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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pow pow pow

I am realizing more and more how within my own body there are battles going on and I need to recognize them as energetic metaphors of how I stop the infinite through my resistance to what is. In the paradoxical pattern of all things, that resistance brings me more of what I don’t want.
Pow. Pow Pow. That’s my mantra today when I see something that seems solid and entrenched. Pow. Things change ‘in a blink of an eye’. Think of a chess board. We can always switch to another square in times of need. Vibrationally, we can switch perspectives and jump moments.

adding a tidbit from some other time on 11/30/14 or 30/11
Anxiety creeps in when my pen goes into sword mode.
The ‘They’ got me emotionally hog tied if I don’t clean out my fears.
All the things that I am aware of that they could do and would do to shut me up. I ask myself,
Self, you never really liked rollercoaster rides
Self says she ‘liked to ski in tight places and glide past the trees.
Roller coaster rides are so pre-scripted. I like the thrill of the squeeze’’.. Really? or is it all made up?
‘It is made up in the sense that I made up this lifetime to do things that whip people into the awareness
of what life is all about, instead of life being a subconscious response to external programming.

adding more that I didn't date on 11/30: Jeffrey Wolf Green talked about Lucifer in his 2005 Sedona Video
Things that I hadn’t put into context
Lucifer refusing to serve humanity and insisting that humanity instead serves it.
About how Lucifer controls us by using our negative emotions, the tinder boxes in our charts, to be in this world. I’d never really thought about that issue. How Lucifer is seated in our world; Seated still in all of the high places. Lucifer the victim of its own choice of separation from God (the source of all things) so it steals light from humanity and whines about how sniveling humanity is.
How Sniveling is Lucifer.
Back away from the wall I say.
I realize that my job on this planet is holding the light from divinity and sinking it into all places traversed in my mind, body and soul.