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Saturday, October 31, 2015

ZOMBIE ALERT- Even the Coroner matters

or ....maybe especially the person who selects the coroner matters.

I am going to be brutal and to most people will sound crazy in my assessment of the last decade. I believe (the word 'believe' points to a blind spot in my thought process) that there has been a systematic execution of young activists, old activists and intuitives- the people who were starting to make a in the USA and globally.

The drug economy hits us,too, there, in the belly of our nation. Many of our brightest are also the most energetically sensitive and we as a culture have been trained to numb our sensitivities so we dive into the domain of non contact with the pain of it all by using heroin or METH, pharmaceuticals and alcohol . We have lost much talent. The drug economy -i am not talking about marijuana- also corrodes the government and is so tied with the military and the contractors that it is danger to even whisper about taking it down. Trillions of dollars -millions of lives ruined.

From birth we are experimented with. Vaccines that use neuro-toxins to
'keep us safe'
from 'out there'. and we are scarred into buying the pharmaceutical's sell. PUTTING our children in the sites of those who can put what ever they chose with their aim- population control. I MEAN control of the mind. Blunting of innate abilities taking our children who are meant to be like the Wizards of old and muting their gifts, making their gifts hard to access but fortunately the gifts are still there.
At the tail end of our lives we are given pills with extras added to the 'in active' ingredients. I found a DNA stripper as an inactive ingredient in an Alzheimer's drug.

Most people know but cannot know that 911 was manufactured by the neocon's. The politicians still drag it out as an asset of their strength when really it is showing how embedded they are.

JANEThe weapons that scare me are not the guns, they are poison mists and rays that can be aimed at the frequencies of the human body and at the earth.

they have some that are placed on aircraft and sweep over a land, disrupting living organisms. An evil
wet dream. They want to play with the neutron bombs, the block busters, so that the buildings will still stand but everyone is conveniently dead. MONEY give sccess to these weopons. They are not controlled. They are advertised. slime



George W. Bush told us that the goal was to take over every community and make it a neo-CON stronghold (my paraphrase but that was the gist) . That is why they tweak elections.

Friday, October 30, 2015


In my city petards are being laid. PETARD

A flash from the past;

this is my frame spin I was raised with this cartoon-
The players play and this is my spin to deflate the pattern & let the excess steam escape

Tick toc the pressure is on
here on our tiny island too -ie election being set-up- big trucks- danger danger for me today
though this island is not as big as a city like Seattle, where I was raised.To be literal- my tara

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Intentional insertion of stress as strategy of programming


I started to listen to Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler HE says that he wanted to be an artist but his father wouldn't let him. HE makes himself sweet.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


tip toe past the tulips
down the swirl of numbers meaning letters and letters meaning distances and direction
the Sephar Yetzirah six above and six below a sacred Jewish text describing how this world is created.

How I wish that I could convey to you the beauty of this. How simple it could be
to slide into freestyle creation where we all find that spot between this and that.

Monday, October 26, 2015

the world according to-

However I THOUGHT it odd when he programmed this one in-

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Friday, October 23, 2015

'THEY' always tell before they strike

The day before 911 tells us how they funded 911. PROVE me wrong.

It is the caveat that they believe gets them to say - 'They let us do it; we told them before we did it, we told them after we did it. The dumb ^^^^^ let us do it.
And this is something that I thought I would never say aloud....I do not believe the 'new age' mombo that says there is no good or evil. To me it seems to be Caligastia possession of the minions who go along to get along and turn a blind eye. HERE ON THIS PLANET OF DUALITY, there is such a thing as evil.
Every MOMENT we have a choice and we all have prior knowledge of what is the highest good or not.
MY ARGUMENT that I have previously stated is - this I PLEAD to the Supreme being- If we -the human race- are captured and trained at birth to keep our energy from revealing its vibrancy, in essence trained to be timid and small- we cannot without great need- see free from our training. We are in great need now. The veil lifted Truth -facts not fiction>

Saturn demands the truth

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Democratic Debate

Exhausting to watch. Hilary is pro war by my standards. I WANNA run screaming and pulling my hair.

I am watching the debate in forty five - or so minute sessions.

The World According to Nancy Fulminating.
There are think tanks that are in place such as the Bilderburg Group – that create scripts for manipulating mass consciousness. False Flags-the creation OF ISIS -fake shootings and such- are created to march us to their tune.
Kissenger, Cheney, George H. W. Bush, Barbara Bush and their ILKE are all creations, servants of that force- worshipers of >>>- an energy that wishes to destroy the spirit of this planet. The game on Earth is free will-freedom within form-creation, love, unity and divine light.
I am studying Hypnotherapy and also mind control. IT is an easy formula to control the collective consciousness: keep humanity in fear. That’s it. Fear divides. Fear collapses our ability to open our field and perceive. Fear closes our eyes. Fear contracts. We swallow the pill they give us without question. Easy as Pie.

They are attempting to take us towards living out-The MASTER SCRIPT of- the man who stole sacred words- ALBERT-###-PIKE. The orders come from him beyond the grave, are being scripted and re-scripted now. Lying us into WWIII. A game to them.

There is no fighting them. It is like a star trek scene where the war ship gets bigger the more you shoot at them. Information is our sword. and 'They' know it. That is why the mainstream media is owned by 'them' NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC IS owned by Rupert- FOX- Murdock i would say see what it is focused on. Bildeburg baffoonary.

Friday, October 16, 2015


adjective: pusillanimous

showing a lack of courage or determination; timid.
synonyms: timid, timorous, cowardly, fearful, faint-hearted, lily-livered, spineless, craven, shrinking; More
informalchicken, gutless, wimpy, wimpish, sissy, yellow, yellow-bellied
"with the tough issues facing this city, the last thing we need is another pusillanimous mayor"
antonyms: brave

late Middle English: from ecclesiastical Latin pusillanimis (translating Greek olugopsukhos ), from pusillus ‘very small’ + animus ‘mind,’ + -ous.
Translate pusillanimous to
Use over time for: pusillanimous

PUSILLANIMOUS A better word than 'Chicken Shits'- which is bad form.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Al Gore this is for you. The inconvenient truth is- Vice President Gore- you sold out your OATH and gave us Bush whose father perpetrated the rape of our minds... by creating 911. If people knew the truth about 911, including tower seven, the coarse of our nation would change- but that is- oh- so -inconvenient. I am threatened because I state what I see and what I see is a bunch of programmed and possessed buffoons throwing poop at each other..and all pretending that they know nothing- they inconveniently mentally imprisoned,

We have privatized goons who set fires and kill for a living. We have layers of various mafia like squads that threaten our security. And all this knowledge is- hell yes- inconvenient....

IT is a hellish haven for the craven that has been built using the taxpayers money and it aint funny.
I FEEL like rhyming cry men.
Truly 'THEY' want to start World War III. They want to try out their tactical nukes in public instead of remotely and hidden by depleted uranium weaponry. I scowl and weep at the thought of the land where Jesus walked being desecrated for the greedy. The war whores call for a sea of glass. The drug running, lying War Whores are fowl. They are misled and truly possessed...All people should be whistling loudly if they care to care and are courageous Beings.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

first amendment violations ROSEBURG

first amendment rights have been suppressed in the Roseburg OREGON Drill that has been sold to us as a mass shooting. I say this because most students today are in constant contact using their cell phones.
'where are the SMART PHONE videos? obvious suppression of the students first amendment rights. What is the gun to the head of the sheriff? How do they get everyone involved to obey. Through the suppression of their first amendment rights...through contracts signed which are innately unconstitutional when forced upon a person against their will.

Monday, October 12, 2015

pry the eye