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Thursday, July 16, 2015

sticky notes

So we got an army of contractors targeting us, if the powers choose.

The collective consciousness is like the ocean with currents and eddies, stick a little poison thought into it and it spreads like black dye in a bathtub. Or a bathtub of black dye moves through the water becoming the water.
The water of this planet will reflect the collective consciousness. The emotional hues in the collective, the boxes of beliefs that rule the now segmented and polarized stirring storms which become wars.
The wars are created by the controller’s dreams and mercy is a sham. They act merciful to trap the innocent, to corrupt and to lie.
This continent is a powder keg, The fires are being set. The west coast to the Missouri on fire, Thanks to our controller’s game of terror. This is an optional future. If enough of us wake up and take responsibility for mentally and emotionally filtering the collective and cleaning out that fear that keeps us from seeing, truly seeing, what and who we are. We have been programmed small; stuffed with neurotoxins and poisoned thought. The aim is to control our growth to prevent us from knowing that we are made in the‘image and likeness of God’- so we don't have people going around calming the waters and feeding the masses. The controller’s biggest fear is that we realize that ‘free will’ means we have to acquiesce to them to allow them their dreams of destruction. When we realize that we do not have to bow to their creations, we will be free to create an ever enhanced paradise. It is not about who controls the resources. We all are resources if we tune into the divine.