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Friday, June 16, 2017

Things I know -Lamott

This explains the mystery of Chemtrail deniers. I need to learn to talk sideways.
MY question is - How would I skillfully say the following.

I would like to know more about Trump's Birthday Shooting - or is it The Flag Day Shooting
or is it the Bernie Supporter Shooting? I lean towards a feeling that the shooting of Scalice and others, has a multilevel agenda smell to it.
The possible motives are:
1.Scalise was pushing to end the blind eye to Human Trafficking
2. Gun Control
3. Gun Rights go violent
4.OUR PERCEPTION OF Violence everywhere
5. MORE Surveillance
6.Further Polarization of the USA
7. Distraction from the hearings about possible obstruction of Justice.
8. Creating Fear -the food of Satan