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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The hospital as a healing center

Photo unwittingly stolen from someone with an eye for beauty. I apologize to anonymous.
if I were designing a hospital it would be designed around an acre or two of courtyard, where sun and fruit trees and herbs and black berries grew in a wild organic way. Nature would show herself there.Patients would be encouraged to go outside. There would be an apothecary along side the pharmacy. Chinese Herbs, local Herbs and The Sweet healer Weed would be available. The floor would be staffed with people trained in and in love with energetic healing. There would be on staff a intuitive who would go into trance a few times a day and bring the energy up to a sacred space. She or He would be the CEO Chief Energetic Officer. Biofeedback would be offered along with a gym. The food would be local whole and organic, Very little processed food. And people would have a choice of what they wanted to eat before it was served so there would be less waste. Composting and recycling of course. All of the security team would be intuitive light warriors chasing out the lower energetic leaches. Different frequencies of sound and colour would be used to zap organisms like mersa and pneumonia. It would be a sacred space where all were honoured and treated with Love.

December 10, 2012

this is the future and shame on me for not reading my comments for over two years....I never knew any one really read my posts. woops . I will try to say where photo's come from from now on.... I don't take pictures but assume if I post them on the web that they are part of the commons. which I find beautiful.