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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pushed into Eternity

The Conspiracy/ The Glimmering
We arrive fresh out of the grave, zombies, we rot. Earth so heavy, so hopeless.
We are pushed back into our hole of depression and shame. We forgot, while we slumbered in our graves, the ease of flight; the ease of a thought that spans galaxies.
We are pushed and separated and pushed again. We focus on our oppressor, the them, the they. Heavy earthen clay rests on our chest, calling us to descend into slumber and struggle.

The Domestication of Man
We,all of us, stand in many worlds and are bigger and more powerful than our puny graves define.
I will tell you that stationed Saturn calls with the click of the clock and Neptune asks me to dance in its waves. Mars stations on my Neptune. Chiming chiming water air
The bells have rung and I am the turtle, the tortoise, a snail. Not frail, for no harm can come to eternity. Fear has trained us to be tethered to our safety. The demon who echoes guilt and shame, throws dirt into our eye, our hearts, and eventually into our souls these visions have sunk.

We wake, we see, the brightness of the day blinds us. The day is here to claim eternity and vision our way to the new thought.
We close our eyes at first do to its brightness,
We focus, as taught, on what we don't want. Turn,turn, turn pivot into waves of joy, and beauty dancing in the beauty of the sunrise.......

flocks of birds in flight over the graveyard.