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Friday, December 12, 2014

I am still kicking

Long as I can see the light... Creedance Clearwater
I am not going to look today I need to center and dance. Had weird goings on with internet and eyes on me my eyes on them. So I a I'm in a ranting mood. Cloud thundering mood. here are my thoughts today.
A treatise on The Constitution of the United States of America:
It is the rudder of our country. An oath to uphold the Constitution is the most sacred oath to this nation. The Constitution stands above all laws, and that the first amendment i s continually violated by gag orders and oaths to gag -IS a set up for fascism, and that is vile. Anyone who has taken the Oath to defend the constitution and then ignores it, is complicit and at fault for this Nation's fall from greatness.
v For what its worth Buffalo Springfield

question of the day. Does a Zombie know its a Zombie? clue: 'I think not'.