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Monday, June 18, 2012

Science Fiction Reality

I am thinking of a story line that goes like this: Spread out like a virus unto the land of North Umbria, the military contractors = hired guns= mercenaries.. the MOB, on a global scale. Every one in the know, cowers from the frontal lobe. A merging morph of government gives sway to a heartless machine of cells - that once had courage but now deadens itself to hell on wheels, as a dependency on adrenaline and such. the evils of privatised empire - magnifies - its own dangers. What it could be called is possession of a demonic force that feeds on power and emotions. The humans at risk of immersion because of their natural inclinations to Unity makes humanities division essential to this force .... So the humans are made purposefully ill in all aspects of their consumption: air, water, food....and their emotional consumption is controlled by the corporate media...which targets their thoughts and fears. .. making them occupy their thinking on the meme of the day. .. then the people can not see with their own eyes and mind but with selective pills of mind control(all aspects of money is tied to this sort of thought control). This the main reason that the herb was demonized . Thought control. The gift from the on high taken by a collection of memes. Star-ships were landing for some , while hell was created on this land by the past crashing into the future... The name of the race was Crossroad. which frequencies are chosen? The reckoning was quickly upon them. And those with the frontal lobe disorientation were being shaken awake by the weight of the truth... The only hope... the only prayer that the people of the land of North Umbria is within their own heart and its knowledge of the truth of the situation.