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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mr Teeth

Mr. Teeth was directing the ferry traffic, standing on the ramp before the ferry. He was the dark soul planning her demise, again. Cursing under his breath that she made the run from North Seattle to Anacortes, again. They tried two tricks of the trade of taking people out, but it didn't work, again. He should be fired she thought as she drove by him in her memory. He tried to set her car just right on the upper ferry ramp, at a downward angle, an angle that was in the sight of the captain's deck of the Hyak when the ferry docked. The ferry was full of camera's and couples following surveillance orders. One chick who looked like she was from Romania (at least that's what Cheyenne thought,seeing an an energetic cloud around the photographer)was taking pictures of all the passengers on the ferry.

The guy in brown, who had a build of a bicyclist, long lean muscles, seemed to be in charge. He was pushing forty, Cheyenne thought, She targeted him to sit across and watch as the ferry sat and sat with Friday Island shielding the view of the dock. The strangest thing about Brown shirt was he was sitting with an adolescent that seemed so relaxed that he seemed drugged. The boy kept his head down. Cheyenne thought it odd that the kid's hand was up on the back of the booth but the hand was still. A stillness that you don't see in kids that age unless they have been drugged. She watched the rolling waves with sparkles shimmering off the water as the ferry moved again and made its way to the dock. The Hyak had made those waves, she thought. Aren't they beautiful. She felt the assurance that she would be safe if she listened and winged her way to the car. She watched the group people pull their energy in as they walked by brown shirt. the announcement said they were in Friday Harbor. She thought, "hell no, I am not going down tell I feel like it." The elevator door was open and people with kids were getting in. She dashed to the elevator.Pissing the father off but she didn't care. She was elated.

Foiled again. Hello to Boardwalk Book witnesses.. So there another beginning to the traversing story of corruption and schemes.