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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Story time

Taxi as a black opt trying to run her down. Nasa guy with glowing smile says hi again. Cogger driving seen everywhere. deep dark idiacy surrounds the driver. poor guy.
Surveillance in America under the guise of Terror in itself sets up terror. A few days ago The man driving the Bob's Taxi Van gunned forward out of (I think) the Friday Harbor House parking lot or the Whale Museum parking lot. another car was coming from the other side of the street- The Bob's Taxi codger, had looked at me walking down the street- but didn't look to his right when he gunned forward. If I had kept my pace and not stopped I would have been hit- probably- by two vehicles. Before that I was getting an 'audience' vibe from the lurking 'Bob's Taxi" Friday Harbor, WA USA

Surveillance in America also means the market tellers getting lectures about their responsibility to be watching certain people and red flagging cash and such a nightmare of non shopper shoppers. the legion of brown shirts being good American Zombies.