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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Hallows

I can't post my story because the lines are down. I hate to say what I think is happening.
A possible scenario. Homeland Secrecy is using this as a test area. Like they did with the barcodes on the ballots. I can't call long distance. I can't use the internet at home. I heard from a friend who has cable that there has been no news about it. That is why I am suspicious besides just being alert to the possibilities.
The wonderful Library has wifi and my old laptop can't hook up. My fear is the ferry Hyak will be involve with taking down the ferry system, so there. I said it. I have five minutes remaining on the computer (It got extended 15 minutes) but I have research to do. One thing I want to ring into the collective is that Homeland Security has nothing to do with security. It is about population control. Most of the good people who work for them are semi in the dark about the dire situation that DHS is a part of. Homeland- is an ode to Hitler- who by the neocon's estimate was a hero because he helped to create Israel.

I just heard that another Islander family has lost a son. The Turner's Steve and Jean's son died in a moped accident in Hawaii.