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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Snowden Speaks

The thing is is a portion of the country can't understand the words he says because they reject him as an 'intellectual' and they are proud of being dumb Americans. Football +-beer and Alex- the TRUE TRUE LIE- JONES. they will vote for Trump.
And then the other portion believes the mainstream medias take ... be good+ behave ... don't think about that

on a personal note. I AM dealing with parasites in my body... IT seems metaphorical- very much like what the country is going thru...I am using herbal support to rid my body of the buzz under my skin. It is painful and making my body feel heavy and it aches at the same time I am happy...because i ignored symptoms for too long -though its painful to look, I finally see, the parasite.... the parasite- an intelligence that recons with us much bigger than one cell organisms when they move together. fabrications of the mind of men... spliced and diced... and someone is killing the ones who'd save us. The killers are
parasites too.

she seems to be reading from a prompt at times a little mars activated which makes it hard to listen to- but -I UNDERSTAND HER PASSION (but I question her Adam LANZA shtick? HE was an easy target for a false flag media bonanza and his father...)