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Sunday, April 10, 2016

gang stalking

IT happened today at Browne's 'Mom' (I like 'Mom' aka 'Mother' -in past posts) was there teaching at the gatehouse.
(or was
mother' the other?

I Had never payed attention to the words 'Gang Stalking' until a day or two ago. I had heard of 'targeted individuals' and felt that I understand what they are talking about. I have been 'gang stalked' as in followed and on and off surveillance since I went to Shoreline Community Collage and was politically active against what we(the USA) were doing in El Salvador - this was circa Reagan. My car was searched and I was followed for a while... then I forgot about it and ignored signs I later got involved with the Church of Divine Man aka the Washington Psychic Institute for four years and got out of political action. I sometimes felt that the brown shirts were still floating around me- but peripherally.
Then here on San Juan entered Bill-the 'Merchandiser' that was pre 911 and since 911 it has grown to be dancing around potential death traps and good little boys and girls who think they are being good little 'Christians' but who are really working for the shadow aka the dead hand aka DHARPA aka the Devil's minions aka brown shirts aka Satan Ruled aka bling leading the blind aka zombies aka asleep AKA LUCIFER aka Calligastar aka ......
This seems to be what has been happening throughout the country -