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Friday, October 23, 2015

'THEY' always tell before they strike

The day before 911 tells us how they funded 911. PROVE me wrong.

It is the caveat that they believe gets them to say - 'They let us do it; we told them before we did it, we told them after we did it. The dumb ^^^^^ let us do it.
And this is something that I thought I would never say aloud....I do not believe the 'new age' mombo that says there is no good or evil. To me it seems to be Caligastia possession of the minions who go along to get along and turn a blind eye. HERE ON THIS PLANET OF DUALITY, there is such a thing as evil.
Every MOMENT we have a choice and we all have prior knowledge of what is the highest good or not.
MY ARGUMENT that I have previously stated is - this I PLEAD to the Supreme being- If we -the human race- are captured and trained at birth to keep our energy from revealing its vibrancy, in essence trained to be timid and small- we cannot without great need- see free from our training. We are in great need now. The veil lifted Truth -facts not fiction>

Saturn demands the truth