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Friday, August 20, 2010

I'd like to title this paranormal alas it will be Paranoia


I started my trip to Sun River, Oregon dragging all my stuff onto the ferry because my passenger door wouldn't open and the door was torn apart waiting for the right part to be shipped. So I take the shuttle to Seattle. Adventure begun. I felt like Heidi of the Alps who wears all of her cloths at once on her walk to her Grandfather's Mountain home.

The next morning we take off. My older brother Glenn, who is well medicated because of Schizophrenia, is riding shotgun. We are in Jack's - my mother's husband's- old Toyota Station Wagon. My Mom and Jack take off after us, but gain miles, because Jack likes to get there fast.Glenn has his books on tapes so barely says a word for eight hours. Glenn is also legally blind, which makes him stand a little to close to people as he opens his eyes really wide trying to see them. He also has a really loud voice, and asks a lot of questions, that might not seem appropriate, somehow, I can't put my figure on why, or else I'd give him some tips. He is a nice guy, with a photographic type memory but may give the impression of being retarded. He is Five four and probably two hundred and fifty pounds, to be continued, much to do before work

Added August 30, 2010
It wasn't my brother who was paranoid,,, I want to make that clear,. It was when that red car had a square lens take a picture 'snap' as I drove by. Then the web seems seen with cameras and text
but its the nature of the times and I really did try to forget about it. and enjoy the utter magic of place. sunriver The Deschutes - my love.The Obsidian fields and mystical mountains
the bend in Bend.
want to take us to our knees and sell off our countries treasures. That is why they are destroying our faith in government. We have to see that WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT- We are the government. Do we want to see the truth or don't we?