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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Note to the DNC

wow another stolen election that the weeny winey democrats will do nothing about but let this nation be slammed against the wall until it comes crumbling down. "Hey lets privatize everything." from gags on torture to the NSA you have failed. and I support you only if you stand for getting the money out of politics. shame on Washington DC for allowing touch screen voting, barcodes on ballots, and faulty voting machines and the culling of voters. I am sick of your weakness and welcome the waken. nancy brickman friday harbor wa The meme "shshshhhh!"
"Don't talk about it because people won't vote." No people don't vote because nothing changed after promises were made and broken.

I am adding this from some other time on November 30, 2014 6:25 am
Here you go guys my perspective on you. cloud thunder
Freedumb in Amerika:
Chemically and Sublimely Altering the Minds and Hearts of Humanity
Freedom of Speech - Deal with it - series
Some say that there is a conspiracy. ‘Conspiracy’ the dirty word that we are not supposed to think about unless, of course, we are a ‘crackpot’ or ‘on pot’ or ‘nuts’ or a ‘dangerous and violent terrorist sending subversive information upsetting to the security of our nation’ across the web….
We become the Gate Keeper’s deputies. Dutifully judging our thoughts and excluding ones that are out of the norm. Thoughts that challenge the status quo are disallowed. “For God’s sake Child, you can’t argue with God!” I for one say why not argue with God? At least you are setting up a dialogue.
I find that since I am a free thinker and an activist, that I have been followed for a number of years, by a church group like network, doing their good deeds. If I am to be truthful, I am tired of noticing and am trying not to worry or resist them. They believe that they are doing ‘the Lord’s Work’ or something like that. DARPA, I think, provides their funding. Being a spy is glorified in our media, so it makes them feel important. ‘Impotent’ as I like to say. I will call them innocent for now. In the long run however, I worry for their souls because they are servants of something devouring and dark.
There are others, who are paid to kill: mercenaries, who specialize in road accidents and such. They worship money and justify themselves because they too have been heavily programmed by the military and the media such as; video games. I will go into this later.
So you may dismiss me as a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I am, obviously so. Do not read this if you want to keep your thoughts, and to stay in line with the permitted domesticated ‘good boys and girls’ thinking that has been installed by a consumer culture stripped of relevance and soul.