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Saturday, January 29, 2011


those boys standing on the street corner up to no good
guard for the kid by the truck or maybe they were waiting for him?
They are living the label that their school branded them with.
TV roles. Gangster...easy money

we all look up to dripping and oozing wealth
were we taught this? this virus, I get it sometimes but really my being would like enough to float on through.. enough to not feel like we are jetting towards the falls and shore is jagged and quick.
Where who
How can I help? or What can I take? which way will the bulk of us go?
I hear roaring in my head on several levels. ringing and an under hummmm like an conditioner. I got a label for it but I keep trying to understand the crickets. they seem on the boarder of saying something to me...and I am seeing sparkles now. the rational mind will never understand...

Our wasted moments when breathing is disregarded and life is shallow empty void of luminosity.

Friday, January 28, 2011



Video of Detroit Precinct Shooting Released:

February 7, 2011 I watched this again a few times. It either seems like 'they' -an inside job 'they'- were targeting the captain or it was all military training practice, why was the guy so confident? not afraid of being shot? Why didn't he shoot to kill? He looked trained to kill. my gut says hokey pokey


Chiron Moves into Pisces Soon

This tupoc song describes the pain caused by the corrupt ways of the ones who pretend to want to fix the problems of the inner cities - In their world how they fix the problem is keep the people in the inner cities down,to keep the culture broken. This is the recipe of Empire. It is poison. In the ones who wish to rule mind, we are only here to serve them. Their limited imaginations keep trapped as the planets bane. Tupac was a Witness Immortal Technique took up his torch.

Today the air tastes like cement sealant. Oh well, the mist is pretty.

Obama: good job on the state of the Union speech but lets save money by stopping WAR! Remember the tragedy in Tuscon is echoed in every bomb we drop.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunch with Bokara=

Civilized Discourse

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cowboy folded in time

the Drawing of Three I am weaving in and out in the Stephen King nowel second in the Tower series- shuffle. Once I wrote a story about the door in the sand. Only we looked to the few living to work out our souls. we watched as they walked across the glass desert to meet and we all prayed for them to harmonize. but we were expecting a bull fight. I handed it in to the teacher. Probably full of misspelled words and the teacher of an anonymous class of prerequisite go- asked me if I wrote it- with a weird look on her if the story spooked her some. It spooked me some too.

We know the truth behind the lie- no more excuses

THE mainstream MEDIA
So we know for a fact that during the early days of Saddam Husein my country -this country - sold and gave mf weapons like saran gas to Iraq, to kill his problems with. Rumsfeld knew. They all knew - except old clown. And Saddam Hussein used it and the inner Nazis got all exited they jizzed all over the place.
We all know that they brought coke and crack into the inner cities to jump start the prison industrial complex. We know this country has a bad case of complexes with no over-site whatsoever. Wow. the crumbles-the dream the 'no you can't do that anymore!' is starting to roar and will be heard by you who create a world of poison and lies{in your world of torture and Fear. How decrepit you seem. still allowed to wave to our flag. Our flag is filthy and torn. Allowed to overlay suffering onto us all. Allowed to feast on the ruins, that you who perpetuate the lie when you know its a lie - create.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pons- breathing

breath of fire
I thought Greg was about to bite the big one
make the great leap climb the mountain fly away
fifteen inches is a lotta inches to be down
his breathing was seizing up when he moved
then he was having a hard time moving at all
cold sweat like he had gotten out of a tub
I thought he was sailing
He ask me what I thought
and I said a miracle was needed or good bye
in an almost trance state he said he couldn't die he had too much to do
At a cross roads he had to ask for help.

He took himself off of Dilaudid. Problem solved. At least the breathing and he's getting his strength back. Sometimes we are asked to "cry Uncle"

sometimes it feels like a predator is at the door
sometimes its a fairy with a flute

Pontine nuclei
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Brain: Pontine nuclei
Latin nuclei pontis
Gray's subject #187 786
NeuroNames hier-613

The pontine nuclei are a part of the pons which store the memory of intention during motor activity. Corticopontine fibres carry information from the primary motor cortex to the ipsilateral pontine nucleus in the ventral pons, and the pontocerebellar projection then carries that information to the contralateral cerebellum via the middle cerebellar peduncle.

They therefore allow modification of actions in the light of their outcome, or error correction, and are hence important in learning motor skills.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Nemesis (mythology)
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Nemesis, by Alfred Rethel (1837)
Greek deities
Primordial deities
Titans and Olympians
Aquatic deities
Chthonic deities
Other deities
Personified concepts

* Apate
* Atë
* Bia
* Charites
* Eris
* Eros
* Harmonia
* Horae
* Hypnos

* Kratos
* Metis
* Moirae
* Morpheus
* Nemesis
* Nike
* Thanatos
* Themis
* Zelos

In Greek mythology, Nemesis (Greek, Νέμεσις), also called Rhamnousia/Rhamnusia ("the goddess of Rhamnous") at her sanctuary at Rhamnous, north of Marathon, was the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods). The Greeks personified vengeful fate as a remorseless goddess; the goddess of revenge. The name Nemesis is related to the Greek word νέμειν [némein], meaning "to give what is due". The Romans equated the Greek Nemesis with Invidia. (Aronoff 2003).

"Nemesis" is now often used as a term to describe one's worst enemy, normally someone or something that is the exact opposite of oneself but is also somehow similar. For example, Professor Moriarty is frequently described as the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Master Sha

A client told me about Dr. Sha today. I told her about Jim Self. It was fun to share.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Dark Tower Ode

Martin Luther King Holiday and I started to Read the first book in the Dark Tower Series' The Gun Slinger Masterful to me. King's ability to set the mood with pictures. Spanning the dimensions. He writes at a clip that draws into my day even when I am not reading it. Is it an appropriate book for Martin Luther King Day? I have a feeling it is. I was prompted to read it because of Jon Stewart's interview with Ron Howard. Howard is working on a 'Dark Tower' movie. I want to read the series before the movie comes out and since this seems to be my own private blog, I will take some notes taken from the book.
I can't tell anyone, especially my mother, that I really would rather write than anything else, or be a body guard. I think I would make an awesome sentinel. But my own editor within, which is actually a bloody and wounded mass of scar tissue, won't let me tell anyone what or who I actually feel that I am, deep within my soul The fires of the brutal past still haunt me.

Yesterday, I went up to the Tibetan Retreat Center, wearing my most beautiful shirt. The one of black almost purple velvet, with a sparkles in large pazelly (how can such a stupid speller even think of becoming a writer?- the voice, the critic asks) Tears. My leg fell to sleep and I could only stay in the center of my head for a second before I would dash off to the rest of the room, like a butterfly, missing the pistil of the flower. Wearing my most beautiful shirt was an effort. Because I have always felt the need to mute my beauty. "Don't show off!" "Who do you think you Are?" It was an act of courage to wear my most beautiful shirt. As I age, I realize how we mute each other. We are all beautiful in unseen ways.

I also stepped out to Saint David's for an hour of Baroque music. I realize that I would rather listen to Baroque laying in a field of grass than in a chair, trying to behave myself. I felt unsocial and left at the beginning of intermission.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cancoon WTO - rap poem peace

I was there,,, there were agitators and there was an amazing peace. They tried to ratchet the violence up, but it didn't work because toO many hearts had a mission of change and celebration.

added 3:18 am1/15/11

Could this Ohio Law charge Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin with a Felony?

LAW Writer® Ohio Laws and Rules
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Ohio Administrative Code Home Help

* Ohio Revised Code

2917.01 Inciting to violence.

(A) No person shall knowingly engage in conduct designed to urge or incite another to commit any offense of violence, when either of the following apply:

(1) The conduct takes place under circumstances that create a clear and present danger that any offense of violence will be committed;

(2) The conduct proximately results in the commission of any offense of violence.

(B) Whoever violates this section is guilty of inciting to violence. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a misdemeanor, inciting to violence is a misdemeanor of the first degree. If the offense of violence that the other person is being urged or incited to commit is a felony, inciting to violence is a felony of the third degree.

dancing with the Devil Immortal Technique

This is what seemed odd today January twenty fifth, twenty eleven.
Angst at my response to the ferry guy's anger. I sprung back like a spring, a snake, a coil. A scary jack in the box. I wanted to apologize but it came out like bile...What was the dynamic of that? It was intense. . Right before the bridge on the East side of the river in old Mount Vernon. by a dike road. The guy in the Honda that was like Beth's but newer backing towards me and pointing for me to turn south across the road on the East side. It was all on the East side the north road . Pickup (black or gray? )in a Jack knife with a landscaping open trailer. I didn't see what all I should have noticed but I didn't' want to go where he wanted me to go. I went around in the wrong lane. Felt surrounded all day. I want to forget about the looping thought that leads to the perception and reality. Honda

Military Industrial Complex
Prison Industrial Complex
together bringing in the goods to destroy our people
to lock um up is the

Corporate Intention

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Obama's Speech in Tucson was Over the Hill to the center sun


Sarah Palins - Her Response

The Use of the Words 'Blood Libel' in Sarah's defensive speech. No apologies only wagging her fingers at the media. They= the people who handle her= want to inflame and are looking for a violent revolution so they can clamp down even more the prisons need prisoners. Only most of us, thank God, are not violent. But I can feel the waves of fright and confusion in our collective layers of thought.

Sarah Palin: "America's Enduring Strength" from Sarah Palin on Vimeo.

Her Response. where is her wound?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am Looking for the Exact quotem"Hornet's Nest"

I haven't found the quote yet but to the effect of 99 percent of espionage is 'Misinformation'
I'm looking for the page he said it well in the book 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest'.
we all should learn to check into our bodies to help us discern the truth.

Sarah sarah sarah

What if I were a famous politician with a popular website and had a huge following, I put the Supreme Court Justices (that are political hacks)faces posted in the middle of a cross hair sight on a rifle? and then one got shot? Would I be expected to what apologize? or would I get arrested for inciting violence? only if I were a liberal in this land of the Corporate takeover.

added january 18, 2011 8:18 pm
So the Elephant in the room is: The USA causes - like a serial mass mass murderer drone stealth Tuscon's grief with out a thought without a blink and without a tear whilst it brings our Empire down. Oops.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Spider Bite

Bracing myself

A phantom Coastguard Ship was shodowing us - we were told. Well, he left out the "phantom" part.
Geared us up to be afraid, very afraid. Pepsi O as the first letter in a 'One Term' bumper sticker where a short haired stocker women was sitting. I want to confront. I talk myself back to the moment and let her think what she thinks blah blah blah. Flags flying all night in a storm without illumination seems to be the symbol of our country today. They they they. clickity clack.
Every one of us is "Crazy over the rainbow. Crazy" At one point it felt like my head was being Zapped but that thought takes me 'over the rainbow' with methods of espionage that my shadow government is playing with. Birds instead of cats and dogs 'Every thing is just fine' ''sleep baby and i will scare you in your dreams"
Thanks to one of the executive orders from W they could essentially hire people as independent contractors to do the sneek and peek without much risk of the justice system. Immunity . So either Forrest or someone else came into my mess. My piles cinders disorder. Should I be embarrassed or mad? I'll ask Forrest. "I'm just saying" I'm weaning myself off of 'The Wall" although it seems so apropos for these times. Our media doesn't cover a fraction of the true issues of the day.
The USA? What are we number one in? Prison and War. Weapons made by potential enemies. Oh no!t"They will be co rulers in the new world order... " only i have to remember, that game is going down a different river than me. Hallelujah!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Gabrielle Giffords shot by semi automatic handgun

bbc news- january 9, 2011 Vigil in Tucson, Arizona, 8 January

US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is in critical condition after a gunman shot her in the head
I find it weird that
Jared Lee Loughner (the shooter in
Arizona) has this website that supposedly was up three weeks ago and has more than three hundred thousand hits and its twisted logic did the hits happen today are are they made up as a false flag operation>? the bullet didn't explode = thank you God

Friday, January 7, 2011


So we've, or I, have been wondering how it all will go down? The 'break down' baby.
Our supposed adversary will melt it down for us. Yeah. Money "yuck" or "wow I wish I had a lot lot more", With the Republicans at the helm of a tippy ship any thing can happen. Money is an agreement. A 'pretend its real' when it is an agreement and agreements can change. Like the time they got rid of the gold standard ( what I learn from Colbert and Stewart is endless!{)$ We didn't even notice as the gold was sucked out of our coffers. Stolen Gold. Here we go. Down an amazing path. The melt down -gentle- if we chose. It is time. It is not working- this separation is a construct. Another agreement.and it sucks for to many. Hold light. Hold Love. Its all good and up to us to see through the lies. Even our own.

Revelation 13
9 If any man have an ear, let him hear.
10 He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Finished The girl who kicked the Hornets Nest'

Not having a book chosen yet -I was looking for Dr Strangelove and found this. It makes me laugh.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


System of a Down

We will see if tomorrow is a brave new day. New Rules? Joe! Do you have a pair? Barry! Put on your Captain's hat or show us who you really answer to! Us? Or the frightened ones?

Monday, January 3, 2011

mb new year

So she liked the kid Bill. Billy to some. She saw that he was hiding something in the back of the store. I n the back-stock area. His energy got all jagged and noticeable when ever he came out of the back-stock area, HMMM? She wondered back , tripping over the forklift blades and caught herself on a large potato chip stock box. She looked behind the box and found a stash of wine and a half rack of Beer, Aisles away from where they should be kept. Billy's jacket was over it. Da she thought. He must want to be caught. Three boxes or sweet red wine. " Hangover material". She decided to pay for it. And mention to him that she found it. She had to think about it. She knew he'd deny it with the full emotional force that he'd justify Making her wrong for finding it. She knew him well enough having worked with him for almost a year.
He had blondish hair , a round face and a smile that made man and women melt. "Charisma" , she thought. That boy is big. she knew from the start that he had the potential for greatness. He had a bit of a southern accent Laughing eyes and a smile that made you melt. He could slide things past most people easily. To her he was like "a two and a half year old with a butcher knife! " Only he was twenty and old enough to know better. "No" She thought, "He's like a two year old with an AK 47" She liked him. Billy Adams. Another assignment that she wanted to bolt from. It really wasn't her problem. "Shit!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

like when I listened to "Blood on the Tracks" day in and out one summer THE WALL

minute 46 I Sometimes think of him as Jerry Seinfeld with the lamp in the "would ya like to see?" scene.
Same dress style( I guess?).
Levity about the imbalanced energies.
minute 59 nobody Home is the one that runs through my mind all day. Happy New Year!
"EASE" is the word of the day