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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Moon - yehaw-

Attempts to solutions instead of bashing my head against the global problem of constant weather manipulation and the drugging of Americans so that the promoters of disaster capitalism (ie neo-CONS) have their way with the rest of us (as in life as we know it) on planet Earth.

The glitch that I see is that We do not give our permission on a conscious level. The main question is "Do We choose not to see?", thus choosing to abdicate our responsibility? Poison coolant is a constant now in the spring. Brown metallic haze eating at our brains? Oh well, here's to us waking up soon. cheers.

I have been studying some of the tests that the FDA uses to OK the drugs that are pushed onto the elderly in the USA.
Scientific method and accountability is totally lacking ie monkeys first given phenobarbatal before giving the 'SINEMET' for Parkinson induced monkeys, thus reducing tremors.
I would always recommend an herbal protocol ( teas and tinctures of rosemary, thyme, ginko, tumeric, garlic, cleavers,cannabis, sage and an addition of healthy oils, ghee, fruits and vegetables etc, before giving these recommended drugs prescribed by Medical Doctors (ie the pusher man who works for the pharmaceuticals) who are making 'a killing' the American way.