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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

global dimming

gobble dimming
Weather manipulation is created by a NeoCon fantasy of control of the worlds resources and means slime upon the waters, death to our birds and bees. Bonesman, John Kerry, said that weather modification is a 13 trillion dollar industry that he would not suppress. Do the calculated profits include a healthcare system that profits from sickness? or is it Nestly's need to privatize water? or DARPA'S need to kill? It is clearly a war upon the natural world. A war upon the wildness in all.

global dimming

an intentional scramble to make resources short?
to scramble our thinking too? we won't know unless we are capable to ask questions.
If what they spray is proprietary, we won't know unless we ask and insist on factual, long term answers.
Seven Generations is the only way to plan for all life's general welfare The Wealth and control of the few and to hell with this planet must shift. At the end of our lives, what will bring us contamination into the next dream? What will bring a sweet balm into the next?

I want to shout names at the supporters of weather modification, names like demon spawn or Satan Incarnate. But where will that get me? Bars of my own making because my energy goes jagged and sharp.
This anger feels invincible. Riled. Like I can throw a boomerang to the tide,
if my thinking is corrected and made fierce in the knowledge of my sovereignty. The sovereignty of breath is being taken from us via these aerosol concoctions. Is this what we want?