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Friday, January 15, 2016

Power Ball

Fantasizing about having hundreds of millions of dollar's
the lesson that I learned is what do I really want. IF i had won, after doling it out to family and friends I mostly wanted to Produce the best video/VR games ever made, ones that taught people what is suppressed and buried and in the realm of being an outcast to Empire. The fear of doing this is embedded in my blood. Hide, it says. Do not shine too bright. Embedded is slaughter and no defense without becoming them; the slaughterer.
But wait I say- Free Will- I cry- screech into the black overshadowed night- where they plot doom and destruction upon the masses. FREE WILL the contract upon entry to this realm. Free Will has been violated if one man or woman operates with authority, the city cannot be taken or destroyed. Default has been re set mf's reset and as you plot... your doom lies in wait....becoming what we truely are is the goal of the game...I -happen to be a grid keeper...