it is' Ego and impressions - the fear of rejection. the fear of not being enough, the fear of being downright repulsive - all- the gift of the Ego. If you look at the right and left hemisphere of our (chopped in half) brain - we have been chained to the left hemisphere by our dear "protector' our Ego. this is what Jesus was talking about. but no. We have made God in our image ..... An Egomaniac heartless hater. Oh well, some might miss the boat alas Earth wastes Nothing!

How many Pope Benedict XVI's are there?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

ya ya's

Making the decision that I will not be irradiated in order to fly. I've decided that I will ask to have an opposite sex (male) security officer do the pat down. I need me some thrills. A female patting me down like that would be -oh so - gay!

Chertoff pervert-fascist-that he is, should have been arrested a long time ago. What a world/
I am trying to maintain a sense of humor =the only way is to have preposterous theatre in my mind of people standing up to this ridiculous and dangerous third world torture chamber dream and vision that the monsters of our planet plan. Whoopy I am free in my mind and imagination as long as they keep the drugs out of our food and water..... whoops did I say something wrong or true? Any ways food security is on my mind this morning.

I don't wanna go around screaming "we are doomed" It is a temptation. Come on leaders open your fucking eyes. I woke up with Erik Holder's face in my mind today. He looked so puzzled and concerned. He hasn't been doing much of a job for our country. He's a good little boy don't you know. He will obey the monsters unless someone stands up with strength and conviction. Obama Obama Obama Read the tea leaves. they threaten you. and you listen. what was the 'Missile' con trait a threat? I think it was because it got so much attention.

I just finished 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' At one point Blomkvist finds that one of the rich brothers has been funding the "hibernating fascists".
Well the fascists aren't hibernating now. They are in charge of our decision making in the Security of our Nation. Only they know that we have to remain insecure in order to be controlled. I would reference PNAC. for a study of their plans and wet dreams. They are wounded, twisted, brother's and even more dangerous are the sisters involved. Mama Bush prison lady. But the other part of me has great hope and vision of the capitalist system with planned obsolescence and energy inefficiency and disregard for the environment and the people and creatures of Earth is doomed because it is a blight upon the planet. Money is a construct that we agree on. Maybe we can stop agreeing on it. A global situation where we are being strangled with this economy slated to go down, because then the greed monsters can gobble up the remains of the commons. They have no love for the citizens of the USA> or any other county. They feel genetically superior. Well I got news for them those baby monsters. We the People are genetically being upgraded to the true human stranded in codes of light. and your destructive nature is about to be encircled and controlled. You lose mother furcker's you lose.

Friday, November 19, 2010

puppet master

note to WH 11/28/10
Now we know we don't have a Constitution. TSA Scanners. You know the forth amendment?
We are trained to be cattle instead of human. Dignity denied. Are You gonna say No yet? What was the redo Oath that Justice -betrayer- Roberts made you say - (in private)? I'm starting to wonder? or instead I could do what other innovative people are doing - I could write some good porn over it. Read the Forth Amendment -scholar that we were told you are- or maybe were- TSA is involved with intentionally shredding of what makes our nation great: The Constitution. Where are those who swore to defend the constitution? HMM?
Pissed again, Nancy brickman
January 23,2011
for some reason I am thinking about the Machiavellian position of the Neo cons who think their bloodlines define them. No, there heart defines them. Being told by my Grandpa Les that I am related to Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr was not ever a source of pride for me but a source of shame because Benedict Arnold was the great betrayer of our nation- the Traitor. and Aaron shot
Hamilton. but now I realize that history is always exploited by the winners, the rulers. So how do we know the truth or does it matter? Do we use our intuition? Will we? Do we dare? so I shouldn't go pointing my fingers, it is all moving us forward to the next great awakening. Shame has no part of the shift unless of coarse thats the direction you want to take yourself.

Chiron brought me to Machaelle Small Wright today

Opening a Coning
The Medical Assistance Program (MAP) Coning is a “wild and wooey” technique you can do at home that integrates involutionary input of nature with man's evolutionary development. The healthy being is a balanced combination of these two dynamics. Intent, sincerity, and commitment to a balanced body during the process is essential for an effective coning. It is for those who feel their present medical support–whether traditional or alternative– is not enough.

Conings are for general health balance, regular health issues, extra ordinary health issues, and assistance during expansion experiences. A coning is a vortex of energy that includes nature intelligence's, the medical team and yourself. Within the coning, nature is able to stabilize on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) with the White Brotherhood.
The first coning is a scanning session. Anyone who should be part of your Medical Team for positive purposes will automatically be included when the team is forming.
Devas are bright, shining good spirits in Hindu Mythology. The Deva of Healing is responsible for the architectural force, it's order, organization and life vitality which creates the physical structures found within all human healing.
Pan is the traditional name for the nature spirit who oversees and coordinates the full nature spirit level. He is the CEO of the nature spirit level who takes the blueprints of the Devas and builds them. Pan can work with anyone on the planet anytime they call on him to help.
The White Brotherhood is a large group of highly evolved souls dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws and patterns through all planes and levels of form. They hold the major patterning and rhythms now being utilized for the shift from Picean (Parent/child dynamic) to the Aquarian (teamwork dynamic) era. They assist in the forward movement of evolution. They exist beyond time and history. They are not some white supremacist organization. They include males, females and souls beyond both persuasions and are of all colors. "White" is used to signify ALL the rays of the light spectrum and "Brotherhood" signifies all people and all life.
The head CEO of the Medical Assistance Program is a spirit called Lorpuris. Both Pan and Lorpuris are discussed in one of my favorite metaphysical gardening books, The Findhorn Garden by the Findhorn Community.
Steps to opening a coning:
1. State: "I wish to open a coning. The purpose of the coning is to give my higher self guidance in the areas of _____________________."
2. Say:
    A. " I would like to have the deva of ____________________ in the coning." (Devas can be the deva of healing, deva of nature, deva of relationships, deva of abundance, etc.)
    B. "I would like to have Pan in the coning."
    C. "I would like to be connected with the appropriate members of the White Brotherhood Medical Team working with ____________."
Members of the team can be internists, chiropractors, dentists, specialists of any kind. For non-medical problems ask to be connected to the New Aquarian Dynamic.
    D. "I'd like my higher self to be connected to the coning." 
Pause about 10 seconds in between steps A-D to allow connection. You may feel an energy shift, their presence around you, or you may muscle test they are with you.
    E. Now say, "Please add to the coning the appropriate nutrition, homeopathics, glandulars, flower essences or other appropriate items necessary to complete the coning process."
    F. Now tell your team exactly what you want, what is bothering you (in detail) on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual). The more you let them know you know about your situation, and that it may be connected to the problem you are having, the more doors will open to finding a resolution to the problem.
3. Ask how long it will take to complete the coning process. .
. .______days, _____hours and/or _____minutes. Muscle test to get the answer.
4. Say: "Thank you for your assistance in these matters. When the coning is complete I would like it dismantled."
    A.    Say: "At the appropriate time, I would like to have my higher self disconnected from the coning."
    B.    "I would like to have the Medical Assistance Team disconnected from the coning."
     C. "I would like to have Pan disconnected from the coning." And,
    D. "I would like to have the devas disconnect from the coning."
Things you may feel during or after the coning process: Nothing, gentle body movement, floating sensations, electrical currents throughout your body or specific body parts, pain, emotional released, insights surfacing, crying, tiredness, sleepiness, other.
Reference:  This technique was a bit modified from the original technique written up in the book MAP: The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program 2nd Ed. (c) 1994 by Machaelle Small Wright. For more information on this process you may order Machaelle's book. Call 1 (800)960-8806 or contact her web site at:  Cost of the book last time I checked was $14.95 plus shipping and handling.

grabbed from:

the name 'coning'
It always comes back to the USA reminds me of the Democrats and their inability to message...for instance the name of "the chip program" -( how inept can we be with a name ?- unless winning progressives hearts is not the intention anyway} EGO Tripped No sovereignty no nation. If "they" or better named "it" win(s) these battles we will go down in flames. Shit! see I don't have to listen to the radio to be feeling it. I say to the old school knuckleheads - USE the Media, artfully and it can reveal what is needed - It is our great wound.. I am still screaming and will now try "coning " though the name reminds me of something else. jeeze I can't get away from that loop either.

Neptune says

We are being trained to behave or go to jail Neptune conjunct Chiron (wounded healer) today
where are our wounds as a nation? It be getting kinda obvious to me. Lies and more lies. Hypnotists pocket watch - aptly called the Boob Tube.

I bet a whole bunch of perverts are trying to get jobs at the airports groping same sex men.... Whoo whoo says the train
we are in a whole lot of trouble.
Obama where are you taking us?

Venus is conjunct Neptune in my chart/ I shall write about the battle tonight.

your package will be grabbed

Somehow, I knew, the "Underwear Bomber" was a set up for our dear new custom of a virtual strip search and a groping session. I am finding it extremely funny while having a dire constitutional crisis echoing in our nation. Something about the Fourth Amendment keeps rattling around in my mind..." It will keep us safe,,", means "It will make us rich(er)" The Underwear Bomber existed and was promoted and set up by the forces that bring us what most boys dreamt about as adolescents. [ Why, I remember the X ray glasses and the boys saying that they could see thru my dress.]
I can feel the rats clawing the deep chambers of my nation. We will get what we can envision or we will be chased and gnawed upon. We need to stand and challenge the greed possessed and the fear immersed. There is another way.....
the constitution: “ We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. ”

Bill of Rights The Fourth Amendment

“ The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. ”

Article III:1

The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish. The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services a Compensation which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office.

">The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior,
">The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior,
">The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior,

Oh and Every Congressman and Senator should be under the same scrutiny as Barney Franks! How they would squirm and get viscous if the evidence was promoted and published.

I may let myself watch Democracy Now this week-end I am watching the Daily Show and Colbert Nation again. I am still going to stay away from internet radio for another couple of days. Visualise whirled peas

Thursday, November 18, 2010

let's see where this will lead

I was thinking about something. Let's see what it was?
I've only been listening to the radio in the car. Trying to listen to music. I am healing my wounded Aura. Slashed up its been. My Yoda brain is working.
So I've taken almost a week off of listening to the radio via the Internet meaning not watching my most regular viewing- my favourite avatars - Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Even HayHouse hasn't been allowed. I want to get to a new place. I need to tweek from my own thoughts and not thoughts imposed on me. I am seeing that Obama said yes he would work for us If we work for him he will have the room to work for us. I . At least that was a Jubilee moment. Instead of aiming arrows at him we need to send orbs and ribbons of light towards him and into the halls of congress. There in the star stand the Angles of the Light but the Mantle has been stolen and given to the angles or demons of darkness who call themselves lords and ladies. At least they-- the demons of darkness -- attach themselves to the ones who want to be called Lords and Ladies.

My version of reality in another realm is - The demons have had their fun. They are being given notice and their human counterparts have been notified that this is a free will zone which now means that layers of lies are being etched out of our history so we will find the essence of its meaning by simply asking. Eden is invited back. Hell is evicted. Go figure? Love is the code Light is the code.

That is another reason for making our skies metalic. They don't want a quantum leap in our consciousness. but I say its to late baby. It is happened. .

January 13, 2011
Blood Libel )( sara Palin_) update: Marylin Monroe, Micheal Jackson, Princess Diane, more not the Jews doing it, the Illuminati thinks it gives them power. Not anymore it doesn't. It shows them for who they are and where they are headed. .

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am taking a break

The Swans have returned to the Island.

The lone swan was a sad sight this morning,

like my first record
"There once was an ugly duckling, with feathers all ugly and Gray
.... in so many words said "quack - get out -quack quack get out quack quack get out of town. "

My son is sick again today and is not very interested in college. Forrest's name should be Mars.I don't know how to push him without discrediting him? I would like help, but feel helpless. Forrest is smarter than me and his father- Greg sees the . Greg- his dad does not encourage school. but I don't blame him. Greg went to a Catholic school that tortured his creativity and spirit and then on to public school after that he joined the Army ( mainly to get away from Iowa) . His service was at the end of the Viet Nam War. He was stationed in Panama, Locked down three times but lucked out each time - he didn't get sent to Nam. I loved college but hated High School. Domestication is what I called it.
I am taking break from the media because my energy has been splintered and I have to recollect myself. Sadness and apathy are not energising to me. I will continue to pray for my nation's leaders. And I pray that K street implodes upon itself - the Bastards!

Every time I see someone take a picture of me I want to run after the person and confront them in a not so nice way. Today (at about 12;45 pm) it was sweet lady jane an overweight *about 60 pounds" Dark wavy hair, dark kind lady -* I am so mad. I could scream.
. Like the women who was taking the pictures of every one getting on the ferry at Lopez this Summer. The both of them haven't got a clue that there is 'something wrong with this picture."

Welcome to the beginnings of fascist documentation of the population of who might say no to their ways and may even bring back the Guillotine. who knows? Under ground drug money funds, the massive church surveillance system. What a world. added at 1;30PM 11/16/10

Friday, November 12, 2010

Immortal Technique point of no return

Now don't I remember that Sarah Palin hacked into her successor's email? and doesn't the congress hack each others email? Is'nt that a strategy in ou Goverrnment now. Laws, what Law? Lies? What Lies? Only after the ravages of junk as food and half the peopl e on mind control pharmaceiticals , We are still waking up no matter wht knind of poisons - thought viruses, prison gateways of our minds you have installed, we will wake up and it won't be stopped because you will wake up too. LOL under this anger. rainbow child that I am.

If I Ever Loose My Faith in You - Sting

The church has brought to its bosom
the men who call themselves masters.
whose nightmare has been created out of greed and control.
The Ego ruling its fate
Having a Nazi at its head today.
WE say a prayer for the deceived, Open thine Eye.
To long has it been closed.
The light has been shadowed by the spires of lies.
It is time for you to open

Thursday, November 11, 2010

If I had your Ear

The Wall

Lets take care of our Veterans....They have been betrayed over and over again. May they be healed and supported and may our soldiers be used as warriors for the good instead of drones for the consolidation of power for the few. those who think they know better than the supreme being.

They plot to take down our economy to gorge on its remains. The soldiers -Posse_Comitatus_ - is no more. they drug our soldiers with what ever fog they need to be in to bruise their souls by acting against our trust.

January9, 2011
i am thinking about the speculation that McCain as in John is married to his half sister . an interesting thought.
Bazaar Thoughts floating around the airwaves for me to be ''thinken on''. .

January 12, 2-11 Sarah vibration Makes me want to cry for her.
A reading:Shield in front of heart Looks like an etchoscetch

Her Sixth Chakra in a beam of choice, she believes it is God.
Her injury . sixteenth century punitive torture upon her. She is always in protection of this twist of fate. Lies are a privilege because of the interpretation of Paul's words. The Alignment to the lie is from a lie and swirls its power in its defense of the lies. Power because of fear is her only defense. Her torso is frozen. Little breath. Mars in a tangle with her self esteem. She needs constant validation. If you did that you have an in with her big time. She feels like a little girl trying to be good but feeling like she is tricking everyone.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fiction 2

She sat there looking at her mother slumped over the remote.
She had a dream about it. It was fleeting. They were putting little gadgets into this mass spinal cord in the back of her mother's and millions. Base of the neck. control. Its been 'easy as pie' the voice behind her said. She watched as a priest did a ritual. Almost voodoo but more of the elements. a circle of onlookers. almost like ghosts out of the light. "That is how they do it...".She said as she put the sword under her belt.

clueless or slick? give us justice and truth

W.H. Your budget panel sucks big time! Why not suggest raising the caps on the tax - make the rich pay more and maybe they can donate the SSI checks to charity. I am sick of self important mean people being in charge of telling my Government to destroy itself. You will lose me if you let them have their way with you and the rest of us. Its not about you. Its about us.

Sincerely, Nancy Brickman
a pissed nancy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hey you!

My Dad to me was the most handsome man that I have met. Tall for then, 6'4". A graduate of the Naval Academy. Gentle Goldwater Republican. I remember the Goldwater Rally from my dad's shoulders.. Red white blue and gold. Streamers, hats balloons and signs, singing too. It was fun Energy. My dad had an ulcer and was in chronic pain when I was a child and went to the hospital for a simple operation to repair his stomach and got staph infection, nearly died and stayed in the hospital all summer, through my birthday. My worst birthday. for other reasons. I remember, we, his children, couldn't visit him, back then, so they would wheel him out to a balcony and he would wave. skinny and try to hold back his tears. His parents were alcoholics.. My Grandma Nora, deep and mystical and incredibly sad especially after my dad died- her only child. My dad's father died when he was eighteen. He found him dead in his car on an early school morning.

I did know my Grandpa Les. My Mom's dad. I feel like I am opening a portal of sadness. Do I want to? Already done did it. He would pay us to remember scripture. He was Christian Scientist and a Freemason. My Grandmother Helen was Daughter of the Eastern Star. My Grandma Nora had studied Christian Science and Science of Mind. My mom and dad took us to Christian Science Church out of guilt. Mom would whisper, "Don't tell Grandma that you went to the doctor. We went to Christian Science Church until I was nine or ten then we found the Congregational Church. Dale Turner saw us through the ravages of death with little to much advise. As in all history I will edit my folly(s) at this time.
Christian Science is in my hard-wired belief system.

A little bit of changing HIstory

I never knew that there was controversy about Allendes death. I studied Allende's death in the seventies, when he was murdered in a coup. How easily history is changed. Though we change it, sanitise it , the dead know, the whispers on the wind know. the truth is we need the truth in order to heal. "Governments Lie" I think Howard Zinn or Noam Chomsky said that. I have been watching through the years as my country has brutalised South and Central America,Africa and the Mid East I totally missed East Timor and Indonesia. Empire. Also, in the baby Bush years, we sponsored a failed coup in Venezuela against Hugo Chavez - later when Chavez was at the UN he made his sulphur/devil joke or was he stating his perception of his would be murderer. Now, our leaders want to make us a third world Nation with rich overlords. As long as we have TV , I think we will let them have their way, Unless enough of us wake up and say wait a minute, Earth was meant to hold Eden and not Hell.
"I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its people."
Henry Kissinger

Salvador Allende was Assassinated! Wiki has been purged of the truth about that.

The right is also trying to change the Bible dropping the Gospels call for Love as the most important commandment. Showing their metallic hearts.

"Workers of my country, I have faith in Chile and its destiny. Other men will overcome this dark and bitter moment when treason seeks to prevail. Keep in mind that, much sooner than later, the great avenues will again be opened through which will pass free men to construct a better society. Long live Chile! Long live the people! Long live the workers!"
President Salvador Allende's farewell speech, September 11, 1973.[6]

The blood silently becomes the tilth for our harvest.

Message Subject: Congradulations! relief
Message Text:
Dear Rick, I almost didn't support you in the primary, but ended up voting for you because I saw the exhaustion in your eyes at the League of Women's voters forum in Friday Harbor. You looked and talked like you had given up. I could imagine the forces that you have to deal with daily in your job. I thought 'who'd want to do that?' So, thank-you for your service, please encourage a sharp turn to the left or else everyone loses next time. whoops. The money is tempting, I know, but if you keep a free Internet, that shouldn't be much of a problem, people can start to identify propaganda and lies - if the Dems teach them the skill. YOu got to learn it first. You guys took to much off the table. Like war crimes. Again, Whew, congratulations Rick! Go get them., Nancy Brickman Friday Harbor

Monday, November 8, 2010

Four day old party balloon day

today its been hard to be tethered to Earth, so instead of my list and half ass attempts to get things done I've been vibrating out, in fantasy or what most would call fantasy. I'm kinda looking for the instigation points in my life. Like Henry's brother coming home from Vietnam. His stories still haunt me. His sense of humour saved him. but he had remorse and horror and injury from the war. He told me about the drugs, the partying, for three days before they got sent back to the front lines the military would provide the weed, heroine, booze and girls. Then they would get sent into the jungles in a haze. He called in strikes. The Viet Cong he said always travelled with civilians and you couldn't tell them apart so you'd smoke all of them, He had a baby with a beautiful Vietnamese women who after a year and a half of fighting to bring them to the States he married her and brought them both here. That was my high-school boyfriend's brother Joe Yonda. I still think about him and his sadness and how he made me laugh.

The only essay that I remember writing in High School was about the Assassination of Salvador Allende which was supported and sponsored by our CIA with the Urgings of the pervert Henry Kissenger.

This was after the hammer years of losing my Dad, then Brother who was 18 months younger than me, then Ron Davis and then my Grandpa/ The president, his brother and Martin Luther King. Compression - Blurr that I don't remember much of. Move to Bellevue. Not knowing the grace of living on the Lake and being young. I always fought someone or something. Wearing Jeans to school to Nuclear Sub. base. I remember that demonstration, being told by the guy with the speaker phone that they were building prisons. In the seventies he saw the road our future was on
Death pluto has played a large role in my life. I want to use my gifts and feel like I am on idle. Waiting for the gate to open. I am impatient. and sad today.

Is it true that all my country has to offer the world is military Hardware, private armies and wagers on War? Is that the best we can do? We could be at the forefront. We let our worries rule. break us up make our neighbour our enemy. Drug us , poison us, destroy our bloodline and your bloodline - too. Is that going to be it? Because our fear is nectar to Satan - will we succumb to it? ( I am being Archetypal and dramatic - here.) Will enough light be accepted in the mass consciousness? will we know when that happens. Has the scale already tipped? Me thinks, hopes, prays that it has.
I was shy, sensitive, as a child, I'd hide in the school closet to not be seen. I hated shoes.
I loved the swamp and the crick, big cedar stumps frogs and salamanders. And monkeys in the trees of my imagination the alders had monkeys. It was beautiful and even with mr burns luring us in with "vitamins" an oh yeah and mr Smith in the new house wagging his wang pretending he didn't see all the neighbourhood kids looking after dinner on a warm summers evening. . I - still felt safest in the woods. Then Steve Dillard a danger, predator. His dad was a drunk, my life was to avoid the neighbourhood bullies. Tommy Wipple threw me in a pit with cut up garder snakes. the smell. I avoided them. The Coonie's Lake Sammamish Cabin,Catholic Latin Mass. The Johnson's serious Lutheran Preaching, Our Christian Science-my mother's guilt.and beauty Congregationalism. I, Kim and Dale Nelson Woodby Island. would wonder Olsen's Orchard. A heaven.

sums it up well

spanking for sanity

I love Jon and Stephen and thank them I think they were wooing the right and not firing up the left. But in order to win the game for the planet and the well being of all living creatures...the left has to be fired up not watered down...

like with a fire hose or something or a foot to your head
We are in trouble if a turn to the left isn't perceived - I know...I am done with the old pattern and ready for the new. I guess the majority of us are back a few hundred pages.

Vishnu, My question to you,,,, when you pray what comes? Has it been the ones who offer power over, money for destruction, bend over baby?... or has it ever been filled with light , love and a Unifying force? Try a little prayer and see. YOu don't want to know what I saw when I proposed the question to you in a reverie that I had last night. Varwee Scary Whew, no wonder our government is so f'd and confused and confounded you have had duel masters. The thing about the whole bunch of you that gives me HOPE is the original intent was good, pure and had integrity. That gives me hope.
Hey? have you heard about the DNA upgrade? its free. LOL

Sunday, November 7, 2010

computer is making a racket

Oh the drama of being in the computer age when the technology starts breaking down.
Both computers yesterday This ole thing is making a racket. I'm thinking I should limit the use until I figure out whats wrong. My other, a laptop, won't charge the adapter - those poorly designed things - is broken. Planned obsolescence. that's our cultures bottom line.
what if changed like it has to do?
Ganesh, Vishnu, Which is it? Kalki is an aspect of Vishnu. I don't know my Hindu gods so well this time 'round but I find an affinity towards their Archetypal energies. Ganesh is good because he removes obstacles. { Hanta yo. I don't know why I want to add 'man' to every comment ?} and it would be taking back the Elephant from the Satanists. I like Vishnu - I don't know why , but I get a heart heat when I say Vishnu. Gotta go make Taco's Man.

Friday, November 5, 2010


get dancing and singing yeah keith.

i KNOW ,,,,



Escape Artist sage francis

Remember Columbo?

for God's sake,man, kick your base in the teeth= you're
lucky that any of us came out to vote. They say the Republicans are going to investigate the Obama administration- {see that's what they would have respected} when they should be investigated and tried and jailed. Now Pelosi has lost the house. We the American people are betrayed by not investigating Bush The base had their teeth kicked in over and over and over again. Holder blocking the Judges order on 'Don't Ask'. Holder saying that California could not make weed legal. Not prosecuting the Bush illegal activities. Stuff like that. OOOOOOOOh the fear. Its like our politicians have to dance -like- monkeys. Do the bidding of their masters who are not us the people.

being a monkey in Chinese and Mayan lore, I can see when monkeys are being made to dance. We need the airwaves back = I'm taking a chunk of them in another realm right now/
Will the Internet hold? Whe" The Republicans, always the excuse. pissing in the wind.

If they keep going the same direction of wheenyship I know I won't be working my butt off for the Democrats on the next election. I don't believe in the Illuminati's vision of our future. I say no to that. The Illuminati are anything but illuminated. They need to be illuminated -they are the infection.

Why what I'd do is stop investigating in secret, pretend to be secret. Like putting your hand in an Aquarium, watch the bottom of the tank. which of the bottom feeders creates the most muck suspension in the water>? follow that. like electricity finding the short. Be wizards instead of cowards. Get Harry out of the leadership and replace him with a progressive Shaman who wants to change to a progressive coarse. We need Truth and we need to spin it to the media. How? That is the game. How?

12 /16 /10 Bastards! I'd like to not be so angry when I am being followed and having my computer diddled with. I am like
a volcano. I made a curse last night and would like to explain. I used to read Conan the Barbarian novels or novellas. I remember that he wasn't afraid of anything physical. He was afraid of spirits and ghosts and stuff like that. So I figured who ever was diddling me with such vengeance in his vibe, I figured he is fear based looking for a lying big daddy to protect him. So I used the fear that is in his space, plus I can feel that he has some chemical imbalance caused by some pills he is taking. So I meant no harm but I am still really sick of the brown-shirt convention on this Island. I would say that to your face “Mother” I know tom's name now..... So there I am not so spitting mad now. BUt
I will start following you, If you follow me. It seems comical then.

December 16, 2010 15:05 Mother in Volvo was forward following. Tom in laundry and puritan in truck. Plus bank Maken me sound a eensy bit paranoid ,aye? How would you feel? Or how do you feel ? Have you noticed it yet?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hermann Scheer

the Sun provides in less than ten minutes enough energy to match all fossil energy use in a year....


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

nabbed from May

'Anthem' Lenard Cohen

another revealing moment....
this is going to be revealing....I am needing to preface this as I have never once considered suicide and never will- but when I am feeling really jammed, really heavy, really sick or depressed, I lay down and slow my breathing to a whisper I imagine that I am really heavy and I pretend that I am dead. I always wake up cheered, happy and cleared and usually energetic....
My cure. .Or I can cry...that helps too.


Remember when you saved me? I the girl on the horse. A Mongol. The enemy. You took me back to a land of beauty where we sang to each other through the Echoing hills. Afghanistan. You held me in your family. You treated me with Esteem. I loved you then. I love you Now. Do you remember?

War Games - We called everyone Joe as we thru mud at eachother

When I was young, we watched John Wayne on Saturdays, either that or Tarzan. My love for horses was probably spurred by the cowboy movies. I remember the World War 2 movies. "The American's" were the ones to show Mercy to the enemy. That was the culture. We were truthful, merciful and worked for Justice for All. We fought and killed and blew the Germans up, but if face to face we had mercy. Now the culture, the culture of the republicans, is selfish meanness. Limited world, I get mine you can die. I know I am exaggerating, but thats how it feels like its going. When we know the Truth is rolling on past our conscious mind. We can't see it because of our preconceived notions. The Truth is there wagging its tush at us. but we are looking at gnashing teethed commentators or their handlers. Geeze - I guess we need more sanity.

Its been worse....

it will either make a good show of where the republicans will take us if we let them ......
I still feel like throwing up my hands and saying forget about it. Its not were my focus is most effective. right now the political system creates whores. Gee Ill get bags of money now. how many people are looking at a "run for the money" This is what the Dems get for not framing the issues in an igniting and powerful way. Hire Thom Hartmann and Micahel moore let them call you liberal.....its a badge o honour....not horror - honour

John Boener (BONER) takes over the house...
California votes no on prop 19 Murray probably won Larson may have lost ...he's been wavering on his integrity anyway. We need courage and vision and voice.

->not this guy->.