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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Lets talk about drug laws and a Government that has been run like a Mafia - I am talking the USA - run by the Corporations, the,Multi National Corporations, and the Privatised Military, an industry, that's growing like noxious weeds in a newly ploughed field. We spend more on our military than the rest of the world combined, we have the Largest.per capita prison system in the world. the tandem force of the Military, privatised and governmental bringing drugs into our country (and countries all over the world) the intentional destruction of our youths genius by the use of illegal and legal drugs.

So we have this underground money flow that is made by certain forces in the the military and private military contractors, who bring our heroin and coke into the USA, much like the Iran Contra days, only more entrenched and blatant,

I believe that the execution of the four Lakewood Police Officers was a military cartel coup over officers who had ethics and were sniffing to close,
In Afghanistan the DEA has been hit and the CIA was hit in a seemingly retaliatory 'suicide' bombing, I also believe that the Clinton's run this country for the Bush Brigade and their mentors. Obama unfortunately is the front man fall guy. I wish he could be who he is meant to be but the currents of our times would most certainly take him out now instead of the slow destruction of his image so Hilary can sweep in and 'save the day' We are on the verge of a nuclear war and the gulf although an Epic event is a (in my opinion) a manufactured event that went further than the dreams of the ruling powers who are the scum of the Earth and brings out my violent nature when I think of them. They are the terrorists. and they should be strung up.

So we are a fractured country, with a big illusive dream of freedom. with a controlled media, controlling the currents of the collective thoughts. We are slated to wake up, but will we?
we all sell off pieces of our soul to remain 'secure'/ We keep our hands over our eyes, to protect us from the light, which would demand our responsibility in action and imagination.

We are more powerful than 'them' and that is why they are scarred and have to create as much chaos as they can. Keep us hopeless, keep us drugged...Prozac or heroin its all a part of the package to sell us their lies.

The Scum of the Earth call themselves the lords and ladies. The Lords and Ladies of slaughter and destruction. All for the lust of power. They are weak without their demons,they are lost because their rulers time has run out and they are being evicted by the children who know more than any how to do massive exorcisms. I think of Donald Rumsfield saying 'sometimes I wake up in a meeting and say "what did I just say?" '.
The lies surrounding Marijuana and hemp. When hemp could be called the biblical herb, whose uses are almost unlimited in the healing of this planet. From fuel, food, clothing, car bodies, buildings and more. It grows practically anywhere on any soil. Imagine if we were really free.