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Monday, February 27, 2017

positively negative

I am a conservative bleeding heart liberal.
Here is what I think- I think that the weather is and has been being quietly manipulated- just like our thinking is quietly manipulated. If you are stuck in the consensus collective thinking - you have been trained to call my thinking 'crazy' or call me a 'nutjob' or even call me 'dangerous' (the current mime). Whose idea was the clear-cut? criminal or idiot?
I believe that the crisis at the Oroville Dam this month was intentionally created via geoengineering and possibly an explosion. It also seems that they cut a bunch of trees to make a collapse of the dam more damaging. I think that the Employees who posted pictures on social media thereby contradicting their boss -who said every thing was OK were heroes who prevented a disaster and were rewarded by being fired. The man who fired them should be studied extesively to see if he ordered the trees in the path of run off from the dam to be chopped down. you don't do this because it destabilizes the ground below the dam and I believe he is a part of a criminal enterprise that wished to create a large disaster. They need to be stopped and corralled into talking before they are executed by their bigger bosses. "I am just saying..."

one resident said that the skies were full of aerosol spraying night and day....indicating heavy weather modification, indicating intention- if after the dam emergency they did not back off of creating rain and storm.
If you don't see the weather modification in your area, you are still in the collective trance or you could be very lucky to be living in an area where- for some reason- they don't spray. HERE in the San JUAN Islands, it is a rare day not to see the spraying. Stupid and dangerous experiments being played over our heads threatening our air water and soil. This my friends, is terrorism, sanctioned by our government, in secret = intentions unknown but we are loosing our ozone = probably because of the geoengineering, the aerosol? or chemicals? or what? who cares? We do. We the people.
The sound effects ate a little much but the information is worth looking into... HAARP IS not only in Alaska now There are arrays and radar weather modification systems embedded on MILITARY bases and some ships have been outfitted with this capability.I read that DHARPA was given control over the HAARP Array in Alaska. I think that it was during Obama's administration [?] that HAARP was handed to the privatized government hybrid DHARPA And the chemical geoengineering companies were given wholesale immunity = immune from monetary and environmental restoration in case geoengineering is the cause of catastrophe. Wow I AM ON my knees over this - today.