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Sunday, June 24, 2012

the Glove

The corporation is called Alleluia. Alleluia has a hell bent direction to control the worlds seed, food, politicians and everything else of nature and goodness. You might notice that I talk about a corporation like it has consciousness and is self propelled. A corporation isn't alive and doesn't have consciousness unless the law of the land says so.... It said so- the game then is on. The dealer is loaded and the sand shifts.For years in North Unbria the people didn't notice the sky. they walk around with things to say to themselves about the constant aerosol applications. " Just water vapour" they repeat like a well trained parrot Plants and animals targeted with encapsulated yeast - just to see what happens. No one watches Alleluia because they know the bulls eye would be taped to their backs. Weenies all. 6/26 4:45 AM ADDED