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Thursday, October 15, 2015


Al Gore this is for you. The inconvenient truth is- Vice President Gore- you sold out your OATH and gave us Bush whose father perpetrated the rape of our minds... by creating 911. If people knew the truth about 911, including tower seven, the coarse of our nation would change- but that is- oh- so -inconvenient. I am threatened because I state what I see and what I see is a bunch of programmed and possessed buffoons throwing poop at each other..and all pretending that they know nothing- they inconveniently mentally imprisoned,

We have privatized goons who set fires and kill for a living. We have layers of various mafia like squads that threaten our security. And all this knowledge is- hell yes- inconvenient....

IT is a hellish haven for the craven that has been built using the taxpayers money and it aint funny.
I FEEL like rhyming cry men.
Truly 'THEY' want to start World War III. They want to try out their tactical nukes in public instead of remotely and hidden by depleted uranium weaponry. I scowl and weep at the thought of the land where Jesus walked being desecrated for the greedy. The war whores call for a sea of glass. The drug running, lying War Whores are fowl. They are misled and truly possessed...All people should be whistling loudly if they care to care and are courageous Beings.